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I was telling my friend how great Fitzgerald is, and except for that one run the Steelers did an awesome job of containing him. I LOVE that guy!


(and I'm sorry, Tim, but the officiating sucked ass.) Ben's leg was at least a foot obove the ground by the shadow.


No, no, I missed that review, and you're right, that WAS a touchdown, so we agree on that for sure. Bad call.

I was literally stunned when I looked up and noticed we only had 3 on the board. He clearly wasn't down before the ball went over the plane cause he was laying on their player.


But as a whole I thought the officiating was pretty fair beyond that muffed bullshit.

Well, I should say after the first quarter and a half, cause I was engaged with an important phone call and I wasn't paying a great deal of attention to the action until mid 2nd.


I loved after the game when during the trophy ceremony, Big Ben say's "Hey 'O' Line! How do they like ya now?! Referring to the much maligned offensive line that took the Steelers to a Super Bowl win ;) That must've been sweet justice for those 5 guys. Ben's a great teammate, and since the departure of Bettis, he's been a great team leader. Kudos for praising your boys during your moment in the world spotlight Ben!


- TB




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This was a good game. I'm so fuckin glad the Steelers won. That's team ladies and gentlemen. When things got crazy, they never stopped playing. 4 quarters. 60 minutes.


Can you imagine if they only settled for a fieldgoal and the game headed into overtime? Wowwwie. I couldn't have asked for a better SuperBowl this year though.



Also, is it me, or were most of the commercials shitty this year aside from Transformers 2 and a select few?

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