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Ohh man Kevin Nash belongs in a movie like this...He just looks like he can handle a battleaxe or a bigass sword and he's got a lot of charisma like everyone here has been saying...I remember around the time '04 Punisher came out, Nash did an underground wrestling event near my town...After the match (which he won) he was allowed to take pictures with fans in the ring...I remember stepping in that ring with one of my buddies and aside from being star struck we were both frightened by the sheer size of the guy, but the dude was kool as hell...The picture is with my friends mom I'll do my best to track it down and post it on here if i can get in touch with them again...The cool thing about that guy is that after the whole event with the fans he went to the restaurant where my buddy's mom worked at and hung out with us! Had a few brews, ate some good food, and sang some country music on karaoke...At one point he got up to use the restroom I think which was right behind me and my friend and he approaches us, all 6'11 310 pounds of him and he says "How's it going fellas"...haha man I was so star-struck, that's the only real celebrity i've ever met...And after having been a fan of him in his wrestling days it was nice to see how cool the guy was...



But about Ratner directing Conan, the news about him actually having a previous love for the character before signing with the project changes things a lot for me...It's different with Lexi Alexander because she had no previous knowledge of the Punisher and his history and that made us automatically weary of the direction she might've taken with the movie...But knowing Ratner loves the Conan character it definitely makes me feel he might do it justice.

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Guest AdminGuyX
WHY am I the ONLY person here that remembers the scene at Jean Grey's house in X3???


I know ALOT of other people that shared the MASSIVE suspense that sequence shocked into me and its a feeling very few films have ever provided me with.


Let me try to re-live it for a moment and do my best to describe it:


Thursday May 25, 2006 - 8:30 PM...


Jean Grey has just revealed her insanity to Wolverine and knocked him unconcious before fleeing the mansion.


Xavier seems to know where she's headed and rounds up Storm and Logan to go after her.


They arrive at the house which I remembered from the film's opening, "GREY" on the dark green mailbox.


*I'm thinking, they'll go in there, talk some sense into her and go home.


That would fit the popcorn movie stereotype.


Then Magneto and his gang show up, which makes me feel a bit worried.


They go inside and Magneto gives Juggernaut that delicious line ---> "Nobody gets inside."


Vinnie Jones grins and John Powell's score goes in a completely different direction.


They walk inside the spooky house to find a very disturbed-lookin Jean.


*I started feeling more uneasy and began to consider the danger these two men were exposing themselves to, with Jean having killed Scott and all.


The house, being partially controlled by Jean's telekinesis, is really starting to creep me out and the discussion between Jean, Xavier and Magneto is adding to that feeling.


Wolverine STILL hasn't tried to go inside, and that can't be good.


Patrick Stewart delivers the killer speech "Look what happened to Scott! You killed the man you love because you couldn't control your power!!!" and all hell breaks lose.


Wolverine charges at The Juggernaut, Storm goes into flight mode, Magneto gets rammed into a sink...


I am in COMPLETE suspense.


Powell's music begins to rise beyond my expectations and Xavier's psychic battle is looking a little dangerous.


*The feeling creeps into my head: No. It can't be. Is he gonna make it?


Is he in control???


The score gets more dense and dazzling, and Xavier is now beginning to float.


Wolverine is stuck to the roof and I AM SHITTING BRICKS.


Now comes the part that MESMERIZED me ---> Xavier's hands begin to fade away.


I now realize the terrible truth: She's killing him slowly.




But this is a comic book movie!


Then RATNER does it, he HAD to do it.


He makes all that suspense culminate into something more ---> Wolverine crawls through the roof desperately trying to make it into that room, where his friend is most definitely in danger.


He arrives as Powell's music begins to slow down.


We see stillness throughout the room.


The close-up on Jackman's face is perfect.


Xavier tells Jean "Don't let it control you" as the skin on his cheeks begins to evaporate.


Then Stewart turns to Logan, who struggles to fight gravity and stay in place...


Xavier smiles at him and then explodes.


I almost had a heart attack :lol:


That scene, was directed by BRETT RATNER.


Noeland, there aren't very many films out there that can do that to me.


That can do what that scene did.


There aren't that many directors out there that can build up that kind of suspense.


You badmouth Brett Ratner, ok.


You're entitled to that.


But can YOU set up a scene like that?


Can you?


I doubt it.


But you can always prove me wrong ;)


THAT is why I respect and enjoy Brett Ratner.


Bryan Singer may have established the X-MEN franchise, but it was Brett Ratner who made it dramatic in X3.




Hey, I'm glad you liked the film TL. I'm glad you like Brett Ratner. I'm not trying to take any of that away from you by stating my own feelings. In fact I've been nothing but respectful of your opinion.


I'm not "badmouthing" Ratner. You're reading that into my posts (just like all the profanity you posted earlier). I even said I liked two of his films. I also stated VERY clearly that I feel he's the wrong guy for the job, simple as that. I don't feel he can pull off the sweeping epic that Conan should be.


