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  1. Of the handful of reviews I read, the folks who had a complaint about the movie didn't like that there was no resolution or explanation at the end. Some people just like everything to be tied up in a pretty bow. When I've seen similar stories in the past, it's not unusual for it to be explained in one of several ways:


    -it shows something to make it obvious that the character is trapped in literal Hell; like the Sheriff or the Stranger could have removed their hats to reveal horns or some such thing.


    -it pulls out to show that the main character is in a coma, in a hospital bandaged from head to toe, and all this is a nightmare playing over again and again in his head.


    -you see a definite boundary where the characters are out of place and time and trapped in a "twilight zone" place or, as mentioned above, a bermuda triangle in the desert; and everything within is totally different from everything without.


    It could be any of those things, or none of those things. It's just a cool, creepy story to get immersed in for a while. There was an awful lot of red on the horizon, though. :o

  2. Okay, I was able to watch the movie this afternoon, but didn't have much time to comment at that time.

    The ending made my skin crawl. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

    I've had some time to think about what happened in the story and it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. But I think that's a good thing. The creepiness is that it's NOT explainable.


    I read a few reviews, but not all of them since they start to get redundant. But a couple of reviewers mentioned the music. One didn't like it at all and another just thought it was okay. For me, the use of percussion and strings, especially the pizzicato, worked to build the tension. I'm not a big fan of muted horns, so the other music didn't do much for me. It was merely okay when they were smooching in the hotel room, and it really irritated me when they were digging the hole. Didn't seem to fit in that scene at all, so if there was a reason for that, I'd like to know what it was because I missed it.


    I liked the use of color, and I want to watch it again tomorrow just to concentrate on that. At one point Dick is talking to Gina and the lighting is pink behind him from the window and then in the next scene everything is the same except the color is blue. For some reason I liked that. I also like the shots of Thomas' eyes in the light reflected from the rearview mirror. Really nice, reminded me of old movies, and MOST actors (I'm thinking about Clooney here, Tim) cannot pull off a scene where you only see there eyes. Those are great shots. The sideways glances at Gina, too. Great. Oh, and I also liked the foreshadowing with the bugs at the beginning.


    I was surprised by a couple of things. One is by how much Bloodyface talked in that back seat. I didn't expect that at all from the trailer. Also surpised that I didn't actually see Gina get killed. Did I miss something there?


    Those are my first impressions. I'm looking forward to other folks' comments.

  3. I got Dark Country in the mail from netflix today, and just had to share what they chose to put on the little envelope the DVD comes in:


    "Hung" star Thomas Jane directs and stars in this thriller that follows the hellish adventures of a newlywed couple who rescue a wounded stranger on the side of the road on their way back from their Las Vegas nuptials. When the almost-dead man goes berserk on them, the couple's nightmare is just beginning. Ron Perlman (Hell Boy) and Lauren German also star in this chiller penned by Guerillas in the Mist writer Tab Murphy.


    I'll have to go check out that Guerillas in the Mist movie. :blink:


  4. Yeah, I had to cancel at pretty much the very last second. :(


    I won't get into all the reasons, but there was a handful of reasons I just had to stay home. Some of them were immediate and needed to be taken care of today (roofers fixing a big hole in the roof), and other will need my ongoing attention over the next few days to make sure things will be OK (a sick pooch needing the vet who should not be left alone for long periods of time). And yet others had to do with finances and making sure that my family is covered financially. Bottom line, just didn't feel like the right thing to do to jet off to California and leave everything and go spend a pile of money. The pile of money, intended for Californ eye A is now needed here I'm afraid.




    I love a man who can keep his priorities straight. I love you Noeland!!! In a sisterly kind of way. :D

  5. There was a clip of Patricia and Tom at this event on CNN, where Patricia is sharing her opinion of Polanski. It's at the tail end. It looks as if Tom is about to say somthing, then they cut him off. CNN video links are not the best, but the title of the video is Hollywood Split On Polanski if anyone is interested.


    Found it.




    Posted the link in the Patricia Arquette thread, also.

  6. This is the dress I was talking about, and this is the one of the few times I can recall her getting raves for how she looked on the red carpet. I don't know. I guess lightning must have struck that year, lol! She even got raves for her hairstyle that year, if you can believe it!


    Emmy010.jpg arquette5.jpg



    Yeah, I like the cut of that dress on her. I like the fabric better on the one she wore the other day. That was more visually textural, which I like personally, for what it's worth. Definitely prefer her in a darker color. But still lacking in the bling. Maybe she's just not a blingy person. Turquoise would be pretty with black, and doesn't have to be humongous. But then, it's me who likes turquoise. I don't know what Patricia likes. And as you said, if she wears what she likes and is comfortable in it, that's what matters.

  7. I agree, Jen. And, k-skye, I won't beat you up for your opinion. You're right, too. Patricia does look much better in a halter style top. Remember the black dress she wore to the Emmys 2 years ago. That was I think the best she's ever looked on the red carpet and it was a beautiful halter style with a diamond shaped neckline. But in the end, it's not about what the fashion critics think, because as you said, they all have their favorites, and some people (like Patricia) will get reamed no matter how good they look. It's a matter of taste and it's all subjective.


    So why should she worry about what they're going to say about her anyway? As long as she's happy (and her husband) with the way she looks and she feels good in it, then she shouldn't give a hang about what those boneheads say about her look. I just hope she felt great and had a great time that night without thinking about what they were going to say.


    Same goes for Thomas.


    I copied the above from the Tom Out and About Thread, because this conversation didn't seem to fit up there anymore. Hope that's okay.



    I don't remember the dress you're referring to above, but it sounds nice. I have to admit, I haven't been tracking Patricia's wardrobe. My comments are based on what I have happened to see her in. She always looks very lovely and calm no matter what she's wearing.

