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  1. we need esperanto and one team/one world like... now... !
  2. Yeah! And it worked on me... I want to see it
  3. there's quite a lot of Jane to be seen in it!
  4. So Hunter's Moon is the new Orchard? March 24th...
  5. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    Ah! I did mean "why would Screen Media announce January 7th if they don't handle sales". I know Geoff is not responsible
  6. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    holly cow! Ok, I'll buy the region 1 DVD. More waiting will do me no good. I wonder where did the January 7th date come from.
  7. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    Hmmm... this is only a slight improvement compared to my status. Let's put our hopes in Geoff to bring some fresh news as always!
  8. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    So where would you order it? Here I can't even find the DVD. Ebay has two fake offers from the States and that's all folks
  9. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    So... today's the day! But it's a negative here in Germany. What am I doing wrong? I don't find the movie. How's your experience in the UK?
  10. Haha that's the best joke so far! Glad it helped!
  11. Well... I don't use FB that makes my life easier On Instagram I posted an "advertisement" 24h before and had 78 likes with 0 negative comments. That's my little brick in the wall
  12. Thank you Gail! The same wishes go to you! I'm sure 2020 will be a thrill. At some point during the coming 12 months we'll for sure discuss: Crown Vic, the Lycan, Warning, Hour of Lead, From a Buick 8, Breach, Money Plane, The Expanse S5 aaand ... unknown VR content !
  13. At least on that day it was !
  14. And considering Tame Impala is in the list increases the chances that Tom (/H) really is at the origin of the choices. Thanks again!
  15. Thanks Al. It does look like what I was expecting sorry I don't have Spotify, but it's good to see those songs titles near to Miller's pic.
  16. Hi! Has any of you seen the Amazon Insta Ad and could post here which songs are on Miller's playlist? Thanks!
  17. Hey Hasko, That was -again- a very enjoyable and beautiful documentary! How cool you get to create all these images and stories. I learned a lot, of course, and enjoyed meeting some "old friends". Where to start without giving too much away...? I can't divulge the content. But I enjoyed very much the form/style. 1/ The recurrence of the "white screen" interviews at crucial times in the narration - it punctuates the chapters in the story. 2/ I loved the close ups to introduce the various stars. It creates an intimacy which is needed to feel like we enter into a dialogue with them, as if they were telling the story for us. It is at the same time giving room to show their fragility/ human nature. Amplified by the unsharp ending closeup to say "goodbye". 3/ Excellent idea to not interview any of the named models like Schwarzenegger, Van Damm, Lee, Stallone, Eastwood ! 4/ Jürgen Prochnow... just wow. Thank you. Did you see the "Zimmer frei" program where C. Westermann would be the sonar in the submarine (crouching under the table saying beep on a regular basis wearing a silly hat) while Götz would throw water buckets at her? Exhilarating... 5/ I felt uncomfortable only once with some "whining sounds" during an interview. Was it J. Prochnow? To recreate the submarine ambiance? I don't remember exactly and need to rewatch 6/ I absolutely need to watch the movie Ninja with Scott Adkins: the two scenes you're showing are breaking the mold and made us curious to discover the rest! 7/ The Greek choir was awesome as usual I hadn't noticed the lemon press during the trailer cool detail 8/ With sunglasses, slow-motion and a sunset even I could look like a real man. And I do sometimes Great work! Thanks!
  18. The video is available here for a few days, but probably only watchable from (parts of) Europe. I'll wait until tonight to see it "live"... https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/047109-000-A/real-men/
  19. I'm lucky that's true. But I guess it would be wrong to tell everything. At some point you'll watch it as well !
  20. Sooo looking forward to tomorrow evening!
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