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question about cameras in the artists area at conventions

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i went to the DragonCon in Atlanta last weekend and it was really awesome, i was sorry to see Mr. Bradstreet was correct in what he heard about all the artists being crammed together in the lowest level of the Hyatt hotel......but one thing i ran into was when i entered the artists area, was this woman made me put my camera away, she said if anyone saw me with it out i would be asked to leave. Is this standard practice for the artists area at conventions? i mean i had no problem doing as she asked but it seemed weird to me they made you do this. Is it because they fear people trying to copy the art? alot of the sci-fi art was really beautiful and i noticed alot of it was for sale so i guessed it must of been them just trying to protect the artists. i felt bad too for the comic book artists because they had such little room to display thier art and do sketches for people, they were practically on top of each other. i'm hoping next year they give them more room....but anyways if anyone else has seen this same thing with the cameras and you know why, i would love to know.....thanks

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