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Wishes for a Brighter Day

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They say divorce can be more painful than the death of a loved one; living with the knowledge that they’re out there somewhere; not gone, but not with you.


I have become fond of the “Jane Arquette” duo; there is a look and a mutual admiration there that inspires those around them. As fans we always like to think that we know the stars we’ve come to love so much, and during a time like this we can feel their pain and grieve with them. Sometimes when we’re lucky we get a little glimpse of the men and women they truly are through their work.


I’ve seen the passionate and gentle sides to both of them, it might have been through their work, but the fact remains, you have to have it; to give it. When I think back of photo’s I’ve seen of them together, from the way they look at each other; no-one can deny that they’re in love. The flame is there but sometimes we let it die, we get so busy with other things that we forget to take care of the only things that really matter; each other.


I have recently come to realize that nothing is more important than being whole; and we accomplish that by being with someone that we love and we allow to love us back. They say that souls are split in heaven and sent to earth to find each other where they re-unite as soul mates; a divorce won’t change that.


Please reach out to your friends and family who want to be there for the both of you, who want to support you; please don’t allow yourself to go off the deep end. Don’t be alone in your despair and remember that no amount of alcohol or any other substance can numb what you’re feeling right now.


Allow yourself the grace to mourn the love lost, and allow yourself time to heal. The sun will shine on the both of you once again, together or apart, and whether you believe it or not, the time will come when you can celebrate life again and look back on this relationship as a valuable part of your life experience one that you would cherish forever, and trade for nothing.


Children is a by-product of a loving relationship, you will always have Harlow as a reminder of the love you once shared, never doubt that what you have is true and work at it if you can, regardless of what you believe, the two of you deserve to be happy; whichever way you choose to do that.


Remember that life works in seasons. One season has come to an end and you’re both on the brink of entering a new one; with each new season comes HOPE which is never failing, and never ending it holds the key to a brighter tomorrow. My hope and prayers for the two of you is that you will find happiness again; and come out stronger on the other side. We’ll all still be here; to witness your stars shine brighter than before. We are not defined by what we do, but how well we rise after we fall.


Don’t dwell on the past, for it is a season gone by, we can’t change or re-write history; but we can forgive each other and in time the healing can begin. Nothing is impossible when we can learn to forgive and love again.


My sincerest apologies if my wishes offend which is not my intention. I realize that this is a private matter and there is nothing worse than people making a private matter a public affair; irrespective; as a silent witness and a bystander from afar, I only want good things for you; and they will come with time.....remember who you are, be proud of who you've become and cherish special memories that will help you and your daughter through this time xxx


I would like to dedicate the songs at the following links to you two & Harlow : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Ctd1P6hD3ps & http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk5K-eTTkfM

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Beautiful post Amelia; thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful thoughts. I wish I had some comforting words to share, but all I can say is that I'm sorry that two such wonderful people are going through such a difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children. God bless you all.

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