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  1. wow thats great!! this will be interesting!
  2. Question for Tom! Hi Tom, I only just discovered that the Thin Red Line was filmed here in Australia! just wondering if in the future you would like to come back to oz and film a movie here!?
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    season 1 just finished here in Australia last night. Loved it! I dont know how long until season 2 is on but im going into hibernation until then! and all i can say is... Damn those women are lucky! And can I also embarrassingly say that a friend of mine said in a convo about Hung quoted that we 'would both love to become actress' so Ray Decker gets a chance to bang us like a screen door in a hurricane' so after that i'll sit red faced and wait for replies
  4. Saw the Mist for the first time a last week. wow, love it but more wow was the ending! I cant remember the last movie before this that I saw where I sat with my mouth open! I love films that leave you with thinking 'what the!?' at the end!
  5. Just watched this for the 3rd time yesterday in a week since I brought it. Love it! I may be female but I love my action packed crime fighting films! Great Work Tom!!
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