I feel he's going to make Conan into an "updated" fast cut action film with jokes, and clean faces, and absolutely no real depth of character. Sure, he'll have crane shots, expensive jib shots, wire cam chases across the country side. All the bells and whistles to make an expensive looking film.


Paul W. Anderson was a "huge fan" of the aliens franchise. He's a "shooter" and AVP looked expensive, it had production value. Yet he still took a shit on AVP. Why? Because he was the wrong guy for the job.


My problems with X3 are many, and they have to do as much with what could have been, as what is. The film fell short for me, way short.


You posted your thoughts on X3, I will post mine. I'm going to ask you not to take these personally TL, but this is probably going to make you mad.


Just remember I felt this way about the movie long before I ever knew you.


Here we go:


It had too many self referential tongue in cheek moments for my liking. "You're a real animal" "Look who's talking". Yeesh.


The mutant town hall meeting in the church was silly. "We need to form a committee" Come on.


The big villian "camp out" in the woods was just embarrassing. Terrible idea. I laughed out loud. Who raided the nearest wal-mart for all those tents anyway? And do you think they argued over who gets to stay in which tent?


The brotherhood of EVIL mutants having an EVIL camp out. Did they roast EVIL marshmallows?


And HEY, by the way, Jean can create cure pistols complete with needles and "cure juice" just with her mind. WOW. I wasn't aware she'd read the schematics . . .


Wolverine fighting the guy who could throw - what was that stuff anyway? It degenerated into Logan swiping these horn bone things away like he was in a slap fight.


The CG "de-aging" looked soft and blurry, like a soft focus. It stood out horribly and was very distracting.


The scene you described TL, well, apart from the neighborhood looking IDENTICAL all those years later . . . and was the furniture the same too? I can't remember. Does anyone else live in there? You'd think all that shit would attract some attention of some kind.


Yes, Magento tells Juggernaut "No one gets inside." Then, 5 minutes later he throws Wolverine into the house.


The flappy face Xavier was laughter inducing. "Jean, let me in" was cringe worthy, at best.


This is a guy who can kill people with his mind. He can just "shut you off". I think he could have shut her off too. He should have at least given her a run for her money. He's no chump.


I mean, I felt like I was watching that scene in The Jerk where Navin starts yelling "HE HATES THESE CANS!" Only Jean HATES THE WATER in the house.


She's churning it in the water cooler, she's boiling it on the stove, she throwing it up into the ceiling from the kitchen sink.


I'll tell you, nothing is more fear inducing than pictures rattling on the wall, and water steaming away on the stove.




And the lamps. She breaks lamps to prove what? She's NOT crazy? I don't know if that's much of an argument for what Xavier was trying to say to her.


And why sheath your claws to open the door? Why not just go at the doors with your claws out? And worst of all, did he just open the door to WATCH? He just sits there and watches. He makes no attempt to attack, or move INTO the room.


And OK, Xavier blows away like dust in the wind. He explodes after smiling at Logan.


Magneto just gets up, and then says "My dear, come with me."


No anger? No regret? NO FEELING AT ALL for his old friend?


The emotion afterwards was wasted, and why don't they pursue Magneto and Jean? I mean they are RIGHT THERE. Instead they just drop down on the floor and cry.


I felt like the funeral should have waited until after the conflict. It felt out of place. It stopped the film in it's tracks.


And the final conflict of the film was, IN MY OPINION, poorly staged and not very well thought out. Beast look terrible in his little leather vest, and when did Storm turn into the Tazmanian Devil? SPINNING and SPINNING.


And the very end. I mean, why didn't Jean just turn Logan into a cure pistol? if she can change reality, she should just be able to change EVERYTHING to her liking. Movies over. Jean is happy in her waterless, lampless world of shaking pictures.


Yeah, yeah. Half of my above review is jokes, but all of these things, ALL of them are what I don't want to see in Conan.


I don't want scenes that don't go anywhere. I don't want half ass, poorly staged derivative action sequences. I don't want in-jokes.


DAMN this is a long post. I need to take a fucking vacation after this post.


I mean it.














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I have every faith in Malmberg and Sederwsky of Paradox. They're both good guys, and their love for all things REH is without limits. The REH library could not be in better hands than Paradox.


I respect them from taking Conan away from both Warner and New Line, the movie is being developed at Nu Image primarily becuase there Malmberg gets the creative freedom he needs.


But if this thing with Ratner pans out...I hope they know what they are doing. I hope they see some potential there that I don't. I don't blame Ratner for X3, that's fox and Tim fucking bastard Rothman all the way. Ratner did a great job with the resources and time at hand. I also rather liked his work on "Red Dragon". Beyond that, he's never impressed me, quite the contrary.


I'd prefer someone from the far left field than him. But if Malmberg and Sederwosky agrees with his vision...I hope they know what they're doing.

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Instead, they went with this look:




For a young Conan, that ain't half bad, but his hair should have been straight and jet black. They will appearantly make his eyes blue in post.


