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  1. BIG B-day to ya RAW MAN!!!
  2. I guess I could have clarified that better, he's a submariner friend of mine that just left the Navy. He and I shared an office just before he got out. I don't normally take pictures, so I grabbed and posted a few that he took of RAW. The beard picture was shot and directed by our own Jim Daly Mike
  3. It was a CRAZY FUN show. The best part of all of it is our Crew of guys and friends. My only regret was just not having enough time to get around the show to see friends I normally catch up with every year. This year we had Tom, Tim, James Daly, the amazing Bruce Jones, Kristyn (Tom's PA), Frobose, and myself running the booth. Frobose came down from LA and spent the week with us and helped set up the booth. He was a tremendous help to both RAW and me personally. He's out pimping his 3D/Special Effects skills at SIGGRAPH this week and I wish him best of luck. His most recent work includes Dreamwork's "How to Train Your Dragon." Brian McQuery and Jordan Raskin were down for the show too. We were pretty busy this year, but at least got some time to hang out. Hopefully we'll get to hook up with them in a couple weeks for the 20th anniversary screening of Goodfellas. Brian will be doing Q&A with writer/screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi. Thursday night Tom took us out for a fantastic dinner at Osetra, joined by Mr. William Stout and friend Samantha. I had the Bone-in-Ribeye... delicious. Friday was the main RAW event with the RAW Panel. This was the first opportunity for RAW to present and discuss both current and future efforts with fans. The panel had an All-Star cast with Tom, Tim, Bruce Jones, Jim Daly, William Stout, Mark Schultz, and Steve Niles. Unfortunately Bernie Wrightson wasn't able to attend, but he will continue to work with RAW on its projects. Tom announced his movie plans for Devil's Commandos and the next six new issue run for Bad Planet. The big news is that RAW is bringing back both Alien Worlds and Twisted tales with writer Bruce Jones himself. Work is already started on Alien Worlds with contributions from members of the panel. RAW has a different plan for Twisted Tales. Tom and crew intend to go with a TV show! A special shout out during the panel, was made to Todd Farmer who was in the audience. Todd wrote the RAW title Alien Pig Farm and is working on the RAW movie Devil's Commandos. We're excited to see the trailer for his recent movie, Drive Angry with Nick Cage. After the panel we went to the CAA party. Along the way I took a moment to yell at some annoying paparazzi. It probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I kinda enjoyed watching the squirm. Tim will probably slap me in the back of the head later for it. Being part of the TJ retinue got us VIP status and free drinks (that was pretty cool). After the CAA party we went to the Eisners where Tom presented three awards. One of those awards was for a Dave Stevens (Bad Planet cover artist) compilation book. Dave is no longer with us, so his mother was there to accept the award for him. It was a special moment since Tom was able to present something to a family he is very close to. After the Eisners we went back to the CAA party at the Hard Rock, but it was already over. Someone from the Hollywood Reporter recognized Tom and promptly invited him and his crew to their party. Part of that story actually involved me arguing with security, but I only want to give Tim one reason for smacking me in the back of my head. Once upstairs we were greeted by the hostess and she set up with our own spot and sent a server our way. We only had to order once, and then the drinks just kept coming. I knew I was in trouble when I had a Jaeger Bomb in each hand. I'm sure there is more story to that night, but I'm not sure I had the lucidity to recount it. At least I didn't go to the after party. Saturday I decided I needed a more tame night and just had dinner and a drink with friends. Frobose and I did the spaghetti factory then met with Jordan Raskin, Brian McQuery, Mark Walters, Scott Harben, Jim Daly, Erik Reeves, Andy Chang, Jaime Mendoza, and Paulina Beauroyre. At the close of the show I did my best to get the RAW crew out the door and get us packed up. Frobose and friend Billy King kicked it in gear and helped me break down the booth and get the truck loaded. Billy is also doing some concept work for Tom, that I hope we'll be able to share with you all soon. As usual we all went to Horton's for the post show wind down and relaxed into the evening. Tom was gracious enough to pick up the tab for Billy, Frobose and I for our end game effort. The biggest geek out event of the show happened after I got back from visiting good friend Dan Norton, new Thunder Cats animated series Art Director. Producer Gale Anne Hurd was sitting in our booth on one of the chairs I brought from home, drinking one of the ice teas i brought for the crew from my cooler. She introduced herself to me and I just sat and listened to her talk to Bruce Jones and Todd Farmer. It was just one of those unexpected moments. Well enough excited rambling for now, Mike
  4. Tim, Frobose, and I in the RAW Booth RAW Crew with Jim daly hidden behind Tim Classic shot of Tom with friend Mike. Me enjoying a moment at the Con with a Windsong print
  5. GREAT SHOW for RAW at SDCC 2010!!! I'll tell more tomorrow, when I'm a little more awake. As fun as it is, it's a pretty exhausting week. Mike
