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The Sleeper Has Awakened

Tim Bradstreet

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Hey folks -

Just a quick to say hey and to welcome you.

I'll try and answer questions and keep folks updated with new stuff (as well as old) here.

Feel free to mingle as I'll be spread very thin from time to time. I WILL be in the house, I'm not just leaving you all to mind the store, never fear.

I want to ask that folks be patient and understand if I cannot answer every question that is lobbed.

Also please understand if I cannot check out everyone's portfolio. I get asked to do this a lot and it's an honor if folks think enough of me to want my opinion.

I was young too once ;) Instead I'm thinking to create a thread called "Show your Wares" and let you leave links and looks.

If you post your work I'll see it.


As a long time member of the Straight To Hell - Hellblazer forums, I have been very influenced by John McMahon.

He runs the forums at straight to hell. So if this RAW forum smacks a bit of John's work, just know that it was on purpose.

Additionally, it is my hope that the RAW forums attract the same kind of fanatical, fantastic community of regulars as the Straight To Hell Forum regulars.

A class bunch . . . Let us pray.




Anyway, welcome little Droogies.

- Tb

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Great to see you here Noe.

Don't let this forum lure you away from hitting my own site occasionally though.

Cripes, you're like my only regular contributor (that I know of).

Hope things is going well at the VICTIM.

My best to McWilliams.

Give 'im a big smooch* from me eh?



* "smooch" in this sense can be taken as "Tell him hi for me ;)


Best - tb

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Guest AdminGuyX

:lol: Yeah, you know damn well David is going to say "Who's doing shirts for Raw? Tim still want to do something new?" as soon as I mention your name, but I will definately say hi from you.


George left, did I tell you? He headed out for Cali to start a new business with an old friend. I miss him. We became fast friends, and the office is so quiet with him gone.


And I'll still be over at your site. In fact I just was. :)


You post so much art over there, I can't help myself. It's the eye candy. Me likes the eye candy.


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ahhh Timmy B - the man, the myth, the legend. love the new board!


i have arrived, and i've brought the Lieb.


In reply I must quote Frank Herbert once again . . . In reference to Lieb


. . . Again, it IS the legend.



GIANT welcome to the Cavalier stylings of R.E. Lieb!


We now have LIEBsign the like of which even GOD has never seen.



- Tb

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Welcome Gustavius (your Roman name in our troupe;) !


Glad to see you here Laddy Buck.

Whatchoo been workin on mon frere?


- Quintus Timonius



Well Quitnuts... I mean Quintus,


I've been working on two projects. Well, really four, but two main things. I've been doing illos for a website, some regular trading card work, and two comics. I'll be doing a book for Marvel which will be announced soon enough, and a book for Zenescope which I also can't mention yet. Damnit! I guess I've been working on stuff I can't talk about. Grrr!




Gustavius Victorius

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Welcome John -

This is actually hard for me to say but I guess it's true.

John is an old friend. Seems like we met a few months ago but it's been years. Good God.

John is a very talented writer artist. His raw, unflinching style exists on the razors edge of HARD.

It's good to have you here mi Bravo.


- Tb

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I have to admit that I was more than elated to see that RAW has its' own forum now. You guys have one of the best artist/fan relationships going. To everyone on the board, GREETINGS! To Tim, sorry I couldn't make it to ComicCon this year, I had hopes of oddly looming around your booth once again for a spell. I hope that my "envoy" delivered what I had hoped to present to you myself and that you dug it. I'm really looking forward to being an active part of this joint.

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Bruce -

I could take the time here to really break that down for you but instead I'll say wait about a week.

Why? Because I touch on that very subject during my new Podcast show.


New Podcast show?


I'm still trying to come up with a name for the show but the first one is done.

We're just in a holding pattern until we can design the page that will be it's home on the RAW site.


What's it about? Why would you possibly be interested in what I have to say?

And who the F told me I'd be any good at?


Discover for yourself when we get it up and live for download.

I'll be posting a thread on this subject in the not too distant.

Keep yer eyeballs peeled.


Cheers - TB

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That sounds just jim dandy, Tim...I am definitely looking forward to it. Now I'll have something worthwhile to covertly listen to while at work.

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