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  1. Dear Gail, RAW sister leading the way, it's now your time to enjoy a day of joy and bliss as you turn 50 👍🏻 there's only one thing I can wish you within these walls : that you meet TJ before your next "round" birthday. But you know that outside of the forum I wish you all the best!


  2. The "worst case" would be that they keep the event with only British stars and therefore refuse to reimburse the fans. The USA are currently on the wrong side of the curve and I don't see how that could improve within such a short period of 6 weeks. I don't see how Tom could travel. I would love to be wrong. 

  3. Well only to 50% tbh, I had noticed Anne was shooting this one past September but I missed the fact that Tom would be in it as well 😂 despite many pictures from Oklahoma. 

  4. 32 minutes ago, Nicole said:

    right now my head feels as though something is trying to burst forth! 

    An alien bursting out of one's head is even more disturbing than from one's belly. Especially if you're wearing a helmet... 🤯

    Sorry to hear about your pain, I'm just compelled to make silly jokes no matter what...

  5. 16 minutes ago, CJ Mitchell said:

    with no air conditioning. :(

    Well think of that as a good thing! If we all had air conditioning the temperature increase would be faster...

    A self-fulfilling prophecy...

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