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  1. I had ruled out all other possibilities in May
  2. Awesome news! He's put the past months to good use
  3. According to J. Benning, things are in the works but he's not been told anything yet.
  4. TJ's account is now verified, meaning that people can storm in and enjoy without fearing that he's a fraud.
  5. And thank you for the ultra fast response time and fact checking. I may be a victim of fake news!!!!
  6. Oh. I was really optimistic on this one since at about the same time Glenton Richards posted on Instagram that he had received a good news. I have asked directly but I'm pretty sure they're not allowed to comment yet. Well... his news may obviously be something completely different!
  7. Exclusive: ‘The Expanse’ Lands Early Season 6 Renewal at Amazon We have learned some exciting news for The Expanse fans! Amazon has decided to renew the sci-fi series for a sixth season. This decision has been made before season 5 has even premiered. Pre-production on season 6 started today. Production on the fifth season already wrapped back in February, before the Coronavirus shutdown. https://www.thecinemaspot.com/2020/08/03/exclusive-the-expanse-lands-early-season-6-renewal-amazon-prime-video/
  8. Fabulousness 100%! Thanks CJ!
  9. Whoop whoop you made it! Instagram is now blue-ticked
  10. Happy birthday @davidallcock! Hope you spend a fantastic day with family and friends.
  11. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Absolutely I join you! Babies and weddings are the best.
  12. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Excellent idea! Here again crossing my fingers! I have a soft spot for astrophysics since, well, always. Have you seen that 3D map of the universe in the news today?
  13. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Hi Nicole ! Wow it seems someone just pushed you into cold water from the 10m jump board. 3 months is a short period of time but on the other hand (speaking as someone not enjoying to pack/move/unpack)... it'll be quickly over. I have my fingers crossed for you!
  14. Nico you're the best !
  15. The German version is announcing itself for September
  16. I love it when people are crazy about Miller ! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tvguide.com/amp/news/expanse-why-to-watch-amazon-prime/ 2. Thomas Jane (and his hat) are revelations. Look, if you first saw an image of Thomas Jane in his fedora and thought, "NOPE. TOO CORNY," we wouldn't blame you. But Jane's character, Det. Miller, is supposed to feel like a put-on image of a noir beat cop. That's his whole persona, and that's exactly why he doesn't fit in — on the force, with the crew of the Canterbury, or really anywhere he goes. When the series picks up, Miller is a disillusioned, alcoholic cop who catches a missing person case that changes his life. He soon becomes obsessed with the missing heiress, Julie Mao, to the point where he's willing to risk it all — his career, his friendships, and even his life — if it means finding her. As the series goes on, The Expanse continues to unveil new layers to Miller, with the Boogie Nights alum portraying an astounding amount of vulnerability that will shatter your heart with each of Miller's desperate attempts to find a sense of purpose. And through it all, Miller keeps with him his trademark hat — a gift from its previous owner, who gave it to Miller to remind him not to repeat his mistakes after he was kicked off the police force. A fashion statement with a heartfelt message, what more could you ask for?
  17. Does Tom really smoke a cigar in the movie? or is this a picture from the set? https://www.thefancarpet.com/movie_news/home-invasion-horror-hunters-moon-arriving-on-dvd-digital-from-24th-august/
  18. I can't help but repost Mark's Insta latest pic. You all know I'm biased when it comes to Malone
  19. Love and share your optimism! I could be there as well. Who knows!
  20. How cool! That sounds like a great birthday! How old is he? Bon anniversaire Nicole! Enjoy your day and let them spoil you
  21. Dear Gail, RAW sister leading the way, it's now your time to enjoy a day of joy and bliss as you turn 50 there's only one thing I can wish you within these walls : that you meet TJ before your next "round" birthday. But you know that outside of the forum I wish you all the best!
  22. The "worst case" would be that they keep the event with only British stars and therefore refuse to reimburse the fans. The USA are currently on the wrong side of the curve and I don't see how that could improve within such a short period of 6 weeks. I don't see how Tom could travel. I would love to be wrong.
  23. Awww let's hope they will refund everyone. I'm sorry if it gets cancelled but at least you all should get your money back.
  24. Enaira


    So just landed on IMDB by chance and noticed that Tom wasn't mentioned in the cast of Wildfire... this is probably a mistake from the poster artist.
  25. Enaira


    Well only to 50% tbh, I had noticed Anne was shooting this one past September but I missed the fact that Tom would be in it as well despite many pictures from Oklahoma.
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