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Dr. Strange


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So Kevin Feige says that a Dr. Strange movie is a priority. I'm down with that. Check it out.






What are your casting thoughts guys?



I want Viggo Mortensen for Stephen Strange!







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god...i hate to type this....but, i think Leonardo Decaprio would be perfect...I/m not a big fan of his, but when he is in the right role he is damned good.

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Benicio Del Toro is chasing the role.


Let's see what happens.




You know Antonio Banadaras has the perfect smoldering stare of Dr. Strange, and he'd look great with the touch of gray and the facial hair...but the minute he opened his mouth, and in that spanish accent says " Are you a magici-can or a magici-can't?" I'd go screaming from the theatre...

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Guest AdminGuyX

Been reading that Christian Bale is up for it now.


Jeez. Lets have him play everybody.


Vincent Price can't play the role, so . . . I don't really care who does! HMPH!




Modern actors, I think an interesting choice would be Doug Jones. The guy is odd looking, but he's a good actor.


I also think a solid choice would be Garret Dillahunt.


Dillahunt creeped me out in deadwood. He was really twisted in it. He also made me believe he was a doctor in John from Cincinnati. And he was low key and very good in No Country for Old Men as well.



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I don't wanna see Batman be Doctor Strange.... Same goes for Silver Surfer. I don't think it would make sense for someone to play 2 Marvel characters.



Yeah Ben Foster played Dave in Punisher and then Angel in X3... same goes for Rebecca Rominjn (Punisher, X-Men 1-3) and Ryan Reynolds (Blade Trinity, Wolverine).... but the characters they played in the smaller films weren't as big or won't be as big as their primary character if that makes sense? So I think in that case it's okay but going from a big role in a franchise to another big role under the same label would be a wrong move. That's in reference to Doug Jones..... as for Christian Bale, why not just pick someone else? Nothing against him, but the only comic character I see fit for him at this point is Batman.

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I totally agree. And that is why Robert Downey Junior shouldn't be given the role.


Now, I've heard this guy yell "WE ARE SPARTA!"




But can he yell "BY THE HOAREY HOSTS OF HOGGOTH!"?????

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