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  1. I got to meet Tom this weekend at Comic-Con when he was visiting his pal William Stout whose booth was right next to mine. I'm friends with Mike Hess, and have known Tim Bradstreet for several years, after a night of heavy drinking at Pittsburgh Comic Con many years back. Tom was busier than I was manning my booth during the show, so I was thrilled when I saw him right next door. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of Tom, and it's hard to not come off as a fanboy in that setting asking for pics, although I'm confident Tom would have been cool with it. I'll include a link to a shot of my booth before the show opened. http://www.mavarts.com/comic-con-intl-2009 Great to meet you Tom, maybe we can work on something together in the future. Monte Moore Artist- (Clients - Lucasfilm, Coors, Playboy, DC, Marvel, Sony etc etc) Screenwriter - "Undisturbed" in production now. www.mavarts.com
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