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Here is a post from Comingsoon.net ...




I will pretty much pay to see anything that has Crowe in it and I will pretty much pay to see anything directed by Ridley Scott...but...Should this be in that same catagory that Lone Ranger and Tarzan are in? Christ do we really need another Robin Hood movie?




Don't get me wrong, I love Robin Hood, even the animated Disney classic. I think I have seen just about every version of it there is to see. The only thing that would bring me to the movie theatre tp see this are those two names, Scott and Crowe, well that and the fact that Crowe is talking about playing dual roles of the Sheriff and Robin, that'll get me there for sure.

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I don't care if he makes 'Care Bear's IV: Cloud Pony Cuddle Land"....It's Ridely Scott, no matter what it will be worth watching (as long as it's not a remake of 'Legend' that is).

Ridely Scott can even make Orlando Bloom look competent, imagine what he can do with Crowe playing 2 characters!!

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This movie has the potential to land Russell his FOURTH Best Actor Academy Award Nomination and possibly SECOND Win.


*I thought his second film with Ridley - A Good Year was excellent, but much too little to go anywhere.


American Gangster was FANTASTIC, but all the praise went to Denzel Washington.


Body of Lies on the other hand I'm hearing great things about, specifically about Russell - so it looks like this duo needs to stick to action and historical epics.


Nottingham qualifies as both.


The film is set to square off with Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes on NOVEMBER 6, 2009


Sherlock Holmes opens NOVEMBER 20, 2009


Let the games begin...




*Look for my review of Body of Lies sometime this weekend.

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I guess Scott will do this after "The Forever War". I will see anything he directs.


Sheriff of Nottingham: Russell Crowe

Maid Marian: Sienna Miler

Production Credits

Director - Ridley Scott

Screenplay - Ethan Reiff

Screenplay - Cyrus Voris

Producer - Brian Grazer

Executive Producer - Michael Costigan

Screenplay - Brian Helgeland

Studio Executive - Dylan Clark

Production Executive - Karen Kehela-Sherwood

Production Executive - James Whitaker

Production Executive - Audrey Chon

Production Executive - Sarah Bowen


Marking major changes to next year's slate, Universal Pictures has pushed back the release of horror franchise hopeful "The Wolfman" from April 3 to Nov. 6 and taken Ridley Scott's "Nottingham" out of 2009 entirely.


Also, U's "The Fast and the Furious 4" will now open on April 3, instead of June 12.


"Nottingham," toplining Russell Crowe, will open in 2010, but U did not set a specific date.


U said the reshuffling was the sensible thing to do, considering that "Fast 4" is completed, while the Brian Grazer-produced "Nottingham" won't start lensing until February or March.


And moving "Wolfman" -- a reboot toplining Benicio Del Toro -- to Nov. 6 gives the film more of a high-profile release, as well as ample time for post-production. Pic is directed by Joe Johnston.


Even with "Fast 4" opening in April, Universal still has one June 2009 release, the Will Ferrell adventure-comedy "The Land of the Lost," which opens June 5.


With "Fast 4" gone, the June 12-14 weekend now sports two comedies, giving other studios a chance to slot in counterprogramming.


Source: http://www.variety.com/article/VR111799715...yid=13&cs=1


Sienna Miller has dropped out of the upcoming Russell Crowe "Robin Hood" reimagining NOTTINGHAM where she was set to star as Maid Marian. Gossip columns claimed the reason for her departure was that she's too skinny and Russell Crowe's too fat (...), but with significant delays (the movie's planned release was recently pushed to 2010) it's more likely that scheduling conflicts forced the move. Miller's rep confirmed that she has left NOTTINGHAM but added that the actress has another project she's in negotiations for with an announcement to come soon. So it certainly sounds like she just got tired of waiting around. Miller can be seen this summer as The Baroness in GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA but strangely her other 2009 movie, HIPPIE HIPPIE SHAKE, was dropped from Focus Features' 2009 schedule. Hmmm...


Extra Tidbit: Miller's mother was once a secretary for David Bowie.

Source: http://joblo.com/index.php?id=24689


Known for its fair share of minor disasters so far in filming, Nottingham scored a well-known and respected leading lady to play Maid Marian. According to the Telegraph, Cate Blanchett has joined Ridley Scott’s Nottingham playing the romantic lead to Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood/Sheriff of Nottingham.


As reported by this website before, Nottingham has seen some ups and mostly downs over the last few months, most recently was the axing of lead lady Sienna Miller as Marian. In addition to the re-casting during filming, we’ve had delays, chronic rewrites, and rifts between the director and star. It was reported that the young and beautiful Miller looked awkward during love scenes with old and overweight Crowe. So, I consider it a win for the Nottingham team to score the multiple Oscar nominee in the role.


