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  1. Really cannot wait to see this. My copy is on the way! Supergroovy interview with Steve Romano, thanks for posting that Tim! Trudell
  2. Updated: 10-19-2008 You can read quite clearly in the rules of conduct that we will not allow multiple member ID's for individuals. Recently I've begun pruning our members searching for people who do not think the rules apply to them. If I haven't made it to you yet and you would like to come forward we'll take that into consideration. See below for the updated list of member names and their status. We take this very seriously and we thank you for your attention and cooperation. As always, if you notice people abusing the forum boards in any way please report it to the forum admi
  3. Great news Tim. Congratulations guys. Really cannot wait to see this book. Are you back now or still in flux? God why do I have to be up this early? Trudell
  4. In the meantime, as we wait for another needless remake, go out and rent or buy the original Angel Heart with the very charismatic Mickey Rourke of old. Johnny Handsome is Johnny Favorite is Jonathan Liebling, or as Harry Angel refers to himself (unknowingly) .. Johnny Golden-tonsils. 6 degrees of Johnny. Angel Heart is a modern classic. This makes about as much sense as remaking Bad Lieutenant. Wherever Bradstreet is right now I know he's going to have kittens when he hears this one. He turned me onto this movie years ago. Trudell
  5. Yep, bad call. Finish the film, then release it. I'm sure there are a myriad of rationalizations, some even well founded, that have brought this film to it's current state. But the big picture is the most important. You do the film and it's reception a huge disservice when you release it in such a way. Is it greed? Necessity? I call it unfortunate. Trudell
  6. We try to grant a lot of leeway here. Sometimes you may think you are getting a RAW deal if you have been singled out. The Warzone thread especially has been the source of many bent feelings. We've let an lot pass in the hopes that discussion would win the day but sadly there have been too many personal attacks with no end in sight. The rope we give you is to be respected but if you cannot handle the responsibility of discussing a topic in a humane manner (most especially after repeated warnings) then it's obvious to us that you cannot play well with others. At this point there is noth
  7. Trudell

    I JUST...

    I just finished listening to the score from Navajo Joe, by Ennio Morricone. It's the same score that Tarantino borrowed the ultra cool track "Silhouette Of Doom" from, for Kill Bill Vol 2. Most impressive. Thanks to Tim B for the goodies. It would be un-lady-like to tell you what I was up to prior to that. I am quite hipped, my luxurious bed beckons my presence. Trudell
  8. "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead", Goddammit to Hell I LOVE that movie! Tails, tails, tails, tails, tails, tails, tails, tails, etc . . Trudell
  9. What an awesome idea! Makes me wish I wish I could draw!!! Anxious to see some of the submissions. Trudell
  10. Mmmm, Dark City. Tim, you know I've always felt like we were separated at birth . . in relation to our film tastes anyways. I can't wait to see where this list ends if it ever does. You know what a big fan of foreign films I am and I so want to suggest a bunch for your list! Yet I also understand that the list is a work in progress. I love that you have "Zentropa" on there. Such a strange and fascinating film, but then I am a big fan of von Trier. And you just added "Repo Man"! That makes me happy. "The Blue Iguana" is on the list? You mean I wasn't the only one I know that has seen
  11. Oh yeah! Seconds is one of my all-time favorites. It's such a nice departure for Rock Hudson. He actually gets to act, not just play the Hollywood hunk. Very underrated film, and Rock's performance is superb. Wonderfully creepy film. Kwiat, did you notice the part that Grandpa Walton played? Trudell
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