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Give 'em Hell Malone


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I wasn't ever going to write this publicly, because I have said it for quite some time to others:


Thomas Jane is our Glenn Ford. This film will finally validate my feelings.

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Let me be the first to welcome our newest RAW member, and writer of Give 'em Hell Malone, Mr. Mark Hosack.

Never give in to these prying bastards, they will leverage you for the tiniest scrap of story spoilage ;)


- TB


Welcome Mr. Hosack! Don't listen to Bradstreet...just look into my eyes.... :rolleyes:

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Hi all --



Mark Hosack here, writer of Malone. It's great to meet everyone on the forum, and it's always encouraging to see positive feedback from these first few images rolling in, so thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. It means a lot.


Tim, I'm a big fan of your work and I really hope you get up here. Thomas -- You are Malone.


So a little history on the project, "Give 'em Hell, Malone" is a project I came up with when I first moved to LA six years ago. At the time I was an independent filmmaker -- I made small quirky dramas no one wanted, and I was told by every Ma and Pa in Hollywood to write an action film.


I said: "Okay."


The first scene that came out was of a guy at the end of a hallway, black and blue and bloody as hell, pistol up, pumping hot lead into a hallway of well-dressed Thugs, and an ominous voice-over grunting through the following opening line: "Getting shot isn't easy. The bullets tend to hurt."


I named this bloody anti-hero "Malone," and as the sun was coming up, and I was trying to go to sleep, the title "Give 'em Hell, Malone!" popped into my brain, and that was that.


Well, not really, I had to write the thing (it's always hard to "write the thing" no matter how many you've written) and after I finished it, another 4 1/2 years of Hollywood grind passed, I was told my Action film was too stylized, too bloody, and too "indie" to get made. Even though it has its fair share of bullets and blood, it's really a character piece, and too few Hollywood action films really care about their characters. Put the style-ized noir angle in, and I ended up with, as they say, "A lot of great lunches," but the studios didn't buy it as a spec.


But, a year or two later, one of the guys who read it got back in touch, said he had left his company, he loved the script, and he knew the perfect actor for the role. Thomas Jane. I think I said something like: "Hell, hurry-up-and-get-it-to-him, yes." Thomas read it, really liked it, and not too long after that, independent financing fell in place with Hannibal Entertainment, and we were able to really start dialing the script in.


We spent last August and September slavishly rewriting and we came up with a new third act that's much stronger. I guess we really didn't finish the rewrite until two days ago, a week and a half into production, Thomas and I spent the first week on set flogging this script between takes and after the shoot -- we're still doing daily dialogue tweaks. It's true: A writer doesn't write, a writer rewrites.


But watching this script come alive really is exceeding any and all expectations -- it's one thing to write "Malone shoots out the tires of a pink flower van. It smashes into a parked car and flips in a mess of oil and ripped steel," and to actually WATCH Malone shoot out the tires of a pink flower van. To WATCH that van smash into a parked car and flip over in a mess of oil and ripped steel. Stunt men are nuts.


Most impressive, though, is the acting. Malone really is a character film, and Thomas really does own this guy, from his tweed brown suit and felt hat (complete with a "near miss" bullet hole Thomas shot himself) to the cadence of his noir-speak. The rest of the cast are really knocking it out of the park too -- so we don't have Die Hard's budget -- but because it's a character piece, because of the actors already on board, we've got all of these great actors wanting to do it, regardless of money and the skimpy craft service.


So, prepare yourself for what's shaping up to be a highly stylized character noir film.


It's Bogart with blood. A lot of blood.







Let me be the first to welcome our newest RAW member, and writer of Give 'em Hell Malone, Mr. Mark Hosak.

Never give in to these prying bastards, they will leverage you for the tiniest scrap of story spoilage ;)


Seriously Mark, I'm very intrigued with the world and characters you've created.

It's just the kind of material Jane was hoping to find or create on his own (Amateur Kind comes to mind).

I'm glad you two got hooked up. Tom is VERY excited with the project and I'll bet that's translating on screen to everyone's hopes and desires.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet ya if you're up on location and I end up making an appearance for a gallery shoot.



Welcome aboard, and thanks for bringing us a piece of your world.

