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Edit: With respect to Tiara's reporting of this film in the Future Movie Releases Thread. Credit shall be given where credit is due. Thanks Tiara!


Its good to see Clint return to the spotlight, where he will ALWAYS be a badass...




The 78 year old actor/director returns in this grim tale of hate amongst neighbors, where he plays Kowalski (the irony) - a Korean War Vet who lives to guard his coveted 1972 Ford Gran Torino.


The project is lookin alot like a farewell from Clint to acting, and this next interview is clearly evidence of that...


"It'll probably be my last..."


I really hope that isn't the case.


Clint's the guy that raised me through his films, the last thing I wanna do is see him retire from acting.


The Trailer for Gran Torino will be attached to The Changeling next Friday, so I will be there front and center.





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Yep, I don't think there was any need of Photoshop magic in the poster image where Clint is concerned.

I think Irish mentioned the subject in the Future Movie Releases thread.

Nope, Clint looks great just as he is.


I'd kill to get him in front of my camera for 20 minutes.

Seriously, I'd kill at least a small shrub, though a formidable shrub to be sure.

In the immortal words of Lucky Jack Aubrey, "Something prickly and hard to eradicate."




- TB

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There's some Oscar talk surrounding Clint's role in the film.


Personally, I think its the time he has in front of the camera that makes his performances so undeniably good these days.


I think he's reached a point where he can't fail.


He shoulda gotten Best Actor for Million Dollar Baby, but they screwed him as usual.


This year his chances are mixed, but I think the Nomination alone would do him justice.



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Trailers up:




Fair warning, it's one of those trailers that give away little bits of the whole film. It's like a condensed version of the movie, so it gives a whole lot away.


"Get off my lawn"



If you've not seen the movie, how do you know that it gives a lot away?

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TL sent a trailer link over too but as fate would have it I was busy working and didn't get it up before the wave came in.


I love the trailer.


Sub plot concerning age reminds me somewhat of a cool Richard Matheson short story.

The set-up is so perfect for Eastwood, the old war hero with nothing but time on his hands and nothing but boredom and depression ahead of him.

He stumbles into facing a long time prejudice, proving that hatred is often misplaced, especially after you make the effort to KNOW somebody.

Then he finds an outlet for a man of his particular skills. Oh yeah!


I'd hate to be on the receiving end of one of Clint's stone hammers.


I love the line, "Ever notice how you come across somebody once in while you shouldn't have messed with? That's me."


Fucking Clint still rocks, maybe more than ever.

This is a western, make no mistake, it's just an wearing a disguise ;)



- TB

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Guest AdminGuyX
If you've not seen the movie, how do you know that it gives a lot away?


Come on now. Did you watch it?


The trailer outlines the entire plot of the movie, including giving away that Clint goes and beats the crap out of the bully who he pointed his rifle at on the lawn.


Then he threatens the kid with further violence, and we see him loading his 45.


They even spoiled the scene with his son.


They spoiled the scene were the Korean kid is getting bullied, we know how that ends.


We know that the kid he protected becomes important to him, and he helps him out.


We know he is disregarding his own safety to help this young man out of the dangerous situation he is in. Probably to his own peril. It's certainly suggested.

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I didnt watch it yet...I got kind of reluctant about it after what you said about the spoilers...In that case I hope they come out with another one that's more of a teaser so I dont have to worry about too much getting spoiled for me...Im not gonna lie though, its really tempting to click on that link.

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Clint still has it! This just goes to show that even older actors can still kick ass not not look ridiculous. I'd like to think that deep down this is Clint giving the middle finger to "young Hollywood". Stuidos take note, these are the type of actors we like to see.

Luckily I found a theater that no one seems to go to, so I might just get to see this one without getting disturbed.

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Here's a shot of Clint and Bee Vang - who plays Eastwood's teenage dilemma...




*I like the fact that Clint shot this in Michigan rather than LA.


Its a good change of scenery for the Eastwood Legend.





Yeah I found out on the last day of photography that they were shooting 15 minutes from my fucking house!




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I can't let this topic slip to the cursed "second page".


I've been hip-deep in Give 'Em Hell Malone visuals this past few days so the forum stops have been a luxury I can't afford.


Ran into a guy named Clint today. I was grabbing chlorine for my pool and as I was leaving I said to him, 'You know Clint, CLINT has a new movie coming out soon.'

Clint said yeah, he was looking forward to seeing Changeling. I said, no Clint, CLINT is back in FRONT of the camera in a little actioner called GRAN TORINO.

He said, "I already like it. I love the title." The he told me he was named after CLINT and that he was an artist who used to work in graphic design and graphic novels ;)

I was like, hey, that's fucking interesting . . . I'm a comic artist. We got to yapping and I gave him the forum info and asked him to check out this thread so he could see the poster and check the link for the trailer. . . . Which only proves the theory that anyone named "Clint" must be pretty cool.


Too busy to research, is there a release date on this film yet?

. . . Back to work.


- TB

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