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Bad Planet #5 Exclusive preview!

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I thought I would say hello. Got to say thanks to Tim for the kind words it's really appreciated. I can't believe I produced these pages a year ago. It was such a fun project to do and pretty scary considering the artistic talent already involved. Tim and Jim take a bow. Awesome work guys. I'm honored to have been involved in this super cool book with a script like no other. Talking of scripts there's another guy who was my main point of contact, Mr Tom Jane. A more down to earth guy I couldn't wish to meet, or for that matter, sink more than a few drinks with in London. An evening I won't forget in a while.:)


I hope you enjoy my offering to the convicts tale. I had a blast. It's not every day you get to draw alien worlds and spiders that are pure death on 12 legs.


Here's another taster for you guys. A pin-up that I used to warm myself up for the main event.




WOW!!! That is wicked awesome!!! Love that and I am dyin' to see the new BP!! Lookin' forward to this, guys.



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Guest AdminGuyX

Damn, that pinup makes me want to pick up a paintbrush again!! Truly inspirational work.


The color palette, the texture in the armor, on the skins, and the moment in time "snapshot" flow of the image is very well done.


Man, thanks for sharing that with us!









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