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  1. Okay! Do you know what, nothing ventured nothing gained, carpe diem and all that jazz..........................unless I revert to type and bottle it! (Jury's still out!!)
  2. S’okay Geoff, already filed this under ‘Never gonna happen.....’!
  3. Ah hah! You're beginning to crack! Now just need to get the right numbers in the right order and job's a good 'un!!
  4. Thanks Ariane, I don’t think I’ll be considering a career change any time soon though!
  5. Hmm, within reason? So asking for his mobile number is out of the question then?.
  6. Okay Rosella, you've inspired me! Please don't be too harsh (this is the first and probably the last writing I will ever do, nearly got a damned migraine putting this together!!) Hey Thomas! Do I have your attention fella? 'Cos there's a few things I just gotta tell ya You've well and truly blown my mind And turned my world upside down From The Punisher Castle to Detective Miller (perfect if you like your heroes a bit less 'vanilla') And everything before, between and still to come A shining star in an ocean of 'blah' The soul of an artist, the heart of a poet The face of an angel (with a hint of the Devil!) So Tom, take a bow and drink in the praise You have my devotion till the end of my days Love ya, man. x
  7. Gail Bentley


    I would love for him to show me his footwork first hand
  8. Gail Bentley


    The film not to mention is a travesty called Cloud Atlas - if you haven’t seen it, save yourself two hours of your life and don’t bother!!
  9. Gail Bentley


    Hmmm, really can’t see him in LaLa Land.......
  10. Gail Bentley


    I knew I liked him for more than one reason - Blade Runner is so cool, even liked the recent sequel. Do you think Tom would have been better in this than Ryan G as well? He’s already stated he thought he’d have been better in Nice Guys! I may have to have words if it does turn out to be like ‘that film that we won’t mention’!!
  11. Gail Bentley


    No problem with a bit of secrecy - just when I read the brief synopsis all I could think of was the excruciating Cloud Atlas (sooo hope that’s not one of Tom’s faves now!!)
  12. Now got to think of something really interesting and original to ask, or else look like a total doofus in front of my hero
  13. Gail Bentley


    Thanks for these Geoff, are we any wiser as to the storyline ‘cos the folks at IMDB aren’t giving much away!
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