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David Duchovny...Sex Addict?

Guest FADoss

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In the news recently, David Duchovny has checked himself in to seek help for sex addiction.


I suppose, in hindsight it's not too difficult to see. Look no further than his role in "Trust the Man" (2005) to find him actually PLAYING a sex addict.


BUT, the funny part is that Chris Carter was just hospitalized for exhaustion...


I wonder if the two are connected? :P


I'm an ass.


Oh, and the answer the Bree Sharp song "David Duchovny, why won't you love me?" is officially, "Stand in line and I'll get to you."






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Duchovny is a solid actor when cast right. Same can be said of Keanu.

Fox Mulder was perfect for Duchovny's droll style.

Who really gives a fuck if his work doesn't please everybody.

He's a smart guy who continues to create opportunities for himself.


As for his sex addiction . . .

Who can really claim they aren't addicted to sex on some level?

If I was married to Téa I'd be even more addicted than I am now too.


Maybe it's that his tastes have evolved and the 'ol girl is disturbed by that.

If it's deviant sex he's after I might see that as a problem past a certain point.

But if it's only frequent sexcapades with wifey-pooh and no circus animals then WTF?


Maybe he likes to come in wearing a ski mask . . .


Ram it home Dave.


- TB

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Mike, interesting that you point that out. How many of his characters have had a sex obsession? And Tim, I doubt it would be a problem if he was only ravaging the wife...especially if you read the articles.


I've made horrible jokes at someone elses expense...of course I make about 1/20th of what he does...and would kill for his acting successes. I think I could handle a little bitch like me taking a few pot shots. :)



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And Tim, I doubt it would be a problem if he was only ravaging the wife...especially if you read the articles.




Well then you should link us to some of those articles Professor. Or do I have to call in Tiara!?



Also @ Kwiat - Your post was not lost on me ;)


- TB


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Guest AdminGuyX

Only a wife issuing an ultimatum to her husband would create a story like this. A guy would never take this sort of action on his own.


I'm positive DD saw nothing wrong in his life at all, and was quite happy to continue on with the sexcapades as is.


Saying "sex addiction" to a guy is a bit like saying "breathing addiction". It's just how we are wired.


It's like, science.



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Man if that's all it is then C'mon Téa!

Perhaps she should also seek counseling for low self esteem, her own insecurities, or a reality check.

Would she rather have Dave check out with a young starlet in an attempt to repopulate the species?

My wife is supercool with the internet porn because she's confident in herself, she understands the need and the desire that some men (and some women) have to look at hot naked delicious incredible bodies in pose or in motion.

She even looks at it with me and let me tell you, that is a huge turn-on.


A unhealthy addiction though is quite another thing, but who's to judge?


If Dave was trolling chat rooms for 12 year old girls then that would be a big problem, but that doesn't seem the case here.


If your partner's libido has a different speed than your own then internet porn seems a benign way to find equilibrium.


- TB






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  • 2 months later...
Showtime has picked up a third season of "Californication."


Golden Globe-winning series, which stars David Duchovny as a hedonistic, sexually obsessed novelist struggling to fix his family life and career, will resume production in the spring with 12 episodes slated. Premiere of the third season is set for later in 2009.


Series creator and exec producer Tom Kapinos helms a production that also stars Natascha McElhone and Evan Handler.


Pay cabler will wrap up season two of "Californication" on Dec. 14. Through nine season-two episodes, the series has averaged 2.2 million viewers, factoring in repeat airings and DVR viewing seven days after original air date.


That's 16% off the pace "Californication" set in its frosh campaign, but that benchmark was set when the series ran behind "Weeds."


Pickup of "Californication" caps a string of recent renewals for Showtime, with "Dexter," "Weeds" and "The Tudors" all slated to return in 2009.


Source: http://www.variety.com/article/VR111799675...yid=14&cs=1

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