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John Severin


Most people don't even remember the early EC artist and actually, I never saw much EC work when I was a kid, I had to hunt down stuff as an adult.


Where I 1st saw Severin and artist like Wally Wood and Jack Davis in the pages of CREEPY AND EERIE magazines after the implementation of the Comic Book Code put EC out of business. Can you imagine in the 50s a comic book having a full color cover of a hand carrying a decapitated womens head? And in the other hand was held the bloody hatchet! These were the kinds of things that would show up on the covers of EC books.

Anyway most who do remember them as artists remember them for the work done in Cracked and MAD magazines, but they had big impacts on me


John Severin because of his western and war titles,





not to mention he and his sister Marie did a short lived team up on King Kull back in the day.kull09.jpg

I became a HUGE fan of westerns from following Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt... A lot of the covers for those books were done with John Severin teaming up with another pretty well known comic artist, JACK Kirby.


Also I fell in love with War comics and war movies due mostly to Johns work because I just had to run down to the drug store and pick up the latest issue of Sgt. Fury and his howling Commandos!


I know the Howling Commandos had to change but to me he'll always be Sgt. Fury, the agent of shield Fury is like somebody else...selective memory I guess!

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