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  1. Hey-o, Wanted to let any of you East Coast RAW folks that the truly badass one-act play SUCKERFISH, by WT Underwood will be at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in NYC this July. Promotion has not yet begun for it, but for various reasons, the festival expects it to sell out rapidly, so if someone is interested in going, the time for getting tickets is upon us before word gets out. It's a play that Tom brought to our attention, and I fell in love with it. Been looking for theater outlets with the balls to let it fly. Not an easy task. MITF is just the ballsy outfit. "T
  2. Hey, thanks Noeland. Any RAW board folks in the area that would like to go, let me know and we'll make sure you have a seat and complimentary massage from one of the hobo's we bring in.
  3. That's very cool. I demand to see more of these.
  4. Sunnnnshine! Good stuff. I think the painting is from The Gunslinger, one of them Stephen King Dark Tower deals. The Thing poster is also done by the same artist, very famous poster artist, Drew Struzan. But you're right, it is very Jonah Hex. Only helps to feed the longing for a good feature version of Hex. Hey yanno, off the top of my head... Maybe Tom would be good as Jonah. With a Joe Lansdale screenplay. Someone tell the studio! I love THE MIST, and I'm not easy to win over with these things. LOVED it in B&W, plays so, so very well. Big fan of the book... except
  5. Hi Damian, I'm a huge fan of yours. I love everything you do, and my only hope is that you double your output so that I have more to love.

  6. I know Tim Burton tried to make a movie of the novel The Hawkline Monster a few years back, and I seem to remember Eastwood being "attached" to it. Never happened obviously. I have a dirt old paperback of it, even says "gothic western" on the thing.
  7. Right, yes, focus. Shattered Hand! I wish for it to be.
  8. The Burrowers is effective. Great cast. The director (JT) is a talented guy. And a good enough guy to know and be okay knowing that we were filming a movie in his apartment, with a shower scene that involved my character... pleasuring himself. There's a lil bonus trivia nugget for ya!
  9. Shock Til You Drop did an article on their top 25 horror films of the decade. THE MIST comes in at #3 Shock's Top 25 Horror Films of the Decade
  10. That one bears the closest resemblance, although they're all quite well done. Nice Tom Atkins action you got going on there. Bout time that thing came out on dvd.
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