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  1. I don't share your opinion here. I don't know anyone with a cat named Cat. So it's different, if not inventive. It has a second degree humor to it that I enjoy. If the Monty Pythons had done it in a sketch, the world would say genius! Don't you think?
  2. Ok thank you for your help! The reason is, I'm finding my way within French and Belgian graphic novels (OK maybe not the "new" stuff of the past 10 years) but I honestly don't know much about what has been done in the US. I have the feeling these podcasts are more than just recommendations about what we should read. My guess is that Tim explains a lot about the art, the background story, the connections and the history of it all. It's not urgent... but maybe you'll find something.
  3. Hello Geoff, Poor you I have a new question... Any idea why this announced podcast isn't where it should be? Meaning: when I click on the link I get a RAW page saying "go to hell" (well actually it says nothing has been posted yet). Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello "all you need is ... pie" @lsiltari_, don't know if you're lurking around here. I would like to thank you for answering this question on Twitter and pointing at the RAWsome forum. Maybe this will help one more person. I have started my "film noir retrospective" now. Watched "Le doulos" first, as planned. Unsurprisingly it was fantastic. TJ said he wouldn't reveal the twist, it would be "criminal to do so". I thank him for that, but actually there were several twists (I also don't want to reveal them or even write here their real amount... I just wish to make you all needy). It is indeed gorgeous and I'll stop here because there's nothing TJ hasn't said already. Looking forward to see the next crime movies in the pipeline.
  5. Oh right, you're also from UK. I didn't remembered that. So I guess a good place for a RAWunion would be London I truly love being in UK, so I'll use you all as an excuse
  6. Here it is: (do I need to say there are spoilers in it?)
  7. had the same issue here. When Cat's on screen I have to admit I get furrily and softly distracted. You'll discover how the interview ends That's for sure! I discovered recently the daily diary written by Tim during the Dark Country shooting. I recommend it to you too. Needed several days to go through it, it's so fully packed with information, anecdotes, personal insights. I still have to come back to it one day. It is so well written you can feel the tension, the long discussions at night, the exhaustion, the successes and the cold. I learned a lot about techniques. I wish I could understand more. I'm learning and having fun here, it's great! feel the same way. It was a milestone for me to meet Chris Sue and Al. I've the feeling we will meet again at some point. And my current dream would be to meet you, Geoff and maybe some others during the Lycan signing in Europe. Be it Paris or London.
  8. Ha! Is "shooting ambidextrously" a better word than "shooting bi-handed"? Bi-handedly? Stereo-handedly?
  9. The time David took to show the butler and the glass scene: putting the glass straight to his lips would have been plump. Instead he's mentally stroking her hair or caressing her throat. TJ shows it with his fingers playing on the table. How delicious. It's a perfect short for me: this Angelique is also daydreaming and projecting so much out of this painting.
  10. Found it! The link at the beginning of the thread is working :-)
  11. Oh Geoff, I am so much later than you on this one. Where is part 2? I need to see the end of it... This is a little gem, with so much attention to details. The wind in the white feathers shawl as we first see TJ... The artists's cloths performing during dinner... and the silver "sugar gripper"... TJ looks stunning.
  12. In The Punisher he also shoots bi-handed (this certainly isn't a word). I just assumed it's because it looks cool. And it looks cool.
  13. Haha ! 2 months on this forum and I still discover so much ! Have just watched this video. Short but sooo sweet and encouraging. I loved it People, don't you ever be shy! Talk to strangers! Travel! Love it.
  14. Here I can see... a kind and beautiful unicorn jumping down from a rainbow... Just kidding folks... It's a great picture of Tom Jane.
  15. Hello Geoff, our source of all information. Do you have any idea where I could find parts 2-4 ? A quick search on YouTube and the webpage of Hikari Takano just brings back part 1. Did I overlook something? Thank you!
  16. It's OK Geoff Sometimes life's more beautiful when we imagine it.
  17. Well... I embrace my weirdness and will cherish my own vision and feelings for this amazing photo.
  18. I'd like to come back on this one... because to me it's worth it. Yes TJ looks handsome. It is however not the point for me with this picture, so I'd like to go past the handsome elephant in the room... if you don't mind. Each picture conveys a message. Even more so when it's shot and reworked by a professional photographer having as motive a professional actor. When I first saw it yesterday it hit me. I don't see Thomas in here. Because Thomas is mostly smiling on his pictures or reading a comic or walking around or speaking in front of an audience or showing us his lovely Cat. He knows how to be "professionally natural". To me this picture shows all the other universes in Thomas Jane's head. He is multiple and here suddenly they are all here. Gathering in front of the camera. I see an unknown man standing here. He's tanned so he's not working in an office. Maybe he's a farmer, maybe he's named Wilf. But he could also have a military experience, his necklace reminds a bit of the name tags they wear. And he has short hairs. Possibly he knows how to handle a weapon. It's also possible that he's working outside near the sea. Sailors are tanned too. He could have been working with sharks the past 30 years. Who knows. So he's mysterious. That's one important point. Fact is, he's neither young nor old. Probably between 45 and 55. He's not laughing, not smiling. He is concentrating on the next action, thinking about something that needs to be done. He is very concentrated because he knows. All his past experiences are with him. He knows what comes next but we don't know. And that's mysterious too. What is he going to do? I see some sorrows in his brows, but he's not afraid. He is determined. So probably he has a tough choice ahead of him and we cannot help him. He's alone. Aren't we all in a way? To me this picture is a whole life captured in one instant and magnified by two unbelievable artists. I'm really impressed, but that you have understood already.
  19. This one is Baxley. No TJ.
  20. Agree. I have not seen a more expressive and more beautifully done portrait of TJ. It has so much depth, you can see sorrows and force.
  21. Now you can even read my mind?
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