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indieflick_chick90Thomas Jane

I just wanted you to know that I love you so much. You are one of my favorite actors, and I am really excited about seeing Dark Country.
Aug 30 2009 08:02 AM
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    Jerry's Slave
    I just have to ask you a very important question. Okay...I just read a post on your message board about meeting the actor William Ragsdale, or as I prefer to call him, William GAGSdale, and you talked about having a crush on him. Uhhh...WHYYYYY?!?! Have you not seen the movie Fright Night which is his only known movie to date?! With CHRIS FREAKING SARANDON!!!!! THE HOTTEST MAN ON EARTH!!!!! And believe me no other girl or woman has eve...
    Apr 07 2017 01:37 PM
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    Jerry's Slave
    Also, why does GAGSdale even bother showing up at these conventions since hes not at all popular and just about everyone HATES him and Charlie Brewster. And everyone wants SARANDON!!!!
    Apr 07 2017 01:38 PM