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Edward Zwick's WWII drama has Oscar written all over it.


Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director...


As they say - the best is saved for last.




Liev, Daniel and Jamie Bell play the Bielski brothers.


Three men out to make a difference at a time where making a difference could be deadly.


They all have different stances on the war - Zus (Schreiber) is an antagonist. A man ready to pull the trigger and drop some Nazis.


Tuvia (Craig) is a warrior. More concerned with keeping his people alive rather than pickin a fight with the enemy.


Asael (Bell) is an innocent. A boy forced to grow up in a matter of days. A boy unsure of which big brother is right.




Zwick is best known for directing Military films starring Denzel Washington - Glory, Courage Under Fire, The Siege.


One of them actually got Denzel his first Oscar.


Come Oscar season, and this is based purely on reviews, Liev's chances of taking home the gold will be highly elevated.


Yet Craig's name is the one on the poster.


Fuckin Hollywood.




Its shit like THAT that kept Liev from getting the lead role in Paramount's Rainbow Six, even after he did such a badass job playing John Clark in The Sum Of All Fears.


Maybe after this and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the man can really get to work.







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Just read some more reviews of the film.


Not surprisingly, they are VERY positive.


"A story with more emotion than The Pianist."


I just got word that there's a press show in October, so I'm gonna do my best to get in there and provide some insight on the film, months before its release.





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