Ratner is off the picture by the way, Conan has been shooting in Bulgaria for a month, helmed by Marcus Nispel.

Sadly, it has appeared that Millennium head honcho Avi Lerner managed to wrestle creative control away from Malmberg and the other guys at Paradox. Here's to hoping Millennium delivers a good Conan movie despite some troubling things.


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Thanks for the link, Mike. Looks cool. I could see Ray Stevenson as that older Conan.


As for Momoa: he doesn't look as bad as expected, especially since those are just set pics. But I'm more concerned about story & character than visuals. Nispel usually delivers in terms of the visuals.

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While I liked Nispel's Friday the 13th, him directing this doesn't do much for me. As for Momoa, I've only ever seen him on a couple of episodes of Stargate: Atlantis, and he really didn't stand out to me at all. My expectations for this are pretty low.

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So that's Jason Momoa as Conan? I can dig it, that's the right look.


(I honestly think I was just confused :blink: during an active board cycle and in the wrong thread with the Kevin Nash posts above - seriously! That one, KN, is definitely meant for Thor if anything.)

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Guest AdminGuyX

I'm fairly certain I won't care for this. I'm not a big fan of the actor, he was one of the reasons I didn't watch Stargate, and the direction they've taken this in just doesn't feel right to me. I just keep thinking "Scorpion King".


I'll certainly check out the trailer, but I doubt it'll be worth a piss.


I changed the title of the thread BTW.

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I'm fairly certain I won't care for this. I'm not a big fan of the actor, he was one of the reasons I didn't watch Stargate, and the direction they've taken this in just doesn't feel right to me. I just keep thinking "Scorpion King".


I'll certainly check out the trailer, but I doubt it'll be worth a piss.


I changed the title of the thread BTW.


It sounds like all we do is bitch sometimes, but I totally agree, I thought the same thing, Scorpion King...yuck. It'll take a lot to win me over to this one.


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It sounds like all we do is bitch sometimes, but I totally agree, I thought the same thing, Scorpion King...yuck. It'll take a lot to win me over to this one.


All we do is bitch sometimes because lets face it, Hollywood loves to screw over film fans. I miss the cinema of the 70's.


I didn't really care much what they were going to do with Conan partly because Rattner was attached at first. I alreay had visions of Chris Tucker popping up somewhere ;) Now with Frank passing, I really wish they would have taken the time to do it right. Maybe they have, but damnit, everytime I say that it ends up a mess.

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The new Conan movie does indeed have an uphill struggle, no argue there.

Momoa may not be dream casting, but I think he'll deliver.


Other issues worry me tho.


The leaked draft in comparatively wide circulation left A LOT to be desired, but was plagued by being in the middle of the transition between Ratner and Nispel.

Word is that the shooting script is substantially rewritten, with Ratner influence taken out and Nispel's take put in its place. If that is good, bad or worse can be discussed.


From the leaked pictures, I can help but thinking the whole production looks...cheap. It being made by Avi Lerner's Nu Boyana certainly doesn't help matters.


All of which is really disappointing for Conan proper and REH fans, as here they had a shot at making a REAL Conan movie - yet from what we've seen, it looks like they blew it.


Here's to hoping looks in this case are decieving.

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Well, it couldn't be any worse than Red Sonja ;)


Moma is not my favorite, but the new pic doesn't look so bad. Some of the sets look good, but things just don't feel right. I'd like to see it do good, but I'm in the Scorpion King lot as of now. Maybe a trailer will do it some justice.


On a side note, has anyone read Millius' King Conan: Crown of Iron script? It's a diffent film from the others, but I would be a hell of a pic.

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I've read King Conan: Crown of Iron, but as a fan of the original Robert E. Howard Conan, I am honestly happy it never got made.

While the Milius movie was excellent in its own right, and the best sword and sorcery movie made thus far, it is a disaster as a Conan adaptation.

Crown of Iron looked like it would be more of the same.


While the new movie has many things going against, the Conan characther will at least be more like the original source material counterpart.

Here is by the way another picture that just popped up online:



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The thing about Milius' Conan, at least he didn't go with the original plan of setting it in a post-apocalyptic future. To go off topic a bit, what the hell is happening with that animated Conan film that Ron Perlman was going to do the voice for?

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The thing about Milius' Conan, at least he didn't go with the original plan of setting it in a post-apocalyptic future. To go off topic a bit, what the hell is happening with that animated Conan film that Ron Perlman was going to do the voice for?


Maybe they plan on releasing Perlman's animated Conan when this one goes to theatres?

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The animation you refer to is of course "Red Nails", the only movie adaptation of an original Conan story in existence. They were making three versions of it, one more family friendly, one with blood and guts, and one something in between.


Sadly, the production company behind that animation is in shambles, so the whole thing has been put on ice for the indefinate future. As of now, it looks unlikely that it ever will be released. Sadly. Could have been cool.



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