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  1. The Booth is 5539 against the east wall between B and C.
  2. An interesting article about Polish Movie Posters Mike
  3. Big Happy Birthday to you Aly!
  4. It was every bit worth the 3 hour drive (should have been 2) to get to the event. Double on the thanks to Brian and Jordan on the seats, we got in just after Alien started. Geoff Boucher, LA Times Entertainment Staff Writer, hosted the Hero Complex Film Festival and did a fantastic job. He and the LA Times are already in the works for repeating the event next year and have leads on some exciting possibilities. I agree with Tim, that Quint does a great job of capturing all the interesting points of the Q&A. This was a golden opportunity to candid feeling for what it was like fo
  5. IFC, RAW is still working on those very details. We'll post as soon as we know. Mike
  6. I don't believe WB has any direct plans for full length animated features based on the 6 or so DC Showcase animated shorts they are now starting to release. Mike
  7. Noeland, I am very glad to know that you like it. Maybe I'll see you out on the east coast too. I may be headed out to the New York show in October. Just today the guy, who lent me the first suit of armor told me he may let me borrow his other suit. Its a solid black all original matching suit of leather samurai armor. I haven't seen it yet, so I hope he sends me a picture. Right now I am wrapping my brain around the next character synopsis. I just need to sit down with some uninterrupted time without being stressed out from work/kids and write it. I'm still a little shy about
  8. My friend Dan Norton is Art Designer at Warner Brothers Animation on this project. I mentioned to him that Tom was a Big Jonah Hex fan and that he would make a fantastic voice for him. Dan and his director agreed and convinced the studio executives on the move. So Dan worked through Tim and Tom agreed. I understand Tom did 3 variants of the voice, just before Comic Con last year. Dan said the darkest voice was awesome, but the studio execs went with the next milder version. I'm not certain when and where the Jonah Hex and about 5 other DC shorts will be released. Dan was recentl
  9. It was re-colored between Dan Norton and Steve Miller. They decided they wanted more of a pastel color before pubishing it as a splash page in Hi-Yah!: How to Draw Fantastic Martial Arts Comics. I'm pretty sure they just modified the original color rather than starting over. I had no idea anyone could see this image on Amazon until now. Mike
  10. Original Shattered Empire Illustration by Dan Norton, Colored by J.J. Kirby
  11. I just want to take this opportunity to share my creative endeavors with the RAW Community. I encourage any of you to visit my site and provide any thoughts or questions to this thread. I believe this forum has great insight on artistic efforts of all types and I look forward to your feedback. Unfortunately I have much more in my head than I have written, but the motivation to write more is definitely growing as I see it come to life. Shattered Empire The main story will be the adventures of four friends as they try to stop a civil war and a second Age of Darkness. The skirmi
  12. There's always The Expendables
  13. Noeland I wont be making it to this one, but I look forward to running into you at another show. Enjoy, Mike
  14. I think you can order the books from the RAW store. If you can't find what you're looking for or the store doesn't work for you, let me know and I will see what I can do. I usually have the responsibility of setting up the booth for RAW and shipping swag out to the shows, so I may be able to answer some questions. Unfortunately plans seem to remain pretty dynamic until the week before the show, due to Tom's schedule. That's why the RAW booth is generally limited to the LA/San Diego area. I think we are going to try our first long distance show with a booth in October. Mike
  15. Tim mentioned that he intended to go to this show when we were discussing the convention schedule for the rest of this year. It isn't likely that RAW would set up a booth at this show, but Tim will likely have a table with a plethora of fine quality prints. Tom will probably have a limited number of Bad Planets and Alien Pig Farms, but those tend to sell out very quickly. At this point RAW will have a booth at the San Diego show and likely to have booths at the October New York and Long beach shows. I wouldn't say any of this is official until Tom or Tim confirm. Mike
  16. I'll chime in until Tim follows up with a more specific answer. Generally speaking Tim and Tom will go for an entire show, so unless there are any unexpected travel challenges, you should be able to see them on Friday. As far as the government thing... whenever I pay for a hotel room at a show I usually try to get the government rate, so there are some advantages. In fact one time the hotel clerk pointed at me and said you get the free breakfast, but he (pointing at Tim) doesn't. For just an instant, a very small one, I felt like I was the celebrity Mike
  17. I'm a little late in responding since I didn't get home from the Anaheim show until about 2am Sunday and was on a plane to Rhode Island the next morning. I'm still here until late Thursday night, staying at the Hotel Viking (like the name) in Newport, which was built in the 1920s. As always I had a great time at the show. I really enjoy the opportunity to go to every show I can. We have a great bunch of friends we regularly hang out with, Brian McQuery, Chris Frobose, Tim Daley, and Jordan Raskin. One of the best things about hanging out with Tim and RAW is all the new folks I get
  18. Tim will certainly be there, but there wont be a RAW booth this time. Unfortunately Tom wont be able to make it. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday, so if you know what tee shirt you want, I could potentially bring it up for you. Mike
  19. Buyers of Desert adventures are going to be getting a tremendous dose of QUINTESSENTIAL BRADSTREET. I really hope Paradox decides to continue to have you illustrate more novels for them like this. The heat at the stables was something else; likely all of us suffered a little heat exhaustion. Con said the desert nomad garb actually helped keep him cool, even the black stuff. It was every bit my pleasure to assist with that shoot. It gave me a great perspective on how much passion, dedication, patience, and professionalism it requires to execute an event like this. I'd be happy to
  20. My local Blockbuster doesn't have any copies of G'eHM and doesn't intend to get any. I ws rather upset and made a small scene when I left the store. I'll find another store carrying it. It seems to be the 4th time I had intended to see the film and it hasn't worked out the way I thought it would. I WILL make it happen by this weekend!
  21. I really enjoyed this film. It provides what I think is a realistic feel for a post-apocalyptic world. The color seems flat, but as the movie moves forward it appropriately maintains the tone of the environment. It is a slow moving, thought provoking film, allowing an individual to process what is happening before jumping to the next scene. The talent involved was exceptional, especially the unexpected short scenes with Malcolm McDowell, Michael Gambon, and Tom Waits. Eli is a fantastic character and well portrayed by Denzel. Eli is competent, motivated, and flawed. His greatest str
  22. I'm quite the novice when it comes to acting, but it seems to me that Tom does a much finer job of playing a real character and really acting compared to his competition with the exception of Glee only because I have never seen it. The other guys seem like they are just trying to be funny. Mike
  23. Mark!! I've been under a rock for the past three weeks I am REALLY excited to see a truly talented creator such as yourself getting the opportunity to get an independent film distributed. It says a lot in this Hollywood cliche world for anyone to get this level of success. It's fantastic to get a rare story that is well outside of the commercial norm. I really hope this is a big step forward for your story-telling to be shared with all of us in your future endeavors. I really enjoyed the trailer. It left me wondering which way this story is going with so many possible ou
  24. I don't know Clint as well as most of you, but I'll throw out "Heartbreak Ridge." Probably not the best example, but it is what came to mind. Mike
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