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  1. Bradstreet had several interviews throughout the show. I'll post them as I get links to each of them. Here's the first from fanboy comics: http://www.fanboycomics.net/index.php/interviews/comics/item/2572 Mike
  2. Unfortunately there is no RAW panel for 2013. Tom is busily preparing for a late Fall shoot for Shattered Hand, limiting what we're doing this year at SDCC. We expect to see Tom at the show on SAT/SUN, so if any RAW members have the opportunity to swing by booth 5539, we'd love to see you there. OMG Blondielox not coming to the show??? Now I don't even want to go back tomorrow =) Mike
  3. Thanks John and RPace! I always appreciate the encouragement =)
  4. Thanks, Noeland!!! Regardless of success, I'd just like to create good thought provoking story. Mike
  5. So I started working on the ground rules for creating story in the Shattered Empire Universe. I was fortunate enough to gain the interest of Novelist, Jeff Edwards. Our intent is to create a graphic novel within the framework we've created, then open the doors for anything else from there. The next thing to work on was a tear-sheet. The lovely Windsong model, Jane Park Smith, is doing a Radio interview this week and asked me to provide her with something should could present. We put the following together for her (it looks better in PDF with Windsong watermarked): Mike
  6. This project has been on hold for a while, but I've finally come back around to work on it again. The first effort was to get Bradstreet's Windsong colored. I wasn't able to coordinate with Grant's schedule, so I got another colorist, Steve Firchow to pick up the task. The final result was something fantastic... definitely a Bradstreeet, but with a different flare. You'll all have to let me know what you think Mike
  7. Thanks all for the birthday wishes! I started reading the thread from the beginning and didn't realize it was started by last years post, with everyone making me a year younger (not that I would complain). I definitely look forward to an exciting RAW year with "A Mgnificent Dath from a Shattered Hand" being filmed this spring and our conventions. We're already gettting prepped for San Diego. Thanks again to everyone and I wish you all a Happy New year. Mike
  8. I'm headed up early Friday morning to go set up for this show. Booth = 1157 No panel this year. We'll have a panel at LBCC NOV3-4 We're doing something a little different with our booth at LBCC too. It will definitely be big. Mike
  9. Blondielox, I am bummed I missed seeing you and family this year. I hope you are all doing well. Mike
  10. I think I finally woke up from my after con nap Tom, I can't thank you enough for for your appreciation and including us in the RAW family. Mikaela and I had a FANTASTIC time and as you know, I am so very proud of her (she's so PRO!). It was a great show and after 6 years of this we've got it down so everything runs so smooth. It was great to see all our kids at the show together, having such a great time too. You know I am always committed to the team and cannot wait for the next show! I am pretty certain Mikaela wants to come back too And the RAW Panel!?!?!?!?! What a FREAKIN' SHOW!!!!! RAW just owned that audience, with Thomas Jane, Tim Bradstreet, Ron Perlman, Phil Joanou, William Stout, Greg Staples, James Daly, Jose Prendes (and me on the lights ). After the panel, the room moderator came to me and said next time we should get you a bigger room and put a lot more advertisement out for the RAW Panel (noted for next year's efforts). I really enjoyed the Gothic Western tone set in the video for "A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand." And a "Bad Planet" video game, how cool is that!?!? Of course the Punisher fan film as the closer for the panel had to be one of the biggest events of the entire show! Tim made certain I didn't know what it was until I actually saw it (love you for it, Tim). What a damn F'n good time it all was!!!!! Tim, I am so stoked at your well deserved recognition. it's about damned time too Looking forward to whatever's next, Mike P.S. I'll add some more thoughts and fun we had as the brain starts to clear up more
  11. Thanks so much for the happy Birthday wishes! I know Tim is happy, since this is the time of year I catch up to him =) That's ok since in about 5 weeks he'll have as many years as the caliber of an M1911 or that popular singla action army Colt. Speaking of which I do enjoy the caliber of people on this board and look forward to another year with RAW!!! Mike
  12. Wow, between Tim and Brian they covered everything, so I can't really think of much else to add, other than it was a total blast spending time with great friends and making new ones! The shows themelves were very entertaining and I really enjoyed them. I didn't have any expectatiojns, nor was I very critical, since I haven't been to a play in... well I have no idea how long it has been. I am definitely up for experiencing more of them Mike
  13. I was really disappointed to have work get in the way of the show. I was able to get everything set up with help of friends Chris Frobose and Brian McQuery Friday morning, but then I was off back to San Diego for 14 hours of straight work. I slept about 5 hours and got up to fix my car and go back to work until 5:00 Saturday evening. I got up to the show just as they were closing and in time for Dinner with good friends: Brian McQuery, Scott Harben, Jim Daley, Billy King, Cat Staggs, and Amanda Diebert. After Dinner we met up with Tom and Tim for a good time and drinks. I have to give a very special shout out to Brian McQuery for handling the booth all day on Saturday. I was really disappointed to have so little time at the show. I did get my sketch book back from Cat Staggs, who did a REALLY impressive Captain America. I then passed my book on to Richard Friend, who plans on doing something old school DnD. Richard is also going to do a commission for Shattered Empire. I did get to spend some quality time with Tom and Kristyn. I don’t get to see them often, so it’s always great o to catch up and share what’s been going on. Sunday we were surprised by a visit from the gorgeous Bianca Bree and her lovely assistant Sara. They came by to talk shop with Tom. I got a chance to talk to Sara about her work and ambitions. She has a degree in animation from the UK and is a big time comic geek. I have to say they were both very sweet and it was a pleasure to meet them. We closed the show with dinner at Famous Dave’s with Tim, Jim, Billy, Frobose, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Conner. It was great fun and we had a hard time splitting ways and heading out from there. Mike
