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* Ryan Phillippe as Jonathan Preest, a masked vigilante detective from Meanwhile City

* Eva Green as Emilia/Sally

* Sam Riley as Milo, a young man who had been left at the altar at his wedding

* Bernard Hill as Peter Esser, a Cambridge church warden who looks for his homeless son

* James Faulkner as Pastor Bone

* Art Malik as Tarrant, the head of Meanwhile City's Ministry

* Susannah York as Margaret

* Richard Coyle as Dan

* Kika Markham as Naomi



Franklyn follows four intertwining stories, three of which take place in contemporary London and the fourth takes place in Meanwhile City, a parallel fantasy environment. In Meanwhile City, atheist vigilante Jonathan Preest (Phillippe) fights against the various religious presences. Ultimately, his path crosses with three others (Eva Green, Sam Riley, Bernard Hill) from London.




released the 20th of february in the UK no date for the united states yet.


it looks intresting and has a lot of potential check out the trailer below


franklyn trailer





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Got a lot of really good reviews when it came out, general consensus is that it's comparable to Dark City and should generate a decent cult following. Would love to have seen it but sadly it was only released in a hand-full of theatres and none within 100 miles of me.

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