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  1. Chris Sue


    Yeah ! I like the synopsis, can't wait to see the movie ! Mr Cantrell on the soundtrack, wow. Just wow. I am even more excited about that movie now !
  2. Chris Sue

    TJ Q & A

    Thanks to both of you, it was great ! And a happy birthday to you Geoff
  3. Chris Sue

    TJ Q & A

    Hope you find the time to visit then, you should enjoy it ! And the rest of the country is beautiful as well ! Thank you so much for your time
  4. Chris Sue

    TJ Q & A

    I read you love the movie « Alien » and that it had a big impact on you. Have you ever been to the alien's designer museum in Switzerland, the HR Giger Museum ?
  5. Chris Sue

    TJ Q & A

    Challenging in any way really. Physically, shooting conditions, the character you had to portray... 5 below and swimming in a lake seems like a good challeng indeed ! Thank you for your answer
  6. Chris Sue

    TJ Q & A

    Hi Thomas ! I hope you are doing well and thank you for doing this ! I was wondering what has been the most challenging job you had to do as an actor and why ?
  7. Hahaha same here Gail ! Welcome to all and thanks for the music Enaira !
  8. Thank you Kat ! True words, I couldn't have said it better. I couldn't do a job that has no purpose for me. Not always easy, but I just have to remind myself what I truly want to do. Thank you Geoff ! Nice to meet you too Rosella ! Looking forward to get to know all of you and if you like cats, that's already a good common ground Thanks Gail ! Everyone seems friendly and welcoming indeed
  9. Maybe it's time I introduce myself... Hi everyone ! My name's Chris, I'm a photographer in a small studio in Lausanne (currently working as a janitor as well to make both ends meet but hey, as long as I make a living from my passion, I'm ok !). I'm also passionate about music, do a little bit of songwriting and singing for my main audience a.k.a. my cat. But don't ask her how she feels about it, she's so judgmental ! And I have to say that Rusty Blades' songs are truly inspiring. What brought me here is The Expanse but I'm really looking forward to discover RAW's work ! Cheers
  10. I highly recommend it if you get the chance. I watched it recently and I loved it (I actually suscribed to Netflix just to watch it) I thought the true horror lied in the manipulation of Henry by his father and how much it broke him. I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere and I thought the lighting was superb. And of course, incredible performances of all the actors ! I loved how I could feel bad for Molly Parker's character at one point and then just think how annoying she was and vice-versa. Thomas Jane is chilling in it and he plays the descent into madness in such a subtle way. Brilliant !
  11. Perfect ! We'll get in touch on friday then :) Thank you for your welcome, both of you ! We will, you can count on us.
  12. Hi everyone ! I'm going to the FedCon with a friend from friday to monday. Obviously disappointed about the cancellation, but still excited to see the rest of the cast of The Expanse ! If anyone wants to meet up there, that would be great
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