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I'm not necessarily a fan of the SAW films. I saw the first one at a LGF screening and promptly fell asleep.

OK, I was exhausted and the theater was cool and dark. I ended up seeing it again in it's entirety and thought it was OK.

Saw #2 on cable and was less impressed. I remember when SAW IV came out it was still kicking ass at the BO.

How does that happen? I guess you cannot deny the fan base.


I think the creators are very talented but this whole thing got old for me a long time ago.

If I think of the SAW films in the context of something like the Friday The 13th franchise I guess it has more relevance.

Maybe I shouldn't take this stuff so seriously. But after Friday The 13th Part 2 I pretty much lost interest with that franchise too.

I love the horror genre, just not so much a fan of beating a dead horse.

But I guess that's all part of cashing in.


The German poster for the new SAW film? More of the same.

It's well conceived and nicely executed but this marketing penchant for people in pain, full size, larger than life, is getting way boring.

How many times do we have to see another single image poster version of a Trent Reznor video?

This concept long ago ran aground on the originality sand bar.


Check please.


- TB

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The first SAW was a good idea, it just wasn't executed right. Everything else I really have cared for they've not tried do anything different with the style of the films at all.


Really the SAW films are kinda like the new exploitation.

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Massive 'Saw V' Casting Update, HUGE Spoiler Alert!

One of the big surprises in all of the SAW films are the big casting reveals that appear when you see the film. Obviously, after four films, it's expected that we're going to see a rash of returning characters in Lionsgate's Saw V, which hits theaters everywhere October 24th. What we've got for you inside is the FULL cast listing, which is going to leave some of you flabbergasted. So make sure you put those hard hats on and get ready for Spoiler City.



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LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Everybody loves a spooky mystery. Here's a good one: How the hell has "Saw," a horror flick made for $1.2 million and nearly dumped straight to video, spawned a franchise that has scared up more than $1 billion?


Given the films' enduring appeal amid a flood of horror product, it's a question whose answer provides insight into how to manage a low-budget franchise. And with "Saw V" opening on Friday, Lionsgate's strategy of releasing a new film each Halloween faces a crucial test. Last October's installment dipped from "Saw III's" $163 million in worldwide box office to $137 million, raising the question of how long the property can keep up its hugely profitable pace.


The "Saw" story is as simple as its premise. Australian duo James Wan and Leigh Whannell wrote a script about a pair of confined strangers manipulated by Jigsaw, a diabolical mastermind who forces them to make ghastly choices. They filmed a seven-minute short featuring Whannell with his head in a macabre bear trap, which the late producer Gregg Hoffman found and brought to partners Mark Burg and Oren Koules of Twisted Pictures in early 2003. They decided to turn it into a feature on the cheap.


Story continues:


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Im not a big fan of the SAW films...but Jigsaw himself is a very compelling antagonist. The people that Jigsaw puts through these death traps are people that have done some bad things and might have had it coming to them...I remember hearing the director of the last SAW movie refer to Jiggy as an anti-hero rather than a villain.

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i've never seen any of these, i'm just not that much a fan of torture. i mean, i like a good torture scene if it's done well (Payback, anyone? "This little piggy went to market..." Fuckin classic), i just don't need to see it for 90 minutes.

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By Peter Sciretta, /film


This Thursday - October 23rd, Lionsgate Films is holding SAWfest at 42 participating AMC movie theaters around the country. For only $15, moviegoers will be able to see all five SAW films on the big screen. The event will start at 4:00pm, with short intermissions between films, leading up to the midnight screening of SAW V (also included).


Five films for $15 is one hell of a deal. I’ll be at the San Francisco Metreon screening along with Jon Christensen of /Gamer. I’m not sure if I’ll make it through the entire thing, but we’re going to try. You can see a complete listing of participating movie theaters below.






Arizona Phoenix AMC Mesa Grand 24


Arizona Phoenix AMC Deer Valley 30 with IMAX


California Los Angeles AMC CityWalk 19 with IMAX


California Los Angeles AMC 30 at The Block


California Los Angeles AMC Burbank 16


California Los Angeles AMC Ontario Mills 30


California Los Angeles AMC Norwalk 20


California Los Angeles AMC Del Amo 18


California San Diego AMC Mission Valley 20


California San Diego AMC Palm Promenade 24


California San Jose AMC Mercado 20


California San Francisco AMC Metreon 16 with IMAX


California San Francisco AMC Bay Street 16


Colorado Denver AMC Westminster Promenade 24


District of Columbia Washington AMC Hoffman Center 22


Florida Miami AMC Sunset Place 24


Florida Miami AMC Aventura 24


Florida Orlando AMC Loews Universal Cineplex 20


Florida Orlando AMC Pleasure Island 24


Florida Tallahassee AMC Tallahassee Mall 20


Georgia Atlanta AMC Southlake Pavilion 24


Illinois Chicago AMC Loews Streets of Woodfield 20


Illinois Chicago AMC Crestwood 18


Kansas Kansas City AMC BarryWoods 24


Maryland Baltimore AMC Loews White Marsh 16


Massachusetts Boston AMC Loews Boston Common 19


Michigan Detroit AMC Star Southfield 20


New Jersey Clifton AMC Clifton Commons 16


New Jersey New Brunswick AMC Loews New Brunswick 18


New Jersey Elizabeth AMC Loews Jersey Gardens 20


New York New York City AMC Empire 25


New York New York City AMC Loews Palisades Center 21


Ohio Cincinnati AMC Newport on the Levee 20


Ohio Columbus AMC Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX


Pennsylvania Philadelphia AMC Neshaminy 24


Pennsylvania Philadelphia AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24


Pennsylvania Pittsburgh AMC Loews Waterfront 22


Texas Dallas AMC The Parks at Arlington 18


Texas Dallas AMC Mesquite 30


Texas Houston AMC Gulf Pointe 30


Virginia Norfolk AMC Hampton 24


Washington Seattle AMC Loews Alderwood 16


Source: http://www.slashfilm.com/

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Yes, Jigsaw - and his disciples - will return in Saw VI on October 23, 2009. No word yet on a plot, obviously, but word is Saw franchise editor Kevin Greutert is directing from a script by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Saw V, to date, has grossed nearly $80 million worldwide. $53 million of that is domestic.


Source: http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/topnews.php?id=8501

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