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Nick Derington is Awesome!

Tim Bradstreet

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I noticed Nick just joined the boards and I just wanted to say it out loud ;)


Welcome Nick!


For those of you who remain out of the Derington loop - Go check this impressive slideshow from his MySpace page -----> http://www.myspace.com/nickdaring

Nick's official site -> Nick Derington.com


Hope you stick around man. Show us some of your latest magic mon frere.

Apologies if I've embarrassed you with the thread title. I will edit it at your command ;)


xo - TB

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Guest AdminGuyX

I'm a card holding fan club member myself.


I know Nick from the RPF prop board, and Blade Runner fandom (this guy has STUDIED Blade Runner on a level most folks don't touch with a PH.d) and Nick, I hold you in very high regard.


I was very happy to see your name pop up as a member!



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Welcome to the RAW family!

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Can't a a guy just sneak around quietly in the shadows of the internet any more these days?




Thanks for the warm welcome.


Holy shit Noeland, never thought I'd see you in a place like this. I'm not sure I want to part of a group that has you (or myself) as a member. :)


Here's some newer stuff I've been churning out for various secret (and not so secret) projects and projects never to be.
















I tend to update my Flickr Page mroe than my website-



I'll post some more cool stuff shortly.








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Moved the thread from Comics and Film to this section. Just made more sense.


Nick, an honor to house your massively intoxicated carcass Saturday night of the Dallas Comics show this past weekend.

Thanks for being a gent about my freight train snore capabilities, always made worse by drinking large quantities of Vodka prior to the oblivion of sleep.

Sunday morning was deadly. Thankfully I rallied by afternoon. Must remember to drink more water in between shots, and to bring some painkillers with me.


Hope your slumber wasn't too ravaged by the thunder.


And yeah, that shower kicked ass. Naturally I'm referring to our individual showers since neither of us are into male on male water sports.


DIG, muthfucka.


xo - TB

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"Can't a guy just sneak around quietly in the shadows of the internet any more these days?"



If you wanna sneak Nick then use a different name...


I had the same problems when the internet started up so I've started going under the name "Clubber-Lang" (from the Rocky films... WOW what a movie)


Anyway keep it on the low down but my real name is natS eeL (I wrote it backwards so the damn internet search engines won't find it)


I just looked at your home page and loved it, especially the Freeze Batman pic... WOW!


Anyway, glad to meet some of the new blood.


Keep up the good work kiddo and I’ll maybe throw some work your way... real hush hush stuff.




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