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  1. Nice to see you in here. I wondered if you ever came around. Thanks for answering a couple of questions.
  2. Yep, episode 8 is the bugger. I had no problems listening to the other podcasts.
  3. I hate to be a pain, but I had the same problem, so I finally succumbed to downloading iTunes and found the podcast but, alas, same problem. Not sure what to do. Guess I'll fold laundry.
  4. Just read that his songs Waiting on the Light to Change and Beneath the Silver Moon are scheduled to appear THIS WEEK, Thursday, March 13th, in Episode 1.07 of ABC’s new television series, Eli Stone. The episode is entitled, “Heal the Pain.” Tune in at 10:00 pm (Eastern). I've already been watching Eli Stone, so I'm happy MPJ's music will be on there.
  5. At least now we know he has all his toes. (Sorry. When you're studying foot reflexology, you notice such things.)
  6. Been pondering this and have a couple of thoughts. thought #1 - Always amazes me how interested people are in what other people wear. Who cares? Although, I have to admit, if I wanted to get my husband into a shirt with butterflies all over it, I'd have to kill 'im dead first. But that's just him. thought #2 - I didn't know a "celebrity baby blog" existed before this post. I can't imagine "celebrities" are thrilled about having their kids' pictures plastered all over the internet. Too many crazies out there. But I guess that's life unless you put a bag over the kid's head every
  7. Thanks for the link, Jen. Some of the comments were funny to read. Harlow looks like a happy little girl. I like the unicorn.
  8. I would have liked to have seen that relationship developed in the movie a little more as well. It was obvious that Carter had the hots for Susan, but she always shut him down. Couldn't really tell if it was just because she was so focused on achieving her research goal that she just blocked everything else out, or if she really wasn't interested in him. Seems like a lot of interpersonal stuff was cut to keep the "pace" of the movie going. Was cool, though, watching the expressions on Thomas Jane's face change as Carter fluctuated between being attracted to, and horrified by, Susan
  9. I always had the impression that Carter was too close to the door frame/wall for sharky to be able to chomp on him without running it's head into the wall. But, JO's idea that sharky let him go on purpose because it suited their plan is something I hadn't thought of before. Very interesting. Not sure I can give the sharkies that much credit.
  10. Hey, it's up! I just finished listening. Makes me feel like a fly on the wall in a room where two friends are just shooting the breeze. I'm looking forward to those black death bunny slippers hitting the Wal-Mart shelves in the Fall. I always liked bunnies.
  11. I went over to IMDb to look up this guy, and the correct spelling is Hutchison, just in case anybody else goes looking for info. Thanks for the article. Although, reading anything about this flick is pretty much depressing to me.
  12. I just saw this flick a few days ago and noticed the music, much of which I liked. It's a Canadian movie, so I'm assuming most, if not all, of the music is from Canadian bands. Does anyone know if this soundtrack is available on CD?
  13. Just noticed the Oxygen network is running this flick all evening on Valentine's Day. I wonder who decided that. Must fit their definition of a chick flick. Maybe not Thomas Jane's most spectacular flick, but it was nice to see some of his comedic flair.
  14. Howsabout Demon Hunter My throat does start to hurt, though, if I listen to them too long.
  15. I'll toss Switchfoot right back at ya. Also good with the volume turned up, but the video is more fun to watch.
  16. Skillet Crank up the volume and give a listen to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgiJkrAL9K4
  17. Yeah, I was watching that on FX last night, too. I only have the theatrical release cut on DVD, so I pay more attention to the scenes on FX that I don't have on my DVD. I guess thay don't mind spreading it out over the three hour time slot with commercials.
  18. Congrats on getting to meet Patricia. Here's a link to a short article I ran across this morning. http://knoxnews.com/news/2008/jan/14/arque...ng-enough-rest/ Maybe she should have her own thread here?
  19. Well, I've watched Sunshine two more times - once with the commentary of Dr. Cox and once with the commentary of Danny Boyle. Each time I picked up more about the story that I missed on first viewing. It was annoying to me how much I missed. The story and set are so information dense, I couldn't seem to pick up on all of it the first time through. I guess I'm getting slower on the uptake in my old age. I think it would have been easier to keep up with it all on the big screen, where some events wouldn't have been so subtle. Anyway, I never got tired of the CGI. It's beautiful. I do
  20. I watched Sunshine last night and I'm still thinking about it. I went back and read through this thread, and have to say that I thought Chris Evans' performance was one of the best things about this movie. When I was watching it, I couldn't remember where I'd seen him before. I saw FF a while back, but not it's sequel. I guess I have a lot of mixed feelings, and I want to watch the film again with the commentary on next time. So, to throw out some random thoughts - My biggest problem with the film was the casting. I thought everyone was at least 10 years too young to be doing w
  21. Never a good time to listen to new music. I don't care what kind it is. I do hope everything came out all right in the end.
  22. I was not familiar with Seether, so I went over to their myspace page and gave them a listen. I like their sound. I was listening to Third Day the other day and was reminded how much I like them and their vocalist, Mac Powell. Love his voice. Anyway, I really like their song Tunnel. So, I've tossed my Third Day CDs back into my player.
  23. This was on FX this morning and I was able to catch most of it. I still like this movie. I think the only thing I REALLY didn't like, the somewhat cheesy special effects aside, was the bird getting eaten.
  24. I thought what happened at the end was a logical conclusion given everything that had happened to the characters during the previous two days. They've seen all kinds of creepy critters and people dying in ghastly ways. Drayton's seen all of these things because he went over to the pharmacy. Drayton promised his son that he would not let the monsters get him. The army guys who knew what happened killed themselves, indicating that they were not expecting rescue. After they get out of the grocery store, all they see are more creepy critters and dead people. There is
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