I'm absolutely loving seeing it realized. Hope you are stoked too.



- TB


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That is the kind of story I LOVE to hear.

I've been working with another Screenwriter lately, Todd Farmer.

You guys sound like you'd be two peas in a pod.

Through Todd (and to a certain degree through Darabont), I've grown a gigantic appreciation for the hoops, crap, and other detritus Screenwriters have to jump through and put up with. I love you're comment, "A writer doesn't write, a writer rewrites."


If you don't look at it that way it becomes easy to get frustrated, angry and vindictive. You can only ever hope to hold the suits at bay and maybe try and beat them at their own game ;)


Love the description of the birth of the character. Your train and Tom's were destined to collide.

We've been talking about Malone for 2 years now and never even new it until recently ;)


"Bogart with blood", the phrase harkens me back to the heady days of Boorman and Marvin, Hodges and Caine.


Whoever the cat was that read it and then left his company with Malone on his mind should be roundly embraced.

I love a wild card.


Congratulations and hope to meet you soon.


- TB

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Thank you for that little backstory and welcome to the board, Mr. Hosack! :)


Good to hear that you guys are constantly rewriting, 'cause you can always improve it. I hope that Mulcahy will bring great visuals to it. Can't wait to see this film and dive into the Noirverse :P

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Given that Outlander (shaping up to be my guilty pleasure of the year) cost $47 million and stars Jim Caviezel, John Hurt and Ron Perlman (as well as the luminous Sophia Myles) is reportedly getting released straight to DVD (despite positive reviews), I think Malone could easily end up not being released theatrically on a wide scale, depending on it's commercial viability.


I'm not a troll or a nay-sayer, but sadly this is just the way the film industry is leaning at the moment. Corporations really really want to be sure of a films income potential before commiting huge amounts of money to a marketing campaign to open a film wide.


It's a sad state of affairs when people generally only go to see films that have been aggressively marketed, rather than say, read reviews etc... Hopefully the internet will continue to change that (so easy to put trailers online), generating 'buzz' for lesser known/marketed films.


That all being said, if Malone gets released, I'll be first in line to see it at my cinema :)




YOU'RE talking about a comunity film house that show all the films a particular community require to stay 'communed' - well that is the future of film my friend. not bruckheimer burger king but a fast and hard community of excess - of stimulation beyond the watchtower clock and the poorly hemmed panties of time - i'm talking about the everwet cintars of yesteryear and fear tomorrow - always there when i cum. the real stuff, SUGAR, regardless of what we've been serving under the counter. bring me the faceless mass and i will bring you the re-compence underneath, not for short comings, but fast making due with our own sepulcritude. do you have more? can you add to the sorrow twined at that gates of dawn - neigh - have we ever aproached them? and with nought in our grisp, what cutlery can we subvert the fawning blade , what cancer can we grow in time to meet the soul and the son's divide. neigh -be other months to wear our darning down, unwashed and unbound. leave that to other folk to care. to us it is just cheap and unflattering underwear. drink deep. and give me your coat. give me you godforsaken coat.

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@Jane: Like reading a poem. I like your view on things Tom! Hardcore to the bone.


Welcome mr. Hosack! Looking forward to seeing your noir-ish-world on the screen. Watching those stills actually makes me think of a computer game called Bioshock (not that they have anything in common whatsoever), mostly because of the costumes and that it's set in a "weird 50s-ish world".

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If everything goes right I should be up to that indiscriminent city in the North later this week or weekend.


In the meanwhile, Tom sent me some new graphic goodness to post.

I just spoke with him and he said he's having a blast.

Ving comes in soon too so things should amp up even more in the coming days.

Stick around, and remember, Mark Hosak, the writer, is here with us so if you have any questions feel free to lob a couple his way.

There aren't many opportunities that I know of where a film's writer is visible like this.

Long as you are not too specific about the film I'm sure he'll be able to answer your questions.

And of course, be respectful.



Convergence of the Muscle Cars.





The camera cranes up for a shot of Malone on the fire escape.





More to come.


- TB

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who will be malones girlfriend?

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Will Malone be narrating at all through the film?


TB, those pics are nasty...in a good way...LOL...thanks!

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Does Malone make his own rules? Does he have a conscience?

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