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I don't know if you should have used such a high profile and well published shot of Josh Duhmel. That photo was everywhere before Transformers came out.


Eh... what're they gonna do, sue me?


Like I said, just something I do for fun.

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Eh . . . no.


I just meant that it's hard not to see Josh Duhmel when you look at the piece, that's all. I don't see Frank Castle, I see the guy from Vegas.


That's all I meant.





Well, I don't watch Vegas, at all... and I didn't even know about Duhamel till Transformers.



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To think, I can post a piece of art I did and have Tim see it... that's so awesome. I did this in a 'Bradstreet style.' I find it fun to do actually. I'm preparing for a Texas Horror film conventon by drawing portraits of the actors I want to meet in that Bradstreet style as well.... they're of the original cast of Night of the Living Dead.


Right now I'm a college student... about to graduate in a Graphic Design program. My dream is to do something with comics.


I hope Tim likes this one though!



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Cool. I'm glad that people are digging the latest post.


You can purchase stuff from my site.

Ewing, I could stare at your work all day and never get bored or see the same thing twice. LOVE your work.




Are these posters that can be purchased or aquired somewhere?


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We need to do a photobucket tutorial or something and drop it on the forum for all to see.

Anyone know where to find a good, simple one?


Basically Gormenghast, you need to have an online pic loading/storing page. There are a lot of free options.

I use Photobucket. Simple, you upload photos or art from your computer in Jpeg format (as well as others - read the rules of any such pic uploading interface to find out more). Once the pic has been uploaded it will give you options for how and where you would like to display the pic.

Email & IM

Direct Link


And IMG code


When I have a pic I want to add in a forum entry I copy the code or URL (I use Direct Link URL) from my photobucket pic, then go back to my post page and click the little "insert image" button (holding your cursor over the options buttons at the top of your post will reveal the correct button to click), and then paste the direct link into the space provided. Just make sure you highlight the existing "http://" and paste over it, otherwise you'll have a bad URL.

Just make sure the prefix (http://www. e t c . . .) reads right and you should be OK.


If this sounds difficult to follow just get a free account with Photobucket or some other pic loading/storage service and then follow these instructions once you've got a pic uploaded.

It's really very simple. You'll get the hang.


- http://photobucket.com/


- TB

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I like that. You're good!

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On Photobucket, you get several options; direct link, HTML and IMG. Choose IMG.

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There you go!

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WOW! You know, the first thought I had was "The next Smashing Pumpkins album cover."


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