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  1. Sorry this took so long -- I forgot who asked to see these, but here are two behind the scenes shots of Doug Hutchinson in full Matchstick make-up. Mark EDIT: Marky - Made these a bit smaller and switched 'em out with your'n. Hope ye don't mind none Thanks Tim!
  2. Glad you guys watched and enjoyed! Good to hear. Mike, I got to eat lunch across from Doug Hutchinson when he was in full make-up. I've got a hilarious photo. Will try to find it. Mark
  3. I'm excited to be a part of this and hope we can do justice to these illustrations. Tim's really woven a huge tapestry of a story here. To really do it right, the story struck me first and foremost as a novel -- it's not just a concept, it's an epic saga -- Something that could use 100,000 words, not just 90 minutes of screen time. Now if I can just manage to not screw it up... Mark
  4. Why can't the US have just a little courage?
  5. This is disappointing that the film isn't stocked -- It's not at my local Best Buy either, but it was at B&N where you can pay 20 dollars more than on Amazon for it. Mark
  6. Gad, I'd love to. I originally wrote Malone to direct as my follow up to Pale Blue Moon, it was my answer to an indie action flick that could be done on a dime, but I imagine I'd have to arm wrestle Russell over it / see what he's up to when the time comes. I think he has first dibs. But who knows? stranger things have happened. TJ would be a great choice too, he, of course, really gets it. We'll have to stand by to hear about the sequel -- if Hannibal doesn't greenlight it, I'm just gonna change the title to MAKE 'EM BLEED, MALONESY, we'll swap TJ's tie out for a bolo and go shoot the bastard. The sequel's a good story. Mark
  7. These are really great. My favorite is The Daughter of Erlik Khan -- those two brush strokes for BG and the twisting horse head do it for me. TJ's howl aint too shabby either ; -).
  8. White Noir Sleeve Is Served. Download your own at: The RIGHT Fucking Art Work Right Click and download. FYI: I spoke to Hannibal yesterday and they said E1 is supposedly shipping them copies, so email 'em and make sure they dole 'em out to you, the desevered. (That isn't a word, is it? Screw it). I love this cover, Tim, thanks a ton for doing it up. I'm going to have to get two DVDs, one for your cover, the other for Shawns -- I'm glad you dug the film! Thanks for all of the support on this guys -- John, ALMOST braving a blizzard to get it the day it came out. That's ALMOST some major props ; ) Mark
  9. OK, posted to the FB page -- once again, awesome work Shawn -- thanks for the alt choice to the bastardized art. Are you on FB, BTW? Mark
  10. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!! That is pretty cool. Where did Farmer get the scoop? Mark
  11. Glad you dig it, Irish --!!! Great to hear. Nothing wrong w/ bootlegging what you've already bought. It's bullshit that you'd have to pay for a rental after you've already dropped bucks for the purchase.
  12. Hey Noeland -- Thanks for braving the snow both ways to grab the flick! Yeah, I was on set while they were shooting the opening sequence, and one of the things TJ kept saying is: I gotta reload. I gotta reload. So I can vouch for the attempt. That's great that copies are flying off the shelf -- hopefully they'll go, go, go. And yes, whoever mentioned the BluRay was a dump-job, having reviewed the BluRay, I concur, it's no diff than the DVD. WTF? What BluRay goes to press WITHOUT at least director commentary these days? But, the picture does look / sound pretty awesome off of BluRay on 1080P w/ Dolby Surround, I tested it out on a buddy's system, so that's great. That shotgun / mateba combo is a good idea. We'll have to put it into MAKE EM BLEED. Mark
  13. I know it's gonna be avail via internet, so I'm guessing iTunes is a go, but not sure. I think it all comes out Jan 26th. This extra 2 weeks is so that BB can carry it exclusively and milk rentals. If you ask me, its kinda like releasing the original Star Wars Trilogy on DVD and following it up a year later with the Special Editions to milk the markets. Just release it all, for Christs sake. Hopefully they'll do something else with the Malone BluRay -- there's practically no bonus features at all. A couple of interviews. Booooooooo.