“She is a wonderful actress” said Nottingham co-star (and up-and-coming leading man) Mark Strong, “and it would make it a much classier film if she was in it.” What Mark Strong, is Sienna Miller NOT classy?! Have you not seen her get boned in Factory Girl by Anakin Skywalker? Have you not seen the Super Bowl commercial for G.I. Joe? You realize you’re talking about the girl Colin Farrell cheated on with his house-keeper, right? Not classy…pssh.


I must also say that this is still in the rumor mill mainly, and has not been confirmed by the studio. So to say that this project is NOT a train wreck anymore may be a little prudent.

Source: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/news/blan...-nottingham.php


MTV talked to Ridley Scott, who revealed that some big changes have been made to the previously-titled Nottingham, the director's next project. Here are a few excerpts:


That statement is notable, not only in that those first two projects are moving forward, but that "Nottingham" has now officially been renamed to reflect its lead character. "Oh yes, I think we are just going to call it 'Robin Hood'," Scott revealed. "We start in almost 2 months."


In an attempt to clarify all the confusion from a few months ago about Russell Crowe playing multiple roles, Scott was eager to say that he had changed his mind, and that Crowe will simply portray the famed archer who rises from an unlikely background. "Robin Hood is in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion," he said of how we'll find the character early in the film "He is a bowman in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion."


"[Crowe as both Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham] was an idea so far back, way back when at the time I had this proposed to me, and I read it and thought, 'I don't really know what it does for it, but it's alright'," Scott recalled of the now-abandoned idea. "It is better to simply have the evolution of a character called Robin Hood, who will come out of a point in the Crusades which is the end."


You can read more of what Ridley Scott said here!

Source: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=52943


LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Robin Hood has found his Merry Men.


Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand and Alan Doyle have been cast as the group of adventurers in Universal and Imagine's untitled Robin Hood movie, starring Russell Crowe and being directed by Ridley Scott.


The feature is being billed as a retelling of the origins of the key characters of the Robin Hood legend. Cate Blanchett is on board as Maid Marian in the project, written by Brian Helgeland ("A Knight's Tale").


Grimes, who appears on NBC's "ER" and does voice work for Fox's "American Dad," has been cast in the role of Will Scarlet, a skilled swordsman and Hood's nephew.


Durand is playing Little John, Hood's right-hand man. He is best known in the legends for fighting a duel with Robin Hood using quarterstaves while trying to cross a river. Durand, who appears as the Blob in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," is best known for his work on ABC's "Lost," where he played a mercenary named Martin Keamy.


Doyle is playing Alan a Dayle, a roving minstrel who in lore enlisted help when his love was being forced to marry another man. Doyle is the lead singer of Great Big Sea, a Canadian folk-rock band known for its sea shanties.

News Link

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Thank you Tiara, this is good news I think...cept I would of loved to see Crow do the multiple role thing...

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Bits of an article I came across. I didn't know how to import the pics.



Nottingham 's men ravage a village in Ridley Scott's new Robin Hood movie

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:44 PM on 22nd May 2009


If these scenes are anything to go by, the new Robin Hood film is set to be an exciting, fast-paced period peace.


The upcoming Ridley Scott movie, starring Russell Crowe as the heroic archer, is currently filming at various woodland locations across the country.


Spotted filming a dramatic sequence in Bourne Woods, Surrey , this week, a group of actors dressed in 12th century clothes rode at high speed on black and white horses.


As the men rode through the village, extras playing peasants cowered by an old stone bridge as they hid from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s trouble-making troupe.


Filming on the epic started last month after years of production delays.


Producers sent out a casting call for 600 extras to play the Sheriff's cronies.


Oscar-winner Crowe was not on set this week, but his character is expected to return to the same village set and 'give back to the poor'.


The upcoming film has a stellar cast, with Australian actress Cate Blanchett as Maid Marion, Dame Eileen Atkins as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Matthew MacFadyen as the Sheriff.


Sienna Miller was originally cast as Marion , but was replaced by Blanchett after she was deemed too young to play 45-year-old Crowe's love interest.


Speaking of Blanchett's casting, Crowe enthused: 'It's great, she's fantastic, my first choice.


'I know her only from afar. The most time we've spent together is when we both got made into stamps recently.'


Dame Eileen was only cast in recent weeks after Vanessa Redgrave pulled out following the tragic death of her daughter Natasha Richardson after a skiing accident in March.


