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Bad Planet ART Contest

Tim Bradstreet

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OK, we got Winners!!!


Sorry this took so long everybody.


So it was too tough for us to pick one, so we're going to publish at least one piece by all of our contributors ;)


Here are the Winners -


Two from Andy/Irish - Andy, please remove the lettering from the Deathspider piece before sending, or I can edit it out.

We want nice clean artwork unfettered by text ;) WAY TO GO! You are the defacto winner by scoring two pieces in the trade ;)







Next up is Noeland. Nice one pal. TJ loves this and so do I!




And last but certainly not least - GUNPLANET!!!!




It'll be shame to greyscale this for our oversized black and white trade, but we must do what we must.

Actually, not sure if the black and white trade will feature the art contest winners. That's the plan, but that may change.

One thing's for sure. The contest winners will be in at least one trade edition if not both of them.

As soon as I know for sure, I'll let you all know.


Just so there are no surprises, the contest art will not be reproduced full page. We just don't have the room.

But we'll try and keep them as large as possible.


Now how do we receive this amazing art?

I'm thinking full size high quality jpegs should do the job.


So please, send me the files via email, zip 'em if you have to (and Irish, send yours one at a time). Make sure the black and white ones are in greyscale mode. That will help with file size. Gunplanet . . . Do what you gotta do, just make sure you're jpeg file is no larger than 12MB. If that's a problem we'll make other arrangements.


Send your art to me - tim@timbradstreet.com

And make sure I have your names so I can credit the artwork correctly.



ROCK ON and thanks for taking part in the contest!


- TB

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Thank you Tim and Tom. I look forward to getting my greasey paws on the trade... It'll be beyond belief to be on the same pages as Noeland and Gunplanet. I love drawing the characters and it makes for great fun.


Thanks again guys for picking my stuff, I greatly appreciate it.



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Guest AdminGuyX

Andy won!! Whoo Hoo!! Way to go big bro.


I certainly had a lot of fun doing these, so winning something along the way, and getting to be a part of Bad Planet is awesome. Tom, Jim, and Tim's work is always a source of inspiration for me.


Thanks guys.


Gunplanet, way to continue you're winning record around here!! :)

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