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  1. It most likely is. =) I was on CompuServe ALL the time back in the day and the ol Chicago-Con was my favorite con...still many many fond memories of that show. So, who are ya exactly? I didn't see much info in your profile yet =) Best, Jason
  2. Hey Tim! lol glad you replied here First off, thanks alot for the compliment! It's greatly appreciated Second...man o man, we need to share stories about our pal Pulido LOL. I had to hold some pages hostage until I got paid for some work. I had some MAJOR problems getting paid from Chaos! and some of those conversations are classics LOL. To say Pulido has an odd perspective on his position in comics and his quality of work is an understatement. I looked up the word 'Ego' on google and low and behold Brian Pulido's picture and history showed up. LOL Anyway, enough about that guy So...ya know any editors lookin for an inker??? LOL I'm really lookin forward to getting back in the industry, but dreading the whole process of getting my foot back in the door as all of the editors I knew back in the day have moved on really. Ah well, it's part of the biz!!! Glad to see you're doing so well Tim! Man, did ya ever think way back in the days of the REAL ChicagoCon at the Ramada O'Hare that you'd be doin what yer doin now?? I really miss those old shows!!!
  3. Thanks alot Glad to have found this forum!
  4. Hiya folks! Glad to find this forum as I've been a big fan of Bradstreet for many years. It's been years since I've seen Tim and I'll bet ya any money he's completely forgotten who the hell I am LOL! Anyway, we used to have some good conversations about inking at conventions and such, but I ended up disappearing from the comics scene about 5 or 6 years ago and have now decided to try to get back in the 'biz'. Quite a lot has changed in comics since the last time I was published as inker for Kelley Jones on the first 4 issues or so of The Crusades. I know the digital age of comics is at it's beginning stages really as far as comics being completely created on the computer and if that day ever truly comes, it will be a sad day for me. There's nothing quite like taking a brush and making a beautiful smooth line or the gritty, rough scraping of the quill nib on the paper as you're inking. Although, I'm sure someone will come up with some sound effects that will play on your speaker as you're pretending to ink with a quill in Photoshop or Illustrator eventually LOL. Anyway, enough rambling....here's some examples of my past published works. Various published inks over pencillers Kelley Jones, Kyle Hotz and Jerry Beck. Some of these scans didn't turn out to great because they were from poopy copies LOL. They were pieces that Kyle Hotz and I did for Madison Square Garden in NYC for their annual Halloween events that they used to hold back in the 90's. Thanks for taking a peek and in case you were wondering, my influences are listed below in no particular order. Influences~ Frazetta Wrightson Kelley Jones Jeff Jones Kyle Hotz Bradstreet Ploog Eisner and of course, Graham Ingles Best, Jason Moore Ink Machine Productions
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