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  1. What's the value of that Malone teaser by Mark Hosack today on Insta? Is a second Malone reallllly coming? Is Renegade up to this? Please Geoff... any news?
  2. RAW game: find the 8 differences between these 2 images Yeah it's just TJ and the position of his name. Or is it?
  3. Al !!! How cool that you and Chris practically share a birthday I hope you'll enjoy the day throughout and all the best from me for this new year it's great to exchange with you on this forum.
  4. Slightly new poster version: https://screenrant.com/money-plane-poster-teases-the-next-crazy-action-movie-exclusive/
  5. Enaira


    Thomas has deleted his post. Shall I delete mine?
  6. Enaira


    Do you know if a new account will be created? Are the poster and the movie name still valid?
  7. Enaira


    Hello Geoff, do you have any information about what happened to @warning_movie on Insta? I thought it was promising... ??
  8. That being said... I admit this dirty t-shirt IS epic !
  9. Thanks for the heads up! That's one expensive dirty t-shirt I still cling to the hope of meeting TJ one day. One handshake and loud bravo would be enough for me.
  10. Wow @Chris Sue !! You share a birthday with our second boss @Tim Bradstreet wishing you both a fantastic day, let family and friends cheer you and spoil you !
  11. Fine with me. The more Expanse and TJ fans, the merrier.
  12. Hey cool!!! Our next RAW friends
  13. Yeah!!! Cool RAW joke
  14. Enaira


    Yeah the wrong era I would say. Impatient to know what it all means....
  15. Enaira


    Kudos to both! Is there any mean to lay our paws on what they announced? What's in store at Renegade?
  16. I noticed his posts on Insta and he's very much a fan of Miller = friend!
  17. Enaira


    ‘Breach’ is in post-production and is expected to be released in The Netherlands on November 26, 2020. Here is its synopsis: On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon. Joining Willis in the cast are Thomas Jane, Kassandra Clementi, Cody Kearsley, Callan Mulvey, and Rachel Nichols. Willis remains a high-profile actor in the US, but it seems that for now, he is focusing on low-budget action fare for the European market. https://sciencefiction.com/2020/02/12/bruce-willis-set-to-star-in-european-sci-fi-action-flick-cosmic-sin/ Low-budget action fare for the European market. I didn't know that was a specific movie category every sentence that has both Thomas and Europe in it is fine with me!
  18. Oh yes, I believe they truly are and it's a pleasure to see them so happy. They could have posted a standard Xmas wish, but they chose a common video at home and forking fun. So nice!
  19. While at the same time, some people think he should have opened it even more!
  20. Nice portrait! I'd say shortly before Anti-Life was shot?
  21. Whaaaat, are you crazy? TJ and Geoff in the vicinity of a JD bottle? Anything could happen!
  22. Enaira


    But "Into the Grizzly Maze" doesn't sound at all like a movie taking place in space with aliens and so !!!
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