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  1. Christian Bale forces "Terminator" rewrite http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090508/people...us_terminator_2 I'm not sure how I feel about this. It will be interesting to see how the flick turns out. k-skye
  2. That being said, are they going to screw up and only market this to the 18-25 male population? There are a lot of boomers who don't park their butts in front of a computer screen, but would love to go out to see a movie like this on the big screen. Hopefully, they'll know how and where to place TV ads when the time comes. Maybe magazine ads as well. BTW, I like that the red lipstick made an appearance near the end of the trailer.
  3. I think I've watched the trailer about five or six times now. I didn't pick up on it. I'll have to go listen to the trailer again. I guess this makes me officially non-Star Wars geeky. My guess is they were raised in a cave in Outer Mongolia.
  4. Could be, as the 22 year old male entity currently living here went to see it with friends last night and enjoyed the movie. He didn't mind that so many mutants were shoehorned into the flick, but he also would have liked to have seen more war story. He has not read the comics, though, so that may be the difference. I think I'll what for the DVD to come out.
  5. It was a rhetorical question. I thought that was Teri Hatcher, but was not absolutely sure. Thanks for the ID.
  6. That was a new one on me. Was that a cat woman?
  7. I see the credits going all the way from side to side instead of only on the black part, and Malone's shirt is lightened up so that the tie pops more. What else am I missing?
  8. I like that the lipstick touches Malone a little bit. Not because of smutty reasons, but because that says to me that he will be touched by, be influenced by, come in contact with someone feminine somewhere along the way. @ TL by way of Irish 46 - I was looking at the shaft, not the trigger.
  9. I've been thinking more about this poster, Tim, and since I know you will feel free to ignore any stupid opinion I have, I'm going to throw a few more out there. I definitely prefer this poster. Losing the windows was a good idea. They may have looked like windows to you, but to me they were just white squares in a weird place. I would really like to see the poster with flesh tones on Malone and yellow on his tie. Just to see what that would look like. I would also move the lipstick ever so slightly to the left, for subliminal reasons I refuse to explain. I do really like the lines of the car. I think that adds a lot to the mood of the, um, composition.? Totally unprofessional opinions, I admit.
  10. Well, I haven't been able to visit the forum for a couple of days and come back to all this excitement about posters! Very nice to see them and read all the comments here. I've been sitting here looking at both posters so I can offer my opinion. Most of the posts have been from guys, so this is the old lady opinion: I'm here because I like Thomas Jane as an actor. I like to see him on screen. So his image and the expression on his face is important to me. I think I like his expression in poster #2 better. It would be easier to tell if I could see a full sized poster. He is Malone, so it makes sense to me that he is alone on the poster. I'm not going to see the movie to see Ving or Elsa, though I'm sure they'll add a lot to it. I'm going to see Thomas Jane as Malone. I like the red lipstick in poster #2 because that lets the viewer know that there will be some romance or female interaction of some type in the film. I don't get that from poster #1. Well, maybe the "harder to love" line. But the lips pop that right out at you even if you're illiterate. White on black or black on white, I like the credits on both posters. I hate it when credits are printed in black on a brown background or white on a yellow background, or something stupid like that. These credits you can actually see and read. I didn't read the comments on the other sites yet, and I never saw The Spirit, but I did see plenty of commercials for it. Lots of black, white and red. So maybe the production company is worried that folks will look at these posters and think this is just another graphic novel brought to the screen??? If they take the time to watch the trailer, they'll know this isn't so. But if they only see the poster, they may not bother. Marketing would have to deal with that. So I can see where they might want some color in it. And I don't think adding flesh tones to Malone would be a deal breaker. You have to remember that the posters of old that you're trying to emulate where before the whole graphic novel put to film phenomenon. That's all I have for now. And halleluia is another spelling I've seen, but your's were quite creative.
  11. http://simonhunter.com/Simon_Hunter/Mutant-Fangoria.html Another link from Jen's yahoo group. Pics from the MC panel from Simon Hunter's website. Just pics.
  12. http://www.perlmanpages.com/bsmovies/mutchronpics.htm Has this been posted here before? Jen had this link in her Yahoo group. Some nice screencaps from MC on a Ron Perlman website.
  13. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing some dialogue. Definitely can't wait to see the trailer.
  14. So the lead characters are named Dick and Gina? Hmmm, where did my mind just go? Is that a subliminal message?
  15. I'd just as soon this thread was moved down to comics and film. It doesn't make much sense here anymore.
  16. We watched this on DVD a couple of nights ago. From netflix. An interesting story, and so different from typical vamp fare. It's dubbed into English and we also put the English subtitles on, which was funny because they often differed. One thing I appreciated about this film is that the "violent" scenes were not particularly graphic. A lot is left to the viewer's imagination. In other words, it didn't treat me like an unimaginative moron. The ending can be considered a happy ending or a sad ending, depending on your point of view. My first impression was that it was a happy ending. But the more I thought about the characters afterward, the sadder it became to me.
  17. MY face hurts just looking at that pic.
  18. Pardon me, JoeMess, if you considered my attempts at humor, dry as it is, as villifying Patricia. That was not my intent. But I have to say, I don't think there is anyone on this forum, at present, who has EVER said anything that could be construed as villifying toward her. I can't say the same for other forums I've visited as a guest. We like Thomas. We like Patricia. Whatever is going on between them is between them and none of my business.
  19. I don't know, but I don't think she's Chinese.
  20. My guess is they want some Elsa in there. They probably think cleavage will sell it better. I like your poster. TJ's face looks cool in silhouette.
  21. LOL If you had just not said that, I might not have.
  22. Patricia doesn't look Chinese?!? (smacking self)
  23. Mucho thanks for the update. Looks like it's going to be a very quiet movie. (sarcasm) Sounds like the good kind of grumbling.
  24. I read this morning that Bruno Heller is working on a script for a theatrical movie continuation of Rome, with Ray to reprise his role of Titus Pullo. Ray is looking forward to it, and I think that would be a good thing for him. Although Ray looked the part of Frank Castle, he never really owned the part, imo. But Titus Pullo? He had plenty of time to develop himself into that character.
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