  8. Jen, I watched the pre-show red carpet on E! and I only saw Thomas and Patricia once towards the end of the telecast. That whole thing was pretty nauseating actually between Ryan Seacrest going on and on about "tweeting" while he was broadcasting, and the "MGD 64 360 Glam Cam", and that vomit-inducing NeNe from "Desperate Housewives of Atlanta" or some such crap. All of it made me want to throw up. If we had seen more of TJ and Patricia, or even more stars, it might not have been quite so tedious. But all in all, it was dull.


    Suffice it to say, you didn't miss much.


    I watched some of the red carpet on the TV Guide channel. I started late so I may have missed them, I don't know. But it sounds like that was a better choice than what you've described above. And they had cool air blowing through a big tube at the folks they were talking to, so they were happy to stop there and talk with them.



    I haven't watched ET yet, but I saw a brief fashion review on the Early show yesterday and the chic wasn't very enamored of Patricia's look. She said the dress was nice and trendy, but not right for her body.


    Oh, well, can't please 'em all.


    I don't watch ET. Personally, and this is only my opinion mediumfan, so don't beat me up, I would like to see Patricia in a halter style dress It would lengthen her arms and rein in the girls a bit. But I liked the color and the fabric and the way it draped and the cap sleeve. What I REALLY didn't get was Heidi in the pregnant mermaid dress. And everyone thought that was fantastic. Whatever......


    What I'd like to know is where are the pictures of all of these people who are so-called "fashion experts" or "fashion critics" when they're on the red carpet with hundreds of cameras pointed at them?


    I'd like to see the tables turned and let the stars critique some of those people who have been ragging on them for years.


    Some just have their favorites. They'll all be talking about other things next week.


  9. I liked the dress Patricia wore to the Emmys. Of the few fancy-pancy dresses I've seen her in, this one is definitely my favorite. Could have maybe used a little more bling, though. Not that I'm a fashionista or anything, sitting here in my old mottled brown jeans and a tank top. :unsure:


    Tom looked good with Patricia in his black on black, and the everpresent ceegar peeking out.

  10. I haven't seen Hung yet since I don't have HBO. Waiting patiently for the DVDs to be released. But I still like to read all the articles you post, Jen. I don't mind the spoilers. In fact, I look forward to seeing what my reaction will be to the show compared to all the opinions and descriptions I've read.

    America's favorite male gigolo, though. That's a difficult tag to be saddles with. (Aren't all gigolos male? Anyway....)

  11. If I only had one complaint about the book, and its so minor that its not really even a complaint... a dust jacket would have


    Hmmm.... If that had been the case, I would have removed the dust jacket, so that it wouldn't have gotten messed up, and stuck it in a drawer somewhere. I like the simple elegance of the deathspider logo impressed into the cover of the book. (Black on black and more than 8 inches in diameter, for those who haven't seen it yet.) There may not be any 3D in the black & white hardbound, but you can run your fingers over the baby deathspider impression right there on the cover. The orangey/gold lettering on the spine of the book pops nice off the black as well.

  12. Courtesy of Kwiat Skye -

    Here's the scan of the sketch in her book.

    It's rather light but you can just see a butterfly escaping the hand of the giant Phaedon Warrior.

    Pencils by Jim D, partial inks by TB




    - TB


    Thanks for fixing up that scan and posting it for me Tim. I clicked on enough things and eventually the wired boxes talked to each other. No chocolate required. Just endeavouring to persevere.

  13. Also - I sent Kwiat a book originally intended for someone else. It had a partially completed Convict sketch in it by Jim D and myself.

    Honest mistake, I just chucked the wrong book in her package.

    She got a bonus!!! It was totally my bad and we hadn't personalized the sketch or anything so I told Kwiat that I'd be honored if she kept it.

    Maybe she'll throw us a scan.


    Please do so!


    - TB


    It is my intent, if I can convince my old scanner to communicate with the PC. Apparently, they're not talking at the moment. I'll devote more time to their relationship problems once the rest of the crap hitting the fan around here slows down.


    The partial sketch was unexpected and Tim is very gracious to let me keep it. I promise to share it as soon as I can get the wires to be nice.



  14. After time relegated to the "Save" section - which usually means, no longer available for rental, Netflix moved up


    HARDWARE, 1990


    with a 9-29-09 release date.


    Yeah, baby.


    For me, what I remember is the oppressive, claustrophobic feeling of what it would be like to live in a human-sized trash compactor. For me, the film had one of the early strong female characters as a throwaway or afterthought - not some kind of statement - which I completely dug. For me, I loved my confusion over where are these people? How do they live? And I loved my suspension of disbelief in absorbing that confusion with this tacit understanding of the possibility of the world that was depicted.




    Dear lord, let us pray the film holds up upon review.


    I didn't remember that title, but when I went over to netflix to check it out, it stimulated some long dormant neurons. We rented that long ago. I put it back on my list to give it another viewing after all these years. From what I remember, I think it will hold up just fine.

  15. I was watching the features on Disc 2 the other day and was surprised to see that, apparently, the original ending had Hunter and Duval surviving. It was on the storyboards and also filmed that way. Does anyone know why that was changed so that Hunter was the sole survivor from the group?

    Just wondering.

  16. THIS would be that thread.

    Why? You want to throw out some spoilers and talk more in depth?

    If so we can start another Dark Country thread and clearly mark it - "Don't read if ya don't wanna know!" ;)


    - TB


    Humble suggestion to maybe start a dedicated DC movie thread on October 6th. Then folks who have seen it can talk about it and if you haven't, you know to stay off the thread if you don't want to be spoiled.


    This thread has been pre release and now all things related to the website, etc.


    Just a thought.



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