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  1. Wow. Just wow! I may not be a comic book aficionado but hell that’s good artwork!! Hope the RAW team get the right guy to see it through.
  2. Actually, scratch this - had a quick Google and seen that the young upstart Wahlberg got Tom's gig, should have checked to start with but I was a couple of gins in at the time............
  3. Aaaaaaarrggghhhh - you're killing me Geoff! First you have a night out with TJ, all casual, like it's no big deal, then you confirm he's going to be at Fedcon AND YOU'RE GOING TOO!!! (Fingers crossed). I know if I was in his presence, cool and down to earth as he seems to be, I would more than likely be reduced to a dribbling idiot, but would love the chance to prove myself wrong!! Anyway, despite all this I really do hope you manage to get there, we need a full report and you're the guy to do it!
  4. Wait.....what?? You mean He was here in the UK, a mere 200 miles away, and I missed him??? That’s unbelievably annoying but good for you, hope you both had a good time. Just going away to gnash my teeth for a little while till I get over it
  5. OMG - so jealous right now!! You lucky dog, where was this? Hmmmm, a pint of Guinness and scotch?? That's one hell of a cocktail you were having!
  6. Sorry, me again!! Whilst we’re on the subject of back-burners, did anything ever come of Tom’s Six Billion Dollar Man project? That was an intriguing one, would have liked to see his take on an old classic!
  7. Excellent, thanks Geoff - any feedback from Tom would be great! At the risk of sounding soppy (!) do send him my love and best wishes, hope all is well in his world
  8. Thanks for that Geoff - I really hope it’s still on the back burner, it’s too good a concept to never see the light of day. Keeping fingers tightly crossed that Tom gets things in place to do justice to his vision.
  9. Any more news on AMDFASH yet? Seems to have been a difficult project to pull together for one reason and another along the way, but it feels like everyone involved so far has a real passion for it, would be fantastic to see it in all it's glory on the big screen. IMDB is still showing it as 'in development' so I truly hope that's the case. Also hope that TJ has had a rethink on not taking an acting role in this
  10. Yes! A great review there, you’re right that it doesn’t really break any new ground but it does accurately describe the slow burn feel of the show. I wish I was eloquent enough to have written this as it’s just how I felt when I first saw it. (Of course, TJ had me at hello, as it were!) but the way all the characters and storylines have come together and interwoven is nothing short of spectacular. Long may it continue!!
  11. And besides, why should we care about an article that calls the Blue Goo ‘protomocule’ - detail and proofreading guys!!
  12. Hell yes leave the hat alone!! From what I’ve read, the style was Tom’s choice so who are they to criticise? He wears it well and anyway, if you ask me he could have worn a sombrero and he’d still have been the coolest damned guy on set ?
  13. I know he’s a busy guy, here’s hoping for a UK appearance though! ?
  14. Yeah I suppose so (thanks for reminding me I don’t have a full social life!!), do like the chilled out feel on here though and wouldn’t like to get lost in the crowd. By the by, since I’m missing Fedcon (not bitter at all, honest!) is there any remote chance of The Boss visiting the UK anytime?
  15. Hi Geoff! Where is everybody? Seems very much like it’s just you, me and Mamabear1974 at the moment - can hear a distinct echo when I hit ‘submit’..........
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