  14. Yeah, I saw that -- what is up w/ PC only downloads? We living in the 90s here or what?????
  15. Hey John -- Thanks for your thoughts on the film and, yes, I'm glad you dug it. Right Tim -- Definitely keep those reviews coming in. And thanks to all of you guys for the support -- you are this film's core audience and it wouldn't exist without you. Yes, we've got a badass story for MAKE 'EM BLEED. Let's hope sequel fever hits and it goes... Mark
  16. Malone's out at BlockBuster -- Blu Ray -- My local store didn't have 'em up on the wall yet, had to ask, but it's there... Mark
  17. I don't think a print exists. That costs $, I'm sure they never struck one. Best thing to do would be to get the HD Master, but I tried to get one for Long Beach Comic-Con and the dist. company / prod. company wouldn't let me have it, so........ The BLURAY would be your best bet! Tom and Tim screened The Mist at LB COMIC CON off of one -- how did it look? To screen, a theater would have to have a digital projector and a BluRay player -- you could bring yours from home. A lot of the quality depends on how good of a projector they have. Mark
  18. MALONE DVD You can definitely get MALONE at BlockBuster Online -- If you don't want to sign up, you can do a 2 week free trial if you go to the BlockBuster website, which is what I did. You can get the BluRay or DVD. Again, I think this is a screwup on Blockbuster's end -- it doesn't say its avail yet, I was only able to "Save It To My Queue" not "Add it," but the screener shipped out to me, so.......... At any rate, at least the art on the DVD itself doesn't suck...
  19. So five minutes ago I got a text from a buddy saying he just got a copy of MALONE in the mail through Blockbuster OnLine -- I called BB and they said no, it shouldn't come out anywhere until Jan 8th. Point is, there was a screwup somewhere, copies of Malone have been shipped, so if any of you have BB OnLine, put MALONE in your queue, it may come to you now. I'm going to try the BB streaming thing later and see if it works. Mark
  20. Okay, I was wandering around Blockbuster where I picked up WORLDS GREATEST DAD, and while checking out, thought, Wonder if they have Malone coming out on the 26th? After a quick inquiry (where I bowed and introduced myself in grand fashion as the writer) they told me it's coming out January 8th -- both BluRay & DVD. I called around, every blockbuster has the street date as Jan. 8th, so Amazon's on crack, I guess. My local store ordered 45 & 4 BluRays, a healthy amount that they said would take up an entire wall, so at least we're getting a whopper of a BluRay / DVD release. Mark
  21. FYI: If any of you are going to buy Malone on BluRay, it's super cheap if you preorder from Amazon. Only 13 bucks. That's what I'm doing.
  22. Yeah, it's up on the imdb page too. Looks like we're gonna need the japanese bubble version!!!!! (I know I got that wrong, but you know what I mean). Mark
  23. Thanks for watching, guys -- I call Pale Blue Moon an absurdist-tragedy, which is probably part of the reason it's taken so long to get distribution -- NOT A BIG GENRE SLOT AT BLOCKBUSTER. Of course we tried to sell it as a Sci-Fi -- but, due to budgetary restraints (ours was the budget of 2nd meal on 1 day of shooting on Avatar) -- we ended up with very little Sci-Fi footage. I made it right after my best friend was killed in a car wreck -- I was also reading a lot of Vonnegut at the time -- so the film kinda reflects those experiences. At any rate, it's great fun that it's finally coming out in the states. I'll keep you all up to date on what's going on. Still waiting on a street date -- hopefully it'll hit earlier in the Spring than later. Mark
  24. Hey RAW -- Mark Hosack here, writer of that little kick-ass action movie titled GIVE EM HELL, MALONE -- writing to let you all know that my first film, PALE BLUE MOON, which I wrote / directed / edited and produced, finally has domestic distribution (after a long tussle with a company hung the US rights up for nearly 2 years). At any rate, this is a TINY, WEIRD movie -- shot on 35mm for 35K in Dallas Texas with friends and local filmmakers / actors. It took 4 years to make. It should be coming out Spring of 2010 -- If you have time, check out the trailer for it here: And join our Facebook Page. Thanks for watching! Mark
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