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Hey Thomas,


Hope this message finds you and your family well. I would just like to voice my intense disappointment with the fact that you weren't starring in the new Punisher. I'm sure you are sick of hearing that by now but you were so brilliant in the first one and portrayed the character with such passion and conviction I'm not getting any of that from the other guy, which is such a let down.


We loved Stander as well, a story that was quite close to home :lol: and you portrayed it beautifully, even down to the accent it was a masterpiece!!!


Working on anything new at the moment?


Have a lovely Christmas and Spectacular 2009

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close to home? where you from doll?



Born and raised in South Africa in a small town called Malelane close to Mozambique & Swaziland. Have been living in London the last six years; really miss the motherland and will hopefully go back soon!

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As I said in the other thread I really liked both actors versions of the Punisher. But they also both had things that worked and didnt work. Jane could do the emotions a lot better then Stevenson. But on the flip side I found Stevenson more fitting to the look of the Punisher and more believable in terms of him destroying all of those people. But my hats go off to both of you guys for playing the Punisher!!

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