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don't forget, Heath has got the dead actor card, and i think that may be enough to push him over the top. i thought he was great in the film, a timeless perf. one can imagine that kind of character anarchy as far back as the Greek stage. as far as i know he's only the second actor to be nominated in a comic book movie. anybody know who was first?


I won't discount the fact that his untimely death may make the Academy look more favorably on his performance (especially given that the studio is pushing the movie back into theaters in January, just in time for the voters to get another look before the nominations are announced). But I still think he's a long shot for a nomination or a win.



And the only actor to have ever been nominated for a comic book movie was Al Pacino (as Big Boy Caprice) in Dick Tracy in 1990, which he did not win. He lost the Best Supporting Actor award to Joe Pesci for his role in Goodfellas.

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