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  1. Didn't Miller return in the books?
  2. AdminGuyX

    The Orchard

    Is there a non cropped version of the poster somewhere? I was half expecting to see Tim's name on the bottom of that poster.
  3. Well. THAT was an interesting episode.
  4. AdminGuyX

    The Predator

    Thanks Geoff!! Very, very cool. I was looking forward to this when I read Shane Black was involved. Twice as much now. Black is one of those guys who likes to work with people more than once too. I'm betting he finds TJ a good fit for future roles too, which is just fine by me.
  5. Loving season 2 so far! Last nights episode was pretty damn exciting and tense. I love how much focus Miller is getting in season 2.
  6. AdminGuyX

    I JUST...

    . . . realized this thread is 9 years old. WHAT? WHAT?
  7. AdminGuyX


    Hmmm. It was short and sweet. But it appears Tom is playing a "host" in Westworld. More than just a cameo?
  8. Oh, a few of us still hanging around.
  9. AdminGuyX


    Lookin' good! Glad the show went well. Was the booth full of The Expanse fans? Was any new RAW material shown or published for the show??
  10. One of my favorite bands has a new album out, and I freaking love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQwBX0mfihI
  11. Holy shit, that is great story! You look like you're about to burst in that photo. I'm really glad he was so open and friendly with you, and that he wore that necklace. I have been a fan of his for a very long time. Now, even bigger fan. I'll be picking up his album for sure. Thank you for sharing that. Very, very cool!
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty much smack in the middle. I did not love it, I did not hate it. I enjoyed it for the 65/70mm panavision scope. The movie looked gorgeous. It was, despite the white landscape, a fairly colorful and lush looking film. The reasons I did not love it. I got really tired of the concept really fast. I enjoyed the ride in to the haberdashery, and even the character intros, but once Tarantino started to narrate . . . it just sucked me right out of the movie. The story just didn't have a compelling enough "twist" to make the final act of the film any more interesting than the first act. You knew something was up at the haberdashery immediately, so it just becomes about waiting to see how the violence will be inflicted instead of being about how the story will be told. The reasons I did not hate it. Kurt Russell. Walton Goggins. Tim Roth. Sam Jackson. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Behind the Camera it was Robert Richardson's work on this film was nothing short of inspirational for me. Every shot in the film just made me want to pick up a camera again. And Ennio Morricone is always amazing. I bought the score as soon as I was done watching the film. I read a few reviews that bashed the film for being a movie about unlikable characters. It is called The Hateful 8 though, so it's not like that was a big secret. That kind of thing never bothers me unless the story is clunky and this story felt really clunky to me. But I still enjoyed the character work. But here is the thing about a film full of "bad guys". Asking the audience to care about who one particular bad guy is, or what they are after, what they are doing, amongst a film full of bad guys, isn't all that compelling. I didn't care who was after Daisy. I didn't care who poisoned the coffee. They were all worthy of death. It's a tough angle to get right in a film. The violence felt like a continuation of Django Unchained. It was "splashy" bloodwork. Tarantino likes his spurting splashy blood. Doesn't bother me, or put me off. I just felt it didn't really fit this particular film. In Django there was like 12 people getting killed at once in a massive shootout, and the bloodwork became part of the balet, so to speak. It worked. So yeah, I liked it.
  13. Hello Sundance. You have to go to your profile, looks for the edit profile button, hit it, then you will see a "change my photo" button. That will allow you to upload a photo in a new window. It is recommended you use a 200px image, so that your profile picture is not crazy big. Welcome to the boards. I'm a prop collector myself.
  14. Yes indeed. Lucero is favorite of mine. And the singer Ben Nichols put out a great solo CD too, written after reading Blood Meridian from Cormac McCarthy.
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