  14. I'll be setting up on Friday and breaking down on Sunday. Unfortunately I have to work through the weekend and will only be around for Sunday... maybe.... Mike
  15. Big Happy Birthday to you too Noeland. And many thanks to you for your efforts in keeping the board properly managed.
  16. The most EXCITING show EVER!!! It started off pretty quiet with just Frobose and I in the booth on Premier Night. My daughters came along with me too, but they quickly disappeared to explore the show. When Frobose showed up I got my only real opportunity to say hello to friends in artist alley. I dropped off my sketch book with Cat Staggs. She isn't quite finished yet, but I hear she is doing an INCREDIBLE Captain America Illustration for me. The best part of Wednesday night was the chance for Frobose and I to have dinner with our RAW friends Brian McQuery and Jordan Raskin. Thursday I got to meet Lance Henriksen. I have to say he is one of the nicest, most genuine persons I have ever met. I met him the week before at the 25th anniversary screening of Aliens, hosted by our Brian McQuery, and when he found out from his co-author Joe Maddrey, that I would be helping him at the con, he very generously thanked me to no end. I also got to talk to Gale Anne Hurd and was blown away she remembered me from last year. Thursday evening started with the Game of Thrones cast dinner party. The food was great, but of course seeing George R.R. Martin, Khal Drogo, Jon Snow, Jamie, Cersei, and Daenerys made the experience INCREDIBLE. One funny note, when the tall guy with long dark wavy hair, top hat, and big swagger came in, Kristyn Frobose and I turned to each other and wondered what Russell Brand was doing at the party. Turned out it was Jason Momoa. He was a pretty cool dude and fellow Polynesian =) Next was the Event of the Show for me. Tim, Tom, Frobose and I went to the Robert Rodriguez private viewing of 10 Frazetta originals.The best moment of the entire show was when Frobose and I were standing right in front of "The Death Dealer" with Bradstreet and Frank Darabont himself just going on about the quality of Frazetta's work for about 15 minutes. Just an absolutely breathtaking moment for a geek like me... then to top it all off, Frank ordered a drink for me. Friday Lance was back with us again for a bit (always a pleasure when he is around). The RAW daughters (daughters of Tom, Tim, and I) got to go on a walkabout through the show with Tom. They all had a great time and got along fantastically. Unfortunately Frobose and I missed one event at the show we really wanted to hit up. Our friend Dan Norton was on a Panel and screening of the new Thundercats, which aired tonight. Dan is working for WB Animation and is the art director for the series, quite a successful transition for a comic book artist. BTW the show looks awesome and everyone should check it out when they can. I heard the panel was very well received with standing room only with a long line of people waiting outside. That evening Frobose, Kristyn and I went off to another party, while the big boys went to play. It was a great chance to spend time with Kristyn, she is an amazing woman and she is very much responsible for the pulse that keeps RAW ticking. Frobose and I closed the evening by meeting Tom and Tim ant the Trickster party. Saturday was as busy as ever and closed with another incredible night. Tom got Tim, Frobose, and I into the Entertainment Weekly party. I can't even to begin with all the celebrities we saw at the party. Tom had to break off as soon as we got in a for a press shoot. When he was done he got us a private table and we had a revolving door of celebrities for the rest of the evening. Tim listed some, but the list also includes Russell Mulcahy (Highlander) and Mark Christopher Lawrence (Big Mike - Chuck). I got to spend some time speaking with just about all of them except for Stephen Dorff. And yes "Pam" is Smoking Hot and actually very sweet too. When we left the party I had to squeeze between Jon Favreau and Faizon, quite a feat for someone of my stature =). We closed the evening late at a cafe with good friends Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Walters. Sunday went by pretty quickly despite being pretty worn out from the show. We closed the show by going to Horton's to unwind with a long list of good friends. I was done, but Frobose stuck with Tim and went with Tim to the ever exclusive "Dead Dog" party. One last event was the opportunity to go see Captain America with Tim, Frobose, and Bradstreet artistic partner, Scott Harben. While we were all at Tim's, Scott checked out the Windsong photo-shoot. He's going to go through the shots and do his magic with one of them for a commission. I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I apologize for the long winded response and I wasn't even trying to be thorough. There was so much cool stuff going on that I just covered the highlights. I have to thank Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet for the incredible opportunity to share in these experiences every year. I wonder what next year will bring???
