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  1. The Punisher Pontiac now has its own website. www.punisherpontiac.com For the evolving story check it out. Also, find pictures at: http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/f62/punisher-65168/ and http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/f11/pun...-vehicle-65923/
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    I just finished watching the season 1 DVD as well. I greatly enjoy most of that Thomas has done but was not sure about how I would react to a show based on the premis of a guy with a big tool . . . living in Detroit. I mean, what is interesting enough to cause me to spend time watching this plot line? And when I watched the first couple of shows, well, it was ok but not terribly gripping for a "over middle age" guy like me. But as I got into the 3rd and following episodes, I actually started to identify with a lot of what was going on in the guys life. I mean, the hassel of going to work, the butt head "im so successful" pain in the ass neighbor, dealing with the kids, . . I kind of got sucked into the whole story line. I began to see multiple interesting plot lines developing and began to try and guess how they were going to get him out (or into may be more appropriat) the next sequence. Then they introduced the irritating, know it all professional shopper, and spun her on her head into a totally new character as they added depth to her. I found myself enjoying the show much more than I initially thought I would and interested in how they were going to get him transitioned to his new day job without ending up in jail! Thoroughly enjoyable and a fun show to watch. I am looking forward to season 2 when HBO finally releases it. When will it show up on ITUNES store?
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