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  1. If you're looking comics in the UK get to the Forbidden Planet store in Brum (there must be one in Birmingham, there's one in Cardiff) The one in Cardiff is pretty well stocked with all kinds of cool comics, TPBs and various comic toys and paraphernalia. Failing that get on ebay, loads of sellers selling brand new and back issues of books. Baz
  2. Check this out! Got an incredible artist turning my hum drum script into something amazing! Check it out. Kongs Ronin work Kongs Ronin Cover I wonder if Tim and Tom (that sounds like some childrens TV program... "The Adventures of Tim and Tom") want to pick the book up and publish it :-) Maybe Tim would draw a nice pinup for issue 1 And of course maybe he has a million and 1 better things to do with his time
  3. Go get marrid already.....LOL

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