  17. My kids took me to see the movie today (well I drove, but you know what I mean). I really wasn't interested in the movie until fellow RAW friend Chris Frobose told me it was an unexpectedly well done movie. His word was enough for me to want to check it out and I was far from disappointed. The movie is very well written with successful character development. The story takes on the heart of the "mutant wars" and allows the viewers to continuously insert themselves into situations and question what they would do personally, all while adding enough of the "required" exciting action. I walked away from the movie feeling more like I did after watching "Good Night and Good Luck," rather than Iron Man. Mike
  18. I am pretty certain Tim is still going to Detroit, but I don't know about the rest of the gang. Mike
  19. Girl Walks Into a Bar Available for free viewing in the U.S. on YouTube Cast Carla Gugino as Francine Driver Zachary Quinto as Nick Josh Hartnett as Sam Salazar Danny DeVito as Aldo Rosario Dawson as June Emmanuelle Chriqui as Teresa Aaron Tveit as Henry Robert Forster as Dodge Amber Valletta as Camilla Gil Bellows as Emmit Kevin Zegers as Billy Alexis Bledel as Kim Michelle Ryan as Loretta Xander Berkeley as Moe Lauren Lee Smith as Karen More info Mike
  20. Unfortunately the website is transitioning to a new provider and is down for the interim. We are going to change the format from Wiki to Joomla. At this time I don't even know what that means yet, but I think it will be more article driven like the typepad sites. The only thing new I have to share soon is the color version of Windsong, which I have only seen the photo rough so far. TB's colorist Grant Goleash is working on it and I am very excited to see the end result! Mike
  21. Currently due for release 29 June 2012 (USA) I'd still like to see a "Balance of Terror" 'Das Boot" style thriller, and maybe add a Klingon wildcard ship in between the Federation duel with the Romulan. That would be an interesting way to set the political tone for the Federation, Romulan Empire, and Klingon Empire. It's likely my interest in this story is due both to my sci fi and professional interests, since I work in Anti-Submarine Warfare, which has something in common with a small, near invisible platform with powerful torpedo weapons. Paul Giamatti wants to play a Klingon in the next movie. I believe Paul Giamatti can play just about anything he wants, but I'd really like to see him do Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd. Maybe have him surrounded by some Orion slave girls. Mike
  22. Joe R. Lansdale does the audio commentary. I can listen to it again and see what he says about the story and/or ask Dan about it too.
  23. The project was completed and I believe they were only intended to be a market teaser with the hope of doing a potential spinoff animated series based on any one of them. Although they are available in a compilation DVD the primary distribution was through other titles, like the Batman "Under the Red Hood," that had the Jonah Hex short attached to it. The Showcase Shorts director, Joaquim Dos Santos, has since left WB Animation to continue work on new Avatar the Last Airbender episodes. I just had the opportunity to visit Dan Norton, Showcase Shorts Art Designer/Shattered Empire Artist, at WB Animation Studios. I got to see the priority shots af the first episode of the Thundercats, he is Art Directing now. I also got to see some of their other big project, the animated Young Justice Series. Another point of interest on the Showcase Shorts is that Steve Niles wrote the Spectre short and provided audio commentary on the compilation DVD. The shorts certainly have an unexpected association with RAW. Mike
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