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The Tim Bradstreet PODCAST!

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We got us a radio show!

Yeah, it's fun.

So listen folks, I've been wanting to do something like this for a few years. Now, with heavy prompting from my pal Tom Racine (Comics Coast To Coast) I've finally jumped off the plank.

Tom and I both have backgrounds in Radio so this isn't exactly going to be amateur hour. It's going to be a blast. The new, coolest Podcast on the web.


Join us as we talk about comics, our favorite artists, the technique and process of illustrating, film, movies (yes, there IS a difference), music, all kinds of shit.

If you're tired of listening to other fans tell you what you already know. If you're sick of the limited choices and the stale hosts and delivery, then we are the answer to your long suffering ;) We'll even have some guests from time to time. Hey listen, my finger is not exactly on the pulse of what goes on in this industry from day to day. But if you want something different, and maybe even want to LEARN something about comics from the time that my finger WAS on the pulse, then this is the place to be. I'll be sharing lots of stories and I love to just blather on without thinking about what I'm saying so it's very possible you could discover some dirt on people you thought you loved, or get the inside scoop on our RAW projects (I just love to blurt stuff out that is still "Un-Offical"). Tom Racine is the co-host and he has a ton of experience and knowledge in the world of Cartoonists. So between us we cover a lot of ground.


Anyway, our very first episode is now up and available for download. It's free, it's cool, and we'd love to know what you think.

More episodes coming BI-WEEKLY!


Get it here ----------> http://www.rawstudios.com/podcast.html


- TB

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Guest AdminGuyX

Recovering from a fucking root canal today (have to go back on friday to get it "finished") and this is a a good way to help me forget the pain.


Man-Thing, I remember that book!


Ya know, I was always a half and half I guess. Loved DC and Marvel both. Always just as into the indy comics, Eclipse, Dark Horse, loved em all.

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Listening to the pod cast as I type...dude you are talking about Powerman and Ironfist, that was such a great comic! ooops, don't mean to throw out spoilers for anybody.


Luke Cage Powerman...Yeah it would be a great flick!...well fun anyway!


I was never a DC or Marvel guy. If it was printed as a comic I read it without even looking at which company it came from.

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Guest AdminGuyX

I did enjoy the show. Racine sounds like one of those old school cheesy DJ's man. He's got that kind of voice you make fun of when you call someone up and pretend they won a radio contest. hahahaha. I mean that in a good way!


I like the point of view he brings to the podcast, and I'm happy you guys are doing this. Couple suggestion for names:


RacineStreet Chronicles


Casting Shadows (PodCasting Shadows?)


Rubbing it Raw


That's all I got for now. :) I'm sure you guys will come up with something cool.


Thanks again for doing this, and I hope we get treated to a full on Raw Studios edition soon with you, Tom Jane, and Steve Niles talking shop!





MMMM . . . Opiates


Yeah, I wish. Had a seriously bad reaction to the meds last night, had to dial 911 and everything. It sucked!! But I didn't die, so that's good. :)

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"Our first five callers will receive ginsu knives!" Cheesy radio voice, eh? Hmmmm....I'll have to work on that. ;)


And I'm not sure I like that the podcast is an alternative to pain killers, but hey, as long as people are listening. :) I love the name suggestions, though, and the response. We should be sure that all your questions and comments get on the show somehow. Tim and I would love to expand it out to include a live broadcast and either chat rooms or call ins...as our might media empire expands, we shall send Rupert Murdoch running for the hills in abject fear! MU-hahahahahahaha!!!

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I liked that you like M. Knight Shyamalan's films. I know "Signs" was ragged on by the critics but, for a month after I watched that flick, I only felt safe when I was taking a shower.


I heard a lot of crap about "The Fountain" too. So now I know what my mind set should be when I watch it eventually. It's on my netflix list.


And I hadn't even heard of "Sunshine." So that is on my save list over there now, too.


Looking forward to the next podcast.

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As someone else mentioned....I don't want to bust out a spoiler....BUT!...


You guys were right on as it relates to movies, and I wish you could have touched on them more. A shame that The Fountain got dissed the way it did....and even worse for Sunshine. I was going on, much like Tim, excitedly waiting for it to come out. But after such a long time I forgot about it completely....then when I saw a posting about it by Tim in another forum I remembered again...and was both ANGRY :angry: and HEARTBROKEN :( that I had missed it. If it doesn't have "BOX OFFICE BILLIONS" stamped all over it in ticket sales, merchandising rights, etc etc" it gets thrown to the wayside of sucka foos that would rather watch Tobey "Pleasantville" McGuire, Loel from Wings, and Tofu Grace make a mockery of a great comic...and many story arcs...ALL AT ONCE.


That was the best hour and half listening experience I've had in a long time. Nice to hear some intelligent conversation on so many subjects. Too bad it's only bi-weekly.


Noeland.....pass the pills, man!

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Stay tuned kids -

The MO for the show will not change, and we will be talking more and more movies.

It gladens my heart to know that there are discerning filmgoers among our bretheren.

I'm going to continue to go ballistic about the shovelful of craptaciousness the studios are trying to slam down our throats.

The influx of crud aimed at the "lowest common denominator", ie, your average "I just want to be entertained" filmgoer, is driving me insane!

More importantly, I'll be mentioning more films that are WORTH a look that you may or may not have been hip to.


As I said, there is a place for popcorn movies, but let's torque down on the percentage and concentrate on making stuff that is both entertaining AND GOOD!

What is there, about a million muther F'ers out there making a movie right now? Time to trim the fat.

I thought it was supposed to be DIFFICULT to make a film? An almost insurmountable mountain to climb?


Anyway, a little podcast update here.

Tom R and myself had scheduled recording two shows tomorrow.

Now it's not going to happen. He's gotta get up at 5:00 AM Saturday and travel to a wedding in Vegas.

Logistics are too much for him and I completely understand.

So we'll try to get that done early next week.


We're recording two shows cause Jane and me are gonna go to New Mexico for 8 weeks to make DARK COUNTRY.

Well, I'll only be gone for 4 weeks. Still, we want to make sure the troops are entertained while I'm away.

I'll update soon with additional news on this front.


- TB

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Couldn't agree with you more about Topher Grace. I think he did the best he could with crappy material...hell, he would've been a great Spider-Man, honestly. I think he's very talented as an actor, and I don't drop any of the Spider-Man III debacle on top of him in the least. (Let's start with the script, shall we?)

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1000 apologies to fans of our Podcast.

Tom has recently had a litany of family issues.

He's really been through the ringer.

When the smoke clears we will get back to flapping our gums Depth Of Field style.


Hopefully in the next two weeks.


- TB

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Guest AdminGuyX

Oh shit, I'm so sorry to hear that about Tom.


Hey Tom, I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts buddy, and you know you always got some RAW shoulders if you need them!!







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