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Yeah, gotta see "Candy".

And listen folks, I'm guilty as charged myself when it comes to liking films that should/could be better.

In the case of Heath, I love that Brian Helgeland piece of mish mash, "The Order".

I like the subject matter, I love the locations, I love the actors (Shannon Sossamon, mmmm). . .

It's not a great film and I don't care ;)


- tb

Man, Thank you God, I thought I was the only one that loved, The Order. People always used to tease me on this but I just really like that movie. The concept, idea, actors (Shannyn Sossamon, YES) I mean it could have been better but that's one of things I like about it, it's incomplete.



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Always a hard one for me...I usually do these top 10 lists to avoid too much heartache. :)


1.) Matt Damon...primarily because he's so good and so laid back.

2.) Gary Oldman...the great chameleon of actors. Never the same character twice.

3.) Christian Bale...how much weight did he lose for "The Machinist"? The PERFECT Batman

4.) Edward Norton...from what I hear, not a big fan of the personal life, but since "Primal Fear" has topped my lists

5.) Brad Pitt...SNATCH...'nuff said.

6.) Johnny Depp...Steals EVERY movie...most notably "Once Upon a Time in Mexico".

7.) Tom Hanks...Completely Amazing

8.) Stellan Skarsgard..."Good Will Hunting", "Glass House", "King Arthur"...a great and often overlooked actor.

9.) Russell Crowe...Loved him in "Virtuosity"...and everything since

10.) Tom Jane...recently added to my list after seeing "Stander" and finding out about his involvement in comics


Frederic Doss

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I absolutely adore Ron Perlman. Has anybody seen The Last Winter? Apparently, it just came out on DVD and there are VERY mixed reviews. Just curious what any of you might have to say about it.

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Harrison Ford

Robert DeNiro

Al Pacino

Morgan Freeman

Jack Nicholson

Tom Hanks

Robin Williams

Tom Jane

Gene Hackman

Bruce Willis

Gary Oldman

Tommy Lee Jones

Sir Ian McKellan

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Will Smith

Samuel L. Jackson

Robert Downey Jr.

Willem Dafoe

Alec Baldwin

Christopher Walken

Clint Eastwood

Henry Fonda


the list goes on......

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Buster Keaton


Stoneface, deadpan... Pshaw ! ! ! ! !


-He wasn't chewing up the scenery with silent film mugging,

but had so much expression. Look at that face, it's like yours

and mine when a SNAFU brings it's hammer down upon us.--


The slap shoes & pork pie flat hat distracted from the profound

depth of thought put into every film he produced, (genius).







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You fuckers and your lists.

How do I get work done ;)


OK -

Off the top of me gulliver, in no semblance of order -


Steve McQueen

Lee Marvin

Ralph Fiennes

Don Calfa

Lance Henrikson

Anthony Quinn

Michael Caine

Russell Crowe

Gabriel Byrne

Charlton Heston (Ben-Hur, El Cid, Soylent Green, Planet Of The Apes, Omega Man) Don't fuck with me on this ;)

Jeremy Irons

Liam Neeson

Daniel Craig - newish and riveting

Jean Reno

Gary Oldman

Tim Roth

Klaus Kinski

John Hurt

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Brendan Gleeson

William Holden

Sterling Hayden

Rutger Hauer

Sir Derek Jacobi

Sean Connery

Danny Huston

George C. Scott

Clint Eastwood

William Fichtner

William Sadler

Marlon Brando

Burt Lancaster

Trevor Howard

Kevin Spacey

Jeff Bridges

Yaphet Koto

Edward Woodward

Peter Cushing

Richard Burton (The Spy Who Came In From The Cold - wow)

Patrick MaGoohan

Kirk Douglas (forget everything else, see "Paths Of Glory, and "Lonely Are The Brave" at least)

Ian McShane (not just jumping on the Deadwood bandwagon)

Jimmy Stewart (infinitely watchable in ANYTHING)

Tom Hanks

Cary Grant

Daniel Day Lewis (right now, there isn't a better TRUE actor alive)

Val Kilmer

Woody Strode

Jack Elam

Lee Van Cleef

Kurt Russell

Jason Isaacs

Leon Rippy

Heath Ledger (if that makes me gay then so be it)

Christian Bale

Terence Stamp

Albert Finney

Djimon Hounsou (should have won for Blood Diamond)

Sean Pertwee

Kevin McKidd

Ewan MacGregor

Robert Carlyle

Guy Pierce

David Strathairn

Martin Landau

David Thewlis

Samuel L. Jackson

Willem Dafoe

John C. Maginley

John C. Riley

Sean Penn

Ed Harris

James Woods

William Hurt

Billy Connolly (You might think he's just a comedian but watch 1997's "Mrs. Brown", and you'll see a great actor at work.)

Peter Stormare

Bill Nighy

Ray Winstone

Ben Kingsley

Roy Schieder

Bruce Willis

F. Murray Abraham

Harvey Kietel

Sam Neil

Bob Peck

Bill Paxton

Michael Rennie

David Carradine

Keith Carradine

James Gammon

Sam Shepard

Toshiro Mifune

Harry Dean Stanton

J.E. Freeman

M. Emmitt Walsh

Michael Lonsdale

Ron Perlman

Mark Addy

Edward Norton

David Morse

John Savage

John Cusack

Clive Owen

Tommy Lee Jones

Gene Hackman

Robert Duvall

Sonny Chiba

Sir Ian McKellan

Richard Widmark

Sydney Poitier

Richard Harris

Tim Curry

Rod Stieger

John Goodman

Danny Aiello

Ving Rhames

Graham Green

Jeffrey DeMunn

Bruce McGill

Slim Pickens

Stephen Rea

Peter Firth

Oliver Reed

Frank Finlay

Viggo Mortenson

Max Von Sydow

Scott Glenn

Nicol Williamson

Tom Wilkinson

Michael Gambon

Morgan Freeman

Hugh Keyes Byrne

Morgan Woodward

Brian Cox

Richard Crenna

Powers Boothe

Robert Preston

Vincent Price

Jude Law

Malcolm McDowell

Christopher Lee

Jürgen Prochnow

Delroy Lindo

J.K. Simmons

Rade Serbedzija

Miguel Ferrer

Tom Skerritt

Robbie Benson (heheh, gotcha!)


Damn your lists, damn them to Hell.

Another hour gone from my life and I just can't help myself.


- TB


Tim I gotta tell you, I'm very heartbroken over the one MAN you are missing. If I have to tell you who this is, then I'm going to cry myself to sleep for the rest of my days




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