  6. I look forward to it It's gong to be a great show for RAW and good times for all!
  7. Interestingly that would make 3 of Marvel's most powerful heroes Australians.
  8. Growing up watch the hulk on TV, I don't see Joquin Phoenix in a role that was played by Bill Bixby. Maybe they should just go full circle and cast Eric Bana back in the role. I don't know if that would increase or reduce the confusion. Mike
  9. The Booth is 5539 against the east wall between B and C.
  10. An interesting article about Polish Movie Posters Mike
  11. Ray Stevenson is getting his second Marvel character as Volstagg in the Thor movie.
  12. AGREED! I'm all about the Lemat Especially after getting a chance to take Tim's out for a test fire! To me that's just taking an existing technology one step further because there is a creative genius with the insight and tools to make it happen. But things that are added just because someone thought it would cool even tho there is NFW it could ever happen is another.
  13. The horse-mounted double gatling gun in the preview killed any chance for interest in this movie for me =/ I'm all for a little creative technology like the modified Lemat in RSD, but not something that's completely ridiculous, like the oar powered Higgin's boats used in the reverse Normandy invasion in Robin Hood. Mike
  14. Big Happy Birthday to you Aly!
  15. It was every bit worth the 3 hour drive (should have been 2) to get to the event. Double on the thanks to Brian and Jordan on the seats, we got in just after Alien started. Geoff Boucher, LA Times Entertainment Staff Writer, hosted the Hero Complex Film Festival and did a fantastic job. He and the LA Times are already in the works for repeating the event next year and have leads on some exciting possibilities. I agree with Tim, that Quint does a great job of capturing all the interesting points of the Q&A. This was a golden opportunity to candid feeling for what it was like for Ridley Scott to be incredible movie creator he is. Mike
  16. IFC, RAW is still working on those very details. We'll post as soon as we know. Mike
  17. I don't believe WB has any direct plans for full length animated features based on the 6 or so DC Showcase animated shorts they are now starting to release. Mike
  18. My guess is it will wait for 3D televisions to become more prevalent and there is a hard push for 3D films on DVD.
  19. Noeland, I am very glad to know that you like it. Maybe I'll see you out on the east coast too. I may be headed out to the New York show in October. Just today the guy, who lent me the first suit of armor told me he may let me borrow his other suit. Its a solid black all original matching suit of leather samurai armor. I haven't seen it yet, so I hope he sends me a picture. Right now I am wrapping my brain around the next character synopsis. I just need to sit down with some uninterrupted time without being stressed out from work/kids and write it. I'm still a little shy about writing a complete story at this point, since prefer having a defined background and structure. I spoke with one of our esteemed professional writers on the board and while he told me the background is good, I just need to write the damn thing Mike
  20. My friend Dan Norton is Art Designer at Warner Brothers Animation on this project. I mentioned to him that Tom was a Big Jonah Hex fan and that he would make a fantastic voice for him. Dan and his director agreed and convinced the studio executives on the move. So Dan worked through Tim and Tom agreed. I understand Tom did 3 variants of the voice, just before Comic Con last year. Dan said the darkest voice was awesome, but the studio execs went with the next milder version. I'm not certain when and where the Jonah Hex and about 5 other DC shorts will be released. Dan was recently promoted to Art Director on a new Thundercats Animated series. I believe that's coming out in late June on Cartoon Network.
  21. Yep, May 14. I didn't like Robin and Marion, but I need to clarify that. My mom and Uncle took me to see it, when I was about 5, and told me it was a Robin Hood movie to get me to go. At that Time, I thought Robin Hood was a Fox. I remember being unruly enough that they let me go hang out and play just outside the theater doors. I need to see it again to give it a fair shake.
  22. I thought Nick Brimble, Little John, was the best part of Prince of Thieves. I didn't care for the movie otherwise. I am looking forwrd to this movie though.
  23. It was re-colored between Dan Norton and Steve Miller. They decided they wanted more of a pastel color before pubishing it as a splash page in Hi-Yah!: How to Draw Fantastic Martial Arts Comics. I'm pretty sure they just modified the original color rather than starting over. I had no idea anyone could see this image on Amazon until now. Mike
  24. Thanks JWeber! I'm going to follow that path and just see how it all works out. I created an alternate thread to share what I have done so far. Mike
  25. Original Shattered Empire Illustration by Dan Norton, Colored by J.J. Kirby
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