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  1. Yep, it's in the ComicCon thread up in the RAW Studios section. I enjoyed this interview with the old dude. Beats having to listen to artificial butt-kissing wannabes doing interviews trying to look cool all the time. Edit: Shows you what I know. El zippo.
  2. Is that same trailer here? http://www.quietearth.us/articles/2009/07/...sh-DARK-COUNTRY Or here? http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/32728/dar...er-and-dvd-news
  3. Got a good plug in for Stander in there. I liked that.
  4. There's nothing like learning a new vocabulary word. A couple of questions for Tom: Have you seen the pics Ludon posted on his facebook page of Dinner with the boys at SDCC? You're not tagged, but you might want to check them out. Also, what's Wolfbane? A new Todd Farmer film in the works?
  5. Nice full page ad for this inside the back cover of the new SciFi magazine that arrived today.
  6. So that full solar eclipse was an omen after all!
  7. Well, after reading the book first and then watching the flick on SciFi, I have to say I'm disappointed that the scene with Mitch and Nathan's wife and daughter is not in the Director's cut. They were why he went on the mission in the first place - to get the two tickets for them! Bummer.
  8. Greetings! I feel the same way about the Punisher flick. Even though I have it on DVD, if I know it's on TV, I end up putting it on that channel and watching/listening to it. And my honey doesn't look anything like TJ. Or sound like him. But I digress. Glad you're here. The computer is definitely a wonderful thing when you're stuck in one place.
  9. I'm with you there, Jayesse. I think it's the difference between folks who are really into comics and those who are not so much. I wasn't thrilled about Bale as John Connor because that is an iconis character to me. He was already Batman. As for Reynolds, he's only come on my radar recently. He's okay, but doesn't do much for me one way or the other.
  10. I read his posture as "dominant male" the way he was spread out taking up as much space on that couch as possible. It's difficult to call these things interviews. How do five women interview two people in, what, five or ten minutes max? But Thomas looked good and happy and confident. I had to make myself watch the show, though, because I really don't care what any of those broads thinks about anything.
  11. How can someone be a closet nudist? The closet is where all the clothes are. Doesn't Tom like his clothes? Where's the shirt with all the butterflies? Is this one of those tree falling in the forest kind of questions? If someone's nude in the closet, does anyone see him?
  12. It ran for two and a half hours on SciFi. First time I'd seen it, but I did read the book (novelization) when it first came out. I know the book added some things that weren't in the movie, so it's hard for me to tell what was trimmed. I got the impression that it pretty much ran straight through with bleep outs for the F words. Seemed to be plenty of blood and guts to go around. I'll watch the DVD when it comes out in August.
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    Well. I probably won't get to see HUNG until it comes out on DVD. However, I have seen 61*. It's pretty obvious this reviewer has not. The reviews sound great and I'm looking forward to seeing this series on DVD eventually.
  14. I happened to see Bigelow and the screenwriter (sorry, I don't remember his name) giving an interview about this film on FOX News saturday morning. They also showed clips from the film. I'm happy to see this is getting a decent release.
  15. The last five or so minutes of Indy 4 ruined it for me.
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    There is some Hung stuff showing up on Facebook. Hung Facebook page There is a trailer #2 here that has new scenes. At least I haven't seen them before. It is in a large format, though, and my old computer can't quite handle it. So if anyone knows where I can find trailer #2 in a smaller format, please post the link. Thanks.
  17. What happened to Killshot?
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  19. I appreciate this thoughtful review. It makes me more interested in seeing the movie than I had been before. Thanks.
  20. Hi there Kogasu. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and opinions on stuff.
  21. Well, Time Machine was about time travel, so that made sense. I was pretty much spitting nails after seeing the Lost In Space movie. However, I thought this Star Trek used time travel as an ingenious way to reboot the whole star trek universe. This new one will essentially be parallel to the one we've known. My only annoyance with this flick was in the very beginning when Kirk was being born. His parents acted like they didn't know if they were having a boy or a girl. What, no ultrasound machines in the future?? Plus they had apparently not bothered to discuss what to name the kid until he was born. I can overlook all this since I figure it was all for dramatic effect or whatever. But it was still annoying.
  22. Something about that doesn't sound right. Anyway, why play alone in Bangkok of all places. Isn't prostitution rampant there? This is why you don't give older men Viagra. They obviously don't know what to do with it.
  23. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I'm so glad for you.
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    Yeesh! two "grandma"s in a row! Her name is Lauren Ann. 6 lbs 10 oz. Looks pretty normal in the pics I've seen so far.
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