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  1. So when will "Make 'em bleed, Malone" and "Kill 'em all, Malone" enter production again? Cause I'm buying a seat in the middle of the room right now. No popcorn or coke please, it makes too much noise and I like it quiet when I watch. This movie is beautiful and so well done! The graphic novel style is claimed right from the start and kept constant throughout the movie. It mixes very serious scenes with some unexpected touches of humor. Reminded me in some way of "City Hunter" (Nicky Larson) the manga. Altough in City Hunter, the "hammer and panty humor" is not the finnest humor in the world. But enough panty talk for today! *SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS* The opponents are freakingly not laughing though. Red, Black and Blue, they attack you. In beautifully inscenated sceneries. The mirror palace reference, the carrousel (Strangers on a train!), the hellish theater where the flow of the camera evokes the Styx. And Malone might fall into it, he's so near... be careful Malone! I loved that Malone did not forget to catch his hat while running away from his flat. Some things are goddamm important and need to be respected. Oh and by the way, I think I heard a Wilhelm Scream at the beginning of the movie when this guy falls through the window. Could someone please confirm (or reject the idea)?
  2. Received it today! Just watched Dark Country for the second time Yes the 3D is really adding to this feeling "I'm in the middle of it with them" and I'm glad to have seen it both ways. However, I have to admit that I would recommend to buy this version only if either you possess a 3D Blu-Ray player or are a hardcore fan. I belong to the second category only and had to use the anaglyph glasses delivered with the DVD. I'm sorry to say the quality is terrible. The white color of the dress or the shirt was reddish yellowish and I had regulary a ghost image. I wondered if maybe it is linked to what Tom explained with the layers of color in the Bible: the foreground was really perfect in 3D but the other person, either Dick or Gina was showing a shadow. This effect would certainly not have been visible under theatrical circumstances and a good projection quality. On the other hand, for those discovering the Dark Country, there is also the standard 2D version of the movie on the Blu-Ray and the DVD, so I must say, you get 4 movies for the price of one and if like me, you still have the mind of a 6 years old, enjoy! but start with 2D first.
  3. That's because now it's something completely different... Know what I mean, know what I mean, nudge nudge...
  4. Ah bollocks! We also need underpants for the man with three buttocks...
  5. Not much stretch needed, or the joke will fall flat on the ground. Under the belt jokes belong onto undergarments. Any garments, I mean arguments against that?
  6. Print it on panties and I'll buy!
  7. You're both out of your tree (learned that one from you Geoff) I've been waiting for you at the bottom of the tree since yesterday evening! But you can basically see through me it seems...
  8. Bonsoir Monsieur TJ ! Ha ha ha, while looking up the old posts about Dark Country, I found THIS thread. I laughed a lot, thank you for the spark that lit the fire ...
  9. *Dark Country SPOILERS* The thread title should indicate that as well I believe... Hi Rosella ! I love this entire thread and the fun that Tim and Tom had at NOT reacting on the posts. I can literally see them grinning ! When the movie ended, we sat there sitting in the dark, during several seconds without a single word. And then, bam... discussion starts Did you see that? How did you understand that? And what happened there? I love this kind of discussion after a screening, when the pieces come together. Our view was close to yours: to me, Dark Country is a time travel. When driving on that road AND turning off your car lights, then you are travelling to the past. They hit BloodyFace, arrive at the "old" gas station. While escaping the police, Dick turns off his car lights and has his accident in the past... Does that make sense ?
  10. And this link is alive too ! Sorry to bother you with my re-posts but so many links are dead, I was just hoping to help future readers by letting them know what the "link status" is in 2019...
  11. Yeah ! Just noticed that this link is still working
  12. I ordered it Should arrive in a few days... impatience... again...
  13. Hey Gail ! Hey Geoff ! And alllll other RAW members who have contributed to this thread since 12 years... I join the group of Noironauts that love Dark Country. We enjoyed the movie so much, it was fantastic to be mislead (thriller? crime? zombie? horror? alien abduction (for a fraction of a second right after burying the body), twilight episode, time machine !)... you know what I mean. This movie is so beautiful ! I'd like to emphasis a detail here, because I'm a detail lover and I know this scene will stick with me for the rest of my life. You know how some "effects" are tied in your memory with specific movies? For instance I am thinking about the poisoned glass of milk of Hitchcock in the staircase. Each time I see an "anormal" lighting effect I think about it. Or Charles Chaplin walking past a car when the door slams and the blind woman thinks he's rich. These are geniuses. One genius moment in Dark Country for me was directly at the beginning, in the motel room. Thomas is playing with the shadow of his arm to "stroke" her hair. Alone this shadow effect is magnificent, the arm movement, the tilted position of his head, looking at her with adoration. It is a moment of tenderness before the nightmare begins. And then you notice his reflection in the mirror, which is sooo far away in the bathroom! Not directly visible, not evident for the viewer. And right after comes the scene where he's shaving using just that same mirror, of course. So right from the start, my dopamine levels were high. That was before they turned into adrenaline... The mirroring aspects are all present within the car, but it's only at the end of the movie that I really got the meaning of it all! And it was all there, in front of my eyes, from the beginning. Starting with the most beautiful shadow and mirror effect that I ever saw.
  14. Please scroll up to the first post for the real interesting part! I'm just the pom pom girl wiggling around trying to point out where to look
  15. Good evening forum, I was able to finally watch Dark Country a few days ago and I loved it! Too bad the "Depth of Field" podcasts are gone. But this audio interview ( http://marketsaw.blogspot.com/2008/07/excl...homas-jane.html ) seems to still be online. Except I am too dumb to play it. My browser tells me I shall allow an older version of Adobe Flash to run (which I obviously allow) but then nothing happens Maybe Geoff has an idea? In the meantime I found a gold mine in the comments under this audio interview: the technical information "directly" from Geoff Boyle (Part 2 is missing though). https://gboyle.nl/articles/dark country pt1.pdf https://gboyle.nl/articles/dark country pt3.pdf https://gboyle.nl/articles/dark country pt4.pdf Especially Part 4 is very well describing the 540° shot around Thomas when he quits the gas station. As a viewer with near to zero education about film making, I am always amazed how someone can run so much and no vibrations are to be seen on screen. Filming should be recognized as an olympic sport apparently! The next post I will send is even awesomer: Ray 3D Zone describing this sequence here, directly on the forum. Put your construction helmets on and be prepared to run with the team !!
  16. Have you found this thread already? Or ... the one where the majority agrees with you.
  17. Oh yeah. That. It was gooooood, believe me. Hope we'll do it with you again.
  18. Just had a look at it. Cool concept, this is basically all Fan Art. I was left sceptical with the official t-shirts. But here there is indeed cool shit available. Thanks for the hint!
  19. Absolutely! Buy it! Two times!
  20. He enjoys playing with his organ...
  21. Nice! Lonesome man with hat in a dark alley, dark blue tone... I can hear the deaden trumpet play... Is it possible to add cigar smoke, a gun and blood? We need blood. And a gun. And cigar smoke. Don't we? And a cool car! And a femme fatale! Ooohhh... am I missing Malone too much?
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    TJ Q & A

    See how Miller emerged from book to reality...
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    TJ Q & A

    I would pay a lot to buy the script of Expanse Season 1 with TJ's annotations on it. OR... he could take some pictures of it to illustrate the "creativity Q&A" discussed above
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