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The Ten Most Misunderstood Heroes in Movie History

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Over the past few years, there’s been a resurgence in superhero films. However, not all of the heroes are squeaky clean. Some are, quite simply, misunderstood. What makes them heroes is that they continue to be heroes, even if the people they are saving or protecting don’t quite appreciate them. Not everyone can be Superman or Spider-Man.


In fact, some of these misunderstood heroes have been the most interesting ones in the record books. Audiences love to root for the underdog, especially those that have flaws and aren’t fully appreciated. So Film School Rejects has assembled the list of the ten most misunderstood heroes in cinema history…Originally appearing as a Spider-Man character who didn’t mind killing people when he needed to, Frank Castle is the ultimate vigilante. He might be breaking laws, but he’s cleaning the streets of all the vermin. (FSJ Editor’s Note: This entry is only for the Thomas Jane Punisher. The Ray Stevenson and Dolph Lundgren versions need not apply.)


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Great list...and obviously loved them giving credit to Thomas


Although, i would say Spider-Man may qualify for a spot on the list himself, since public opinion kinda could go either way at any given point.

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Wow...another slam for Ray without even seeing the film. How original. Almost as original as all the fuckwits at imdb who bash Jane all the time seemingly unaware that if War Zone is even partially good it will all be thanks to TOM JANE.


I hate all the fucking critics.

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