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  1. @Gail and all, look what I found here. The FBI story mentioned during the May 17th Q&A ! Plus... if you scroll down the thread you'll find the first posts of a certain Geoff, all sweet and new on the forum (2011), asking excellent questions to TJ. At that time, he was just like the rest of us now
  2. Enaira


    Am I the only one thinking (hoping) that From a Buick 8 is currently shooting or in pre-prod? Geoff is deep down into Renegade work, he might be currently in the US for all I know Sparce Insta from Tom and Renegade... to me, the lack of news IS news.
  3. Hi Al. since you're such an avid reader I would recommend this book! Hope you'll enjoy the ride!
  4. At the risk of getting digitally stoned by nerds, I have to admit I slept while "watching" Tron. Tron is sooo famous, but I was too young at that time. So the movie stood in my "to watch" list since quite some years (several decades tbh ) and a few weeks back we decided to watch it finally. I was quite excited but it has just gotten too old. And not thrilling. To me it's a good example of Sci-Fi movies that age quickly... or not (like Solyent Green or Blade Runner which stay fit).
  5. Strumpetry! Nice new word, loving my English lessons here
  6. Ha ha! Good move! I got accustomed to Gail regularly trying to retrieve Tom's phone number from Geoff but this is innovative! Just kidding, I know what you meant and I would be on board if I were in the UK.
  7. Geoff is so busy with the real TJ that he doesn't have time for the screen TJ I still don't mind waiting by the way.
  8. You're giving me hope! Thank you Geoff, I don't deserve you. Even 2 minutes spent "with" all of you bunch would be amazing!
  9. I won't be able to make it... my husband has a beer judge exam planned on Saturday since a long time... which means I have the kids. Which would be ok, but waay too expensive.
  10. Can we skype during 2 minutes at some point?
  11. Maybe it is leaked material again
  12. I can't remember having seen those deleted scenes with Miller from S1 either. The thread here is long though, maybe I just overlooked it. Either way, enjoy! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OkfMWOnMiuY
  13. Here are some bloopers from S4. Can't remember having seen any for the previous seasons. Enjoy! https://www.bleedingcool.com/2020/01/12/the-expanse-season-4-in-space-everyone-can-hear-you-scream-with-laughter-blooper-reel/
  14. I'm very happy for you and reaaaally hope it will take place!
  15. I wish I could come and be there with you all!
  16. Hello Geoff, is this "for real"? Would be awesome for you guys on the other side of the channel!
  17. Have just found this poster art, but still no clue about a release date... https://www.thefilmcatalogue.com/films/hour-of-lead-1
  18. Tom is 007 ! (More or less...) Congratulations!
  19. Thank you Geoff in that case I'm glad I could help then! Concerning future "finds", shall I run it by you first or post it here ?
  20. Oh, I'm sorry I helped spread a leaked content!
  21. I admit I do enjoy seeing the forum calendar filled up with events. Looks great.
  22. we need esperanto and one team/one world like... now... !
  23. Yeah! And it worked on me... I want to see it
  24. there's quite a lot of Jane to be seen in it!
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