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What is everyone reading? I like the Exterminators, just read my friend's book

Edgar Allen Poo, very tired of Marvel Zombie's! Like Ex Machina and

been reading Preacher for the first time! I tend to look at a variety

of stuff from the bigger companies to the indie.

Was curious what everyone else was reading. Always a good way to find new

stuff to read!

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Wow! Those are all great titles man.


Currently I'm catching up on the 30 days of night stuff. I never read it before because most vampire yarns just turn me off anymore. My local comic shop owner talked me into the first trade of 30 days of night and I really liked it. So I'm catching up there.


Loved the PREACHER books. Some other good trades to pick up...

HELLBLAZER, any of em'.

DOOM PATROL (Grant Morrison years, after that it just gets to squirrly!)

TRANSMETROPOLITAN, (great stories, mediocre art but it holds up.)


DESOLATION JONES (can't even begin to tell you how good this book is.)


Titles I currently follow,


FABLES (Geppetto as the evil bad guy! Snow White and The Big Bad Wolf gettin' it on! cool.)


Iron Fist

Walking Dead (but I'm kinda losing interest.)



WORMWOOD (The Templesmith wormwood. I love Ben Templesmiths' art.)

GAME KEEPER (from VIRGIN comics, should be coming out in trade soon.) This one just Rocks man.

CITY of OTHERS (Vampires again, I would never have picked it up except it's from Bernie Wrightson, last 2 issues have been awsome.)

THE BOYS (be warned this ain't yer childhood superhero tale. It's just frickin wierd sometimes. If it was a movie it'd be on the BOTHERED THE HELL OUT OF ME list)

Ghost Rider TRAIL OF TEARS. (It's a western man!)


CRIMINAL (1st story arc is in trade, great if you like crime stories.)



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Samurai: Heaven and Earth: Vols 1-2 (Vol 3 is coming)

Lone Wolf and Cub (I have Vols 1 to 17 so far. There are 28 Vols in all).

Samurai Executioner (I have Vols 1 to 5 so far. There are 10 Vols in all).

Vampire Hunter D (I have 1 to 4 so far. There are 17 books in all).

Fung Wan: (Storm Riders) TPB Graphic Novels (ongoing).

Vagabond: Graphic Novels (ongoing).

Star Trek (if they have stories of the Vulcans, the Borg, the Romulans then I'll get it).

Star Wars KOTOR (sometimes).

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30 Days Of Night - The whole series is good as far as I'm concerned.


Criminal Macabre - I've been reading about Cal McDonald for awhile and love this stuff. Just got through reading Two Red Eyes and the first issue of My Demon Baby. Good stuff.


City Of Others - It's a pretty interesting book. When I first started reading it I didn't know what the hell it was about but now I've gotten pretty into it.


Hellblazer and Preacher are pretty good.


The Punisher - I was a big fan of Garth Ennis and his writings. The MAX series is really good and develops the character of Frank Castle in such a way that it's scary yet really fuckin' cool.


The Crow - The comic that the movie with Brandon Lee is based on is really dark and has very good artwork and storyline. Worth a read.


Bad Planet and Alien Pig Farm 3000 - Anything Raw puts out is pretty much gold as far as I'm concerned. 'Nuff Said.



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Punisher MAX (When Ennis leaves that will be it for me with the Punisher).

The Crow (Black and white TBP)

The Crow: Dead Time (The second best Crow story).

The Crow: Wild Justice.

G.I. Joe (Whenever there's a Snake-Eyes&Scarlett love story going on or just a Snake-Eyes or Storm Shadow story).

Streets Of Glory (A Western. Got the first issue... it's alright... but we'll see how it goes).

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