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ATTN: Tim Bradstreet


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I have a request that while I look at it as small, it could be a big one.


Back in the early 90's I happened to a comic convention. I'm not big into comics or anything, but it was a comic/sci-fi convention or something. I can't even remember HOW I got there, but what I do remember is that I had found a poster (folded twice into a square) that when unfolded revealed your piece for Vampire the Masquerade: Love at Second Bite.


Now I had this for years, I even built a frame for it out of this reddish black wood and it looked amazing. In the process of moving across the country it got damaged heavily and was eventually tossed. I've spent years trying to find a copy of this to no avail.


Is there any way I can acquire a poster sized copy of this? I'm talking of purchasing here, not asking for a freebie. lol


I can't even find a decent sized copy of it online. I think there was a copy on your website awhile back but I just tried going to your site (the timbradstreet.com) and it said I didn't have permission.


I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide me, sir.


Thank you very much,




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This is a smaller (and somewhat compressed) version of the one that I'm referring to. As I mentioned in the PM I'm looking for a jpeg of this as well to display as my desktop wallpaper. There used to be one online but I don't know what happened to that. Thought it was on one of your pages but can't find it anymore.



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