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    I am very interested in current affairs, so when I do go on a rant, I tend to sound like a hybrid of George Carlin and Eddie Izzard...
  1. I am quite sure that if I was told I had any kind of cancer, I would go out my way...as I am sure he went out his.
  2. Had a more than interesting day, so, I am off to spend the weekend with the family, and will return to post some more stories on Monday

  3. I Can't Seem To Wake Up !!!!!

  4. Gordon Rupe

    I JUST...

    I just got: out of the show, dressed, had 2 cups of coffee, and just got done....typing this !
  5. I am a big fan of anything unplugged and/or live....I have the Dance by Fleetwood Mac, Hell freezes over by the Eagles, Alice in chains from Mtv unplugged.....things like that.....As of late I am trying to mellow out (2 year olds can stress you out BAD...) so I am diggin alot of classical.
  6. Hey gang, just a quick note, I had to clip and paste, I'm kinda in a hurry today, but, I'll be back on later....This is one of my favorites, I like writing 'Tales from the crypt' / 'Twilight Zone' kind of stories... I am not good at starting new paragraphs, etc. meaning I am not sure WHEN to start them...ha ha ha...so here is 'Ten Bucks', enjoy. Gordon Ten Bucks One year, I have been sober for one year, and to celebrate, Sheila and I are going to Aspen, a nice winter/ski resort. After we’ve settled in a bit, I plan on proposing to her. I met her on a day that could n
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