The 74-year-old admitted she is worried about the role of Eleanor, because she has to hold an owl.


She said: 'I am completely bird phobic - it's the same owl that appeared in Harry Potter and apparently it weighs as much as a dog.


"I have to feed it - probably dead mice - and I'm going to go to an animal sanctuary to help me get over my phobia.


'They keep rewriting the script and changing my lines quite dramatically, so I'm terrified of forgetting them.'


The film marks a reunion for Crowe and Scott - who have worked together four times previously and won several Oscars with their first coupling, Gladiator in 2000.


Since being cast as Robin, Russell has been on a strict diet and workout regime to lose the weight he piled for State of Play .


Crowe is said to have eaten food with a low glycaemic index, such as peanuts, apricots and porridge, which leave the dieter feeling satisfied for longer.


He also cycled daily in preparation for the film, which is out in May next year.


Producer Brian Glazer said: 'He doesn't have the old Robin Hood tights. He's got armour. He's very medieval. He looks, if anything, more like he did in Gladiator than anything we're used to seeing with Robin Hood.


'He's trying to create equality in a world where there are a lot of injustices. He's a crusader for the people, trying to reclaim some of the ill-gotten gains of the wealthy. That's a universal theme.'

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Originally it was going to be Robin Hood and the Sheriff were the same person, but that idea got dropped, though I do think that one with role reversal was a part of it.

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I thought the idea behind this film was that Robin was the villian, and Nottingham was the hero. Guess I was wrong.



Somehow I missed this post and so also missed the pic. Guess it's old news now but it's new to me and Crowe looks excellent as Robin Hood.

Anxious to see more from Ridleyville. Also quite quite ready to see Crowe back in another period action film.


- TB

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I thought the idea behind this film was that Robin was the villian, and Nottingham was the hero. Guess I was wrong.


Well strictly speaking Robin has always been a villain. He's just been a sympathetic protagonist villain. But he's always been outside the law. We overlook it though because the law is evil.

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Well strictly speaking Robin has always been a villain. He's just been a sympathetic protagonist villain. But he's always been outside the law. We overlook it though because the law is evil.


I don't believe a lawbreaker defines an individual as being a villain, but that is the fundamental difference between a moralist and a legalist. Breaking a law is unethical regardless of the moral consequence. The mythical Robin Hood is a hero because he is able to chose the right thing to do regardless of the social rules defined by his country, which is much more challenging and risky to do than working within the arbitrary "right and wrong of the law. The Sheriff of Nottongham as the hero could not be as epic of a hero simply because he is working within social expectations when doing what is right and what is expected of him.


In contrast, the real Robin Hood(s) was more likely a villain popularized through local tale. It is likely he(they) were robbers and highwaymen with little concern for anything other than personal benefit.



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I want a trailer to this movie, how about you;)^^

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Just got back from an Arclight Members screening of ROBIN HOOD at the opening of the new Arclight Pasadena. It was introduced by the Mayor of Pasadena. He introduced the film, stating that it starred Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett and was directed by... Then he consulted his notes as members of the audience yelled out Ridley Scott! Not the Mayor's finest hour. They must not rely too heavily on speechmaking in Pasadena politics, because he was no good at it.


As for the film, I absolutely loved it! Ridley Scott at the peak of his powers. Fantastic cast. It's not the Robin Hood story that we've come to know. It's a prequel. But it works very well and is super entertaining.


With IRON MAN 2 a few days away, I hope we're poised for a great summer.

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I'm still on such a high from Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD that I watched THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD and ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES last night.


Errol Flynn's classic still holds up. I was never a huge PRINCE OF THIEVES fan, but it really did not age well. Don't know that I'll revisit that film ever again, despite how much I love Alan Rickman in it.

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I thought Nick Brimble, Little John, was the best part of Prince of Thieves. I didn't care for the movie otherwise. I am looking forwrd to this movie though.

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Yeah, he was great ;)

My favorite is Robin and Marion with Connery, Audrey Hepburn, and Nicol Williamson as Little John ;)


I wasn't a big fan of Prince Of Thieves when it came out but a few years back I picked up a special edition DVD thinking perhaps I had been unfair in my earlier judgement.

Nope, I was spot on the first time. It doesn't hold up even a bit. Morgan Freeman couldn't save it, Rickman couldn't save it. And yeah, Rickman was fun.


So yeah, I'm way ready for a new take, especially with Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott. McQuery's raving now has me pumped mucho mas.

When does Hood open? Sorry, I could check easily enough but I'm out the door in a